Maybe Someone be willing to make this camera tool?

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  12 December 2003
Maybe Someone be willing to make this camera tool?

I just had to ask if someone out there would be willing to make a tool like what mirai/Wings3d has. you press a key and your camera starts rotating around your framed object. i just always try to mimick this in maya. but it is not helpful unless i could be able to watch my model over and over while the camera is rotating. if anyone could make this that would be extremly helpful. im sure lots of people would like to use such a tool.
  12 December 2003
I also wanted to be able to do just that.
That's why i've made that feature a while ago.
You will notice that i've build an interface for it.
This way you can tell the camera to turn Clock- or CounterClockwards. And you can control the speed.

I might re-script this version so it will be able to work without an inteface, and can be directly called with mel. So it would be easier to attach a hotKey.

:: Galactor ::
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  12 December 2003
galactor i sware when i read your reply my jaw happy! wow im happy. i cant wait to try this out. if you ever need a favor...i dont know what it could be thanks so much.
  12 December 2003
Hey galactor, i just tried your script and i was thinking you should leave this UI you ahve for it. i think that makes sense to have it. but my only thing i dont get...maybe i have to change something. the camera is moving about...30 frames? and starts over. is there a way to make it just rotate forever i guess? until im done looking? also when i click go back to maya it puts in me in the Top view is that normal?

and do you think there is a way you could set it up so maybe there could be a + _ sign on your UI? so you can speed up or slow down? sorry if im asking all this. but i think a lot of people would love this script. and i think somethign to make it speed up or down would be great. ugh anyway as is im extremly happy. but i didnt know if you were ever planning on doing more work with this.

Last edited by Levitateme : 12 December 2003 at 04:34 PM.
  12 December 2003
* The amount of time the camera is orbiting, is dependent on the length of the timeline.
* The script automaticly graps the perspective camera. It then duplicates it. And when the button "go back to maya" is pressed, the duplicated camera is deleted. I can look for a way to better control what happens there.
* And yes, the interface could be improved, I agree.

I try to improve the script this week. If you have some more ideas, let me know!

:: Galactor ::
  12 December 2003
wow thats so neat you figured out how to make this i have used this on almost every scene i have on mypc. just so neat to look at my stuff and figure out what i should change. my friend i sent him this link. he got your script and we both agreed on a few things. but i think i said them already.

1. is there a way to make the time it takes to rotate just go on forever. so we dont have to open out timeline everytime. cause both of us are mostly modelers.

2. maybe somekinda + - so we can speed up or slow down?

thats all i can think of. the only other thing that i have noticed is a little weird is when its rotating i can zoom in fine and pan but if i rotate it rotates in like the opposite direction. and i truly hope you work on this more cause its so great. and i think lots of people would love to have this. i have it as a hotkey already. you really made a great tool i think.
  12 December 2003
Hello, here i'm again.

* The interface is now better implemented.
* You can now increase or decrease the orbiting speed.
* And i menaged to have a better control over the rotation of the user. It may still be a bit odd to rotate, but i don't know how to get that right.

:: Galactor ::
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  12 December 2003
I have some problems with making a call to the procedure "turnTable".
This is because the script pjTurnTable.mel is not sourced correctly on my computer.
Is this the same on your computer Levitateme ??

:: Galactor ::
  12 December 2003
Quote: This is because the script pjTurnTable.mel is not sourced correctly on my computer.

No galactor, i put in the text to call the script from my script folder. i have it set in my hot key editor. it works fine everytime. i am about to download your latest version of it. maybe thats the one your having probelms with? every thing was working fine for me so far. man i cant wait to try it out. are you going to be able to make it so it can rotate forever?
  12 December 2003
Hey galactor, i tried your newest script. it worked the first time. i had no probelms with it. also the camera does not go nuts anymore when trying to rotate. the only thing i saw was it is reversed? if i wanna rotate up it rotates down. if it had to stay like that that would be fine i have no peoblem with it. i also like how you trimmed down your UI. are you going to try to add anything new to it yet or are you done. cause i was thinking what else could be done to it but...i cant think of anything, i think it works perfect right now. maybe could you have it so there is a button for clockwise? and counter? cause if i want to go the opposite way i have to click the other back keys like 15 times. i just think that would save people trouble is all.
  12 December 2003
Hey galactor! im looking at these scenes i have and the script is not working on it for somereason, if i look at the time slider it says its working but the camera is not moving...i just tried it on about 5 more scenes and maybe 1 of them the camera would rotate...sorry if im causing you trouble here. also that thing about it not being sourced. when i restarted my pc and opended maya i had to source it. is that what you mean? it says:

// Error: Cannot find procedure "turnTable". //

Last edited by Levitateme : 12 December 2003 at 05:51 PM.
  12 December 2003
Yes, that is the problem i have on my computer. It cannot find the procedure turnTable. I will try to fix it.
And maybe the rotation issue is caused by the action I took to better control the rotation for the user. Maybe it is better to Undo the option to rotate while orbiting. I think that is bugging you.
I'm also busy to reorganize the interface to your needs.

New version Should be online this evening.

:: Galactor ::
  12 December 2003
Ok, here is the third version.
Better interface, debugged and hope you like it !!
Sourcing is no problem anymore.

And this version works fine with my scenes. I don't know why it didn't act in the right way on your computer. Maybe it is all fixed in this version.

:: Galactor ::
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  12 December 2003
Hey galactor. i like your new script. although it still wont rotate a bunch of my you have any ideas?
  12 December 2003
Do you have special panel setup on your scenes?
This scripts will show the orbiting in Pane 4.
And if there is no pane 4, you will not see anything rotating.

I try to find a sollution for it.

:: Galactor ::
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