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  08 August 2005
Quote: I read alot of th comments made by others and I noticed that you have done some web development. I think that's really cool because as I have been doing 3D for the last 2 years I have been supporting myself through Designing and developing websites. It's cool to hear that someone else has a somewhat similar background. Of course I do hope to be done with web development aside from person projects in the near future. I'm soo sick of it.

Hi Corey,

Usually that's the motivating factor to switch to different careers, when people get sick of what they're doing. My accountant said his friend is a doctor and now he is trying to switch to 3D. Man, talk about a big career change. When I was in web design, I basically decided to quit in order to learn 3D fulltime. But my boss agreed to a part-time schedule. Now, I don't recommend that everyone quits their job, but to learn 3D, you really do have to set aside large chunks of time for it. It's all about hard work and perseverance, and you will get there.

Good luck!

  08 August 2005
Quote: Thanks for sharing yr thoughts, Jeff

my own short animation is now on the paper, and i can say yr DVD is a great guideline, both technically and artistically.

Hope to see more of that from u in the future

Thanks Richard,

Good luck on your short!

  08 August 2005
Quote: I guess the question I would like to ask you is, since you have been a AM user and now a Maya guy. Do you think it is worth the time and effort to train people and put together a prodution with AM?
I personally like AM, its very easy to use and powerful and we are not planning to be a big production house with high end effects. Just like to hear some input from someone thats been there and done that.

Hi John,

Well, that is a tough question. If you are set on using AM and you can't find AM users, it might be best to look for people who know how to animate in other packages and then train them to use AM. They should be able to pick up AM just as easy as other packages. Most animation tools are the same in every software package. But I don't think you should be training people who never worked in a 3d app before. It would take too much time. Try to find people who know how to animate first. Learning a 3D app is easier than learning how to animate.


  08 August 2005
Quote: 1. How do you supplement missing AM tools in Maya.

Hi Julian,

I find tools are about the same. I would expect that animation tools are the same in XSI too. The difference is how deep you want to go with your controls technically. But some people don't want to get too technical.

Quote: 2. What are your favorite tools in animating outside of the obvious dopesheet.
Like do you Maya's FK/IK blender or Jason Schleifer 's or someone elses.

Actually, I haven't used that many tools beyond the basic tools for animation. I should check out Jason Schleifer's setup. His work on Gollum is amazing. I'm interested to seeing what full body IK brings to the table also.

Quote: 3. Do you use any thirdparty tools, scripts to manage/help in animating in Maya?

Not really. I use a lot of third party tools for other things like FX, rendering, etc, but not for animation.

  08 August 2005
Quote: I saw your trailer called "Concussion". I thought it was cool. With the title and the action, It looked like it was gonna be a rough movie. At least people have pain when the floor hit their face

Are you planning on making a short out of it? It would be great especially with your current skills, that would be an awesome action packed short.

Hi Olivier,

I was always into more human action packed animation, and I do plan to make a more "human" character piece after KB3 is done. But it won't be based on Concussion. It will be something more futuristic.

  08 August 2005
Quote: i wonder how you made your works realistic and by using which programs you have achieved these nice works.
one more thing do you anything about maya? if yes then please tell me how can i make my picture more realistic and more interesting

Hi Yasin,

For those images you see, I have nothing to do with the rendering of those images. Rendering was all done by other people in the studio. To make an image more realistic, you would need to use renders like mental ray or maxwell, etc. I can't really help you there.

  08 August 2005
Quote: Hi Jeff Lew!
First of all i want to say that your answers to all questions here are very inspiring.
I am 17 years old, and i began to learn the basics on "making game" tools 8 months ago. Right now in school i'm studuying to work within the paper industry (walk around machines to see if they are doing well). The job is extremly boring and i can't hold myself to not fall asleep on those boring paper classes. So my question for a proffesional 3D artist, should I quit school and work with 3D instead?

Hi xX_eXiGe_Xx,

I don't suggest that anyone quits school. Quitting your job is one thing, but quitting school is different. But maybe I don't understand the school system in Sweden. Do you specialize in learning for jobs in school already? I'm not really sure how your school system works.

But 3D is something you can learn on your own. Since you are only 17, you have plenty of time to learn 3D. Try learning and practicing on your own before quitting first. I didn't really know what I was going to be doing as a career until I was 22.

  08 August 2005
Quote: Wow, I remember seeing killer bean 2 during my final years of high school, 2001/02 -- at that point I immediately started looking into 3D. I would have to say, your short animated film was a major impact in getting me started with animation. I love the idea of being able to create at the speed of thought. Thanks for being such a great inspiration so early on

Thanks Alvin!

Good luck in 3D!

  08 August 2005
Quote: hi jeff
what problems have you met in the making of KB3?? Have you resoluted these problems?? in what year or season or month(if do you won't have any new problems) do you think the movie will be ready for the released?? i have read from sombody that KB3 will be a remake of the you confirm? Thanks for the attemption and the time spent to read my post (and thank you from the world for have made KILLER BEAN...)

Hi John,

There were lots of problems, and lots more problems to come. I would have to say story and production pipeline were 2 big problems early on. They both have been figured out. Now it's just finishing the thing. No, KB3 will not be a remake of the first. I was originally planning on doing that, but it's much bigger now.

  08 August 2005
Quote: Could you please make Killer Bean videogame with Nintendo for the Revolution?

Don't worry, I'm sure it won't be 100hrs/week for you, you'll just be the boss together with Miyamoto designing original gameplay for your stylised Killer Bean character and its cool golden gun shooting world..

Hi Nicolas,

That would be really cool. But I have to start small first!

Quote: Has Nintendo ever approached you to discuss making a Killer Bean game for their console? Or for that matter have you considered with someone from the game industry to make a game out of it?

I am definately hoping KB3 will make it even more possible that a KB game be made someday.

Nope, nobody big like that. A lot of game modders wanted to make a mod in the Half Life 2 engine, but I don't have enough time to participate in projects like that yet. Although it would be cool to play a KB game.

Quote: Have you thought about the coincidence that the Tarantino movie Kill Bill has the same initials as your Killer Bean? Tarantino says he hates 3D graphics put into movies, cause it makes them look like videogames. Do you agree that 3D graphics should stay for videogames and animations and that films with real actors should stick with real scenes and real acting?Search google for this quote:

Hmm, every movie is different. If your movies calls for big FX, then yes, of course you will need CG in it. But the movie should never be based on the FX alone.

Quote: If you were to do some acting, would you prefer to do comedy, action or dramatic romance?

I dunno. If I was serious at acting, I would like to do it all. But since I'm not serious, I'd probably try action first. That would be fun.

  08 August 2005
Quote: So, how's life over der? Do u like to sleep alot than working in front of PC? I really liek to sleep man. I spent more time in sleeping than strive to learning anything in Art.

Hi Tan,

I like to sleep too. It depends on the project. If I'm working in a normal job, then I like to sleep, but if I'm working on my own stuff, I tend to wake up early and go to bed late. I spend a lot of time working on my own stuff.

Quote: The max i can hold on is 5hours per day. Tell us bout ur daily life...hee.

Right now I spend about 10+ hrs a day on CG. I try to work out everyday too. It's hard to fit everything in.

  08 August 2005
Okay folks! I gotta split. My free time is back down to zero again. Thanks to everyone who participated and a big THANK YOU to Leigh for setting this whole thing up!

  08 August 2005
Thumbs up

Thanks for your time and awesome answers my friend. Good luck on making Killer Bean 3. We all excited to watch it!
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  08 August 2005
Thanks Jeff. 16 pages. Lots of info on these.

Make KB3 a good sequel!
  08 August 2005
Thanks Jeff for your participation in this great Q&A session! It looks like everyone had a lot of fun and learned a lot - thanks again for giving so generously of your time.

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