characters: lovers

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  11 November 2003
characters: lovers

I posted this in the finished 2D section but someone suggested that it should be re-posted in this section. Seems to me that this might be a better place for it after all. Here's what I wrote in the old thread:

"Hey there. This is a painting I just finished (using photoshop7) for a coffe table type design book themed "DESIGNMUSIC". It's being put together by nervousroom and will be published as soon as they find a publisher. I decided to mix the theme around a portrait of my wife and I. I didn't use refs for this one, I guess for a couple of reasons: I was stupid and would've saved myself some pain, I wanted to give a more rounded impression of the two of us than using a ref would allow me with my style, and again, I was stupid. Because of that some proportions are off (I fixed as many as I could without destroying the painting) and the lighting is completely arbitrary. It's got a dynamic quality that I really like though and it's a far step above my last couple of painting I feel. So, enjoy and feel free to share your wisdom."


  11 November 2003

I like it.

I like the styalized characters and how they don't have photographic proportions - it brings meaning from the artist through them. And I know it isn't an easy task bringing a pencil sketch into a full colored image.

Great Job!
  11 November 2003
I also love this style. It's very much like Aeon Fluex, a graphic cartoon that used to come on MTV late at night. Very elongated body parts. Not too many people do this style of drawing so it's always cool to see artwork like this.
  11 November 2003
this is a very interesting piece. with all the grey and the off-orange color, I get a feeling of emotional coolness and the shapes almost appear like ruins, a garbage heap. or something. I get the sense the woman WANTs to feel something for this guy with her body leaning against his, the heart on her shirt... like she wants her heart to be in fire, but the heart's empty and grey in the middle, as is the shirt. the man appears ambivalent, even angry, scowling at her like her love is threatening to him. He is cold and black, yet he at least puts up with her, and I would say WANTS to feel something for her. His arm and hand don't actually touch her, such intimacy is too risky for him... and besides he's a "bad-ass", right? Love is something he should deny himself his head tells him.......

hmmmm, heh. What was the message you were going for here? nice artwork, btw.
  11 November 2003
Interesting interpretation. I didn't realize what the hands-in-limbo could imply. I was really going for a beauty/beast, female/male theme, a contrast of sorts. I didn't mean for the man to be distant from the girl but actually surrounding and protecting her. I think the hands were to appear relaxed yet ready to defend her. That's how he loves her, by protecting and guarding her. She loves him by allowing him to protect her and drawing into his arms. The heart on her t-shirt is not only her passion but his as well because he (I) made that for her. He has given her his passion and she wears it, in turn creating a passion for him. His dark look is not directed at her but at the viewer or any other that threatens her. She is his beauty and he is her beast. Thanks for thinking through this picture Drakaran.

  11 November 2003
what I'd suggest then is have his hand placed on her thigh and his eyes directed out to the viewer. that brings her into his "circle" and not just surrounded, it also shows he's not worried/concerned about what she is doing/feeling, but vigilant about what others may do (ie, you don't warrily watch someone you trust, in fact, you'd be lookin almost everywhere else as long as there is a perceived threat. personally, if this is about enjoying music, I don't really understand why he needs the bad-ass attitude anyways. *shrug* I feel like, instead of two real people feeling and experiencing together, that there are two people acting out rolls, like what they think they should act like. ...but then, I guess young people go through a lot of that. hehehe

anyway, I do like the piece no matter how I may feel about the message. The too long figure of the guy and the poses are pretty cool. It good work

Last edited by Drakaran : 11 November 2003 at 08:05 AM.
  11 November 2003
Hm, I do agree with drakaran. because the girl is pretty and he is ugly, that in combination with her looking down makes me feel like she doesn't really want to be in his arms or something.

He, however, looks like "look, people, what I just conquered". Makes me think of some kind of blackmailing situation.

I am touched by this image, mainly because of the very good job you did on the girl.
  11 November 2003
very nice

i LOVE your painting. it's the kind of thing that's my thing. the girl is soooo beautiful. her left arm should not be shown i think. it should be on his side, or on his lap or something. his fingers on his right hand are hmm, maybe alittle awkward (?) but i love the colors and i feel like they're both enjoying being in each other's company listening to their headphones. i absolutely love it i'm making it my backgroung.

  11 November 2003

wow, i really love this. fantastic. i got the beauty / beast thing straight away, he is protecting he from the filth around them, keeping her pure.

  11 November 2003

I am going to side with Drakaran on the interpretation of this lovely painting.
One little detail that bugs me: Eventhough the proportions are way off on purpose, his left arm (around the shoulder) seems a notch too awkward (spelling?) like it's disjointed or broken.

Really nice painting.

  11 November 2003
side? ACK! well, all I was meaning to do is give a perspective and some suggestions. I'm certainly no authority.
  11 November 2003
Thanks guys, you're awesome. I really dig your thoughtful feedback. I'm with you on certain limbs not feeling rightly connected. I didn't do as sargent says and make sure my foundation was solid before continuing. You know how it is, sometimes you just get impatient out of excitement.

I'm glad people are diggin' the piece, however they might interpret it. Rock on.

  11 November 2003

in my opinion, they're just a couple hanging out, you know? they're not listening to the same song or anything, they're just spending some time time together enjoying each other... about his angry face, i think he's that way cuz we're disturbing their moment, they're not wearing their shoes, they're in place no one (but them) knows (talking 'bout the background); and i disagree about him having his arms around her, it's not like you're always holding your girlfriend...there's no need to!

anyway, great image. very well painted, and i really like the colors
  11 November 2003
Thumbs down

the colours speak volumes on this painting,
they do convey a sence of warmth and closiness,
wounderful style i love it !!!
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  11 November 2003
Wow! I've been lurking for awhile now but after seeing this I'm compelled to post.

First and foremost, I love this painting!
I got a totally different impression than the others. I see two people trying to share a momment of peace surrounded by chaos.

The man is her protector. His face shows that he is alert to any danger and his arms are ready to pull her in and shield her if need be. The exageration of his limbs shows that he must be larger than life in order to defeat any threat to her.

In the woman I see a sadness, due either to the enviorment she is in or possibly that she needs protecting. The way that she leans into him shows me that the fire in her heart is for him but now is not the right time, evidenced by the hand at her side instead of touching him.

All in all, this is a beautiful work!
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