Blade Runner 2049

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  5 Days Ago
A masterpiece.. I was very happy to see it and not disappointed even if I loved the "old one". I suggest to all the blade runner fan to watch it ! (and of course to read the book).  Story, Script, VFX, Environments are superb. Also the steampunk/old/new technology was very well done and it do not break the "continuity" in the BR universe.
"please be gentle I'm still learning.."
  4 Days Ago
I have to admit that the visual effects were not convincing all the time to me. Spoiler ahead ! The scene where K sends the drone into thst orange area, and You look through the drones camera...obvious use of real practical models. It hit me how artificial and like a miniature that looked. Watched the original BR last night, and wow, still miniatures, but lighting, mist and camera hide it perfectly.Also, spoiler again, Gaff should have spoken in city speech, not english. There were quite many scenes where I found the retrofuture look as inconsistent with the 30 years gap in the world of BR.I sadly feel that the director did not 100% "get" what the look and feel of BR were, indepth.Only superficially copied it.
  4 Days Ago
Originally Posted by ilovekaiju: I posted somewhere that this movie was only going to make 30 million the opening weekend and be a total failure/dud no matter how good it was.

Here is why.

Dystopian future scheme.  I think it has more to do with the color scheme.   I've talked about this before but colors tend to affect humans at an instinctual level.  This almost had a dreary, dark mood that also made it look cheap and that it was made in the UK.  
You ever see UK movies?  They do what they can with what they have but there is a certain level of cheapish look to it plus that darkness and depression.   
So looks kind of cheap, dark, dreary and bleh.   
I'm telling you the more it looks like a UK production the worse movies do at the box office.   

Plus all that deepness at 169 minutes.  Folks don't want that anymore.  Takes up to much of your day.  
169 minutes of dark, cheap, dreayness is too much.  

Plus Blade Runner wasn't as popular when it first came out.  
I knew it would fail.
Cheap?! So like Star Wars is cheap? All James Bond films are cheap? Alien was cheap too i suppose?
Pinewood is cheap?

But you are right Blade Runner was always a sleeper cult classic. Its really a SciFi Film Noir-I know many folks that were bored with it. But I loved at 14-never saw anything like it.

But you know what I'm board with?! Super hero films!  Give me even a badly made Blade Runner over any other fucking super hero film!  Talk about done to death.
  4 Days Ago
Originally Posted by circusboy:
But you know what I'm board with?! Super hero films!  Give me even a badly made Blade Runner over any other fucking super hero film!  Talk about done to death.
I totally agree.
  4 Days Ago
It was good

Really nice to see many those scene breathe and take their time to sink in. You could hear a pin drop in the movie theater for so many scenes

I really thought it was going to be a jam-packed action movie with artistically-framed shots, and that be it, but they actually gave it the space it needed to breathe.

It was long though. Effects were nice of course.

I think the CG industry is in sad state if this movie flops. This movie wouldn't be possible without CG and effects. Maybe it'll re-surge in streaming sales. For some reason, it reminded me of Dune...
  3 Days Ago
Music; Nothing beats Vangelis. I had hoped for something innovative and not Vangelis minus the innovation. The score requires a pumped up volume, at the expense of  just...proper hearing.
Timing: Some scenes where longer than needed and some scenes seemed a bit off. The snow scene mentioned, could have gotten some more time and TLC. But at that point I just needed to pee.
Colors: Exactly what I expected. To the point where the orange scenes even felt a bit like... filmschool 101.
Setting: It was a treat, I had imagined it to be different, especially with a wipe out of data and mining corrupted files. But the visual setting was awesome. Not what I expected or imagined myself, but awesome. Loved that they started out in a different setting, that had almost a bit of fallout vibe to it.
Characters: Jareds character fell flat for me. Quite a shame. Would have wished for some some more screen time for female human characters. I mean.. It says something when the most colorful and human female character is a hologram. Not a big fan, nor avid against gossling.

Made a Blade runner marathon out of it and watched the first one at home. Nice evening. Yes, it was long but it is made for theater experience.
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