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  04 April 2005

Glad you that you like my questions. I tried to give you some other questions other than art questions because I knew that they would be the norm here.

Lol Mouse trap. You like Smurfs and thundercats. You truly are an 80s fan.

Well here are the last batch of questions before the admin locks this Q&A featuring you down on Monday.

Here we go.

Do you like yo-yo's or Play dough?
Would you rather watch Captain planet or G.I. Joe?
Who is you favorite G.I. Joe character?
Do you think that you are paying to much for gasoline for your car?
Who do you like better the care bears, stawberry shortcake, or rainbowbrite?
Which pokemon do you like the best? (yeah I said pokemon lol. Don't act like you have never heard of them lol)
Are you a starwars fan or star trek fan?
Has you cat ever scratch you in your sleep or bit you somewhere?
Which do you like better Disney or Anime?
Do you think that splendarifavanglorious is word? If so do you like the word?
If someone was to make a movie about your life, which actress should play you in a movie?
Who do you like better He-man or She-ra?
Who do you like better Bruce Lee or Jet Li?
Have you ever felt like doing this somedays?
Who would win a fight Winnie the Pooh or Tigger?
Who would win the robotics division, Power Ranger Megazord or Voltron?

Have you ever thought of being a fantasy card game artist? (like the art on magic the gathering?)

Who rides in a better looking car Speed Racer or James Bond?
Do you think that I have earned the title of "the people's champion"?

Do you wanna ask Pusha V questions like this?

Last question. (I know it is hard and its sad that you will not be able to answer anymore of my questions so I will give you a moment to get some tissue to wipe the tears from your eyes..........................)

Are you a Pusha V fan?

Sorry for so many questions this time.
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  04 April 2005
i have a small question..i sent u a PM couple of days ago..just wondering if u received it or not
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  04 April 2005
Hey Linda, thanks for the advice on my painting, it was a great help and has given me the extra boost to continue with it, thanks again,

  04 April 2005
All right? this would probably be the last time I get the chance to answer.

Jan-Mark -- thanks again :]

Erpel -- hahah, I like that. Thanks!

Sung-jae Kim -- Thankee :] You should get a cat, then.

Pushav -- Heheh, I was a child during the eighties, of course! Here we go...
1) Play dough - I can't play with a yo-yo :[ I suck.
2) G.I. Joe, not sure if we had Captain Planet here.
3) I don't have a car Nor a license.
4) Ew. I don't think I like any of those, care bears more hated than... the rest.
5) I hate Pokemon D: D: D: With a vengeance! I've never watched a single episode though, so, I can't actually name a single character. Hah!
6) Well, both, actually. If we're counting the new Star Wars movies, I'm afraid I'll have to go with Star Trek :/ At least those are happily geeky.
7) Yup. He likes to attack my feet when I am asleep.
8) Disney.
9) Sounds like a wonderful word! Heheh!
10) Er, I don't know. Ben Stiller?
11) He-man
12) Bruce Lee, but I like both of them.
13) Of course. Most days.
14) Duh, Tigger!
15) Can't I say Starscream? :[
16) I've done a few cards, actually, for Game of Thrones and Call of Cthulhu. I will probably do more cards for another game, following summer.
17) Hm, James Bond, maybe?
18) Er, well... not quite, ha ha. As far as I know, you don't have a magical weapon nor a nifty cape.
19) Heheh, I couldn't even come up with questions like this.
20) Aw, thank you, heheh <3
21) Of course!

Have a lovely day :]

Stealth Pharaoh -- I did? D: I'll take a looksee and see if I've missed it, otherwise (if it's gone), I'll send you a note.

Enialadam -- I'm just glad I can help :] good luck!

Anyway, it's been wonderful, everyone! Thanks for your patience and thanks for your kind questions :]
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  04 April 2005
Aw, hehe, it’s been a fun topic. Just a few last words from me..

I see your Meet the Artist is ending today, so I thought I’d ask you a few final questions and give you one big HUG for being so sweet and patient with all of us I want you to know that you’re on the top of my Favorite Artists list and that I have a huge amount respect for what you do – and respect for you, as a person. I know it’s hard to keep up with so many people around you – especially with people why constantly try to bring you down for unknown reasons (ack, unknown.. they’re probably just frustrated; at least that’s what the psychology freak in me thinks anyways). You’re a strong person, just don’t let them get to you – not too much. Because they can hurt you only if you let them hurt you. To quote Anastacia, one of the people I admire the most, “You never know what could happen next, what could be positive.”

So yes, Linda, we wuv you

Ahahah, you go, girl! I really had a lot of fun reading this topic and learned so, so many new things – thank you! *big hug for you and Azrael*

PS – Oh, and if you have time, check out an awesome band, Poets of the Fall.. I’m not sure if you’re into that kind of music.. I’m not sure if I can define their music, but their songs are simply beautiful. Maybe they fall into soft rock category, I’m not so sure :P Oh well, that was one music tip from me!

Keep rockin’

~ Donna
  04 April 2005
Linda, I have no further questions but I want thank you for this big effort... all this questions and you answere them so kindly. You are such an great inspiration for my work.
__________________ blog

  04 April 2005
Reaching the end now, hm, not sure when this is ending as most of you (including CGtalk) aren't in the same time zone as I am. I'm taking the kitty out for a walk now and then snagging a nap. In case it's closed by the time I get back, HUGE hugs for all the lovely people out there <3

D-NA -- Hi Donna, I'm glad you've enjoyed it - I've had a fun time. Thank you for the hug and the kind words :} <3 I promise to check the band out, thanks for the tip.

Falcore -- Aw, it's been my pleasure. I promise I won't (stop painting, that is). Have a wonderful day.
I can resist everything but temptation.


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  04 April 2005
You take your cat for walks?? That is cute, if I took my gran's cat for a walk, she d run away and never come back, fiesty one........... :P

Thanks for the great Q&A
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  04 April 2005
Hi Linda... I'm a bit late to this and i've tried to read through the thread to check my questions aren't 'duplicates' but... *phew*... it's a biggy!!? Congratulations!!

I've just got a couple of technical questions... i hope i'm not too late...

What kinda RAM have you got in your PC? And what size Wacom do you use?

And what versions of Photoshop and Painter do you use...?

I think you've done fantastically well to answer the questions in this thread. It looks like it's been a full-time job in itself!! It speaks volumes about your commitment to the CG community and your art.

Now i'm going to have a play with your brushes...

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  04 April 2005
Lol. ok I have no magical weapon.
But one day I shall have the title.
peace out.
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  04 April 2005
Hey Linda could you bare answering a couple of cheeky questions for me?

There a tad bit out of line but what the hey, I've been wanting to ask so I'm gonna.

Euthanasia: Why on earths call it that? Without that title I would have seen a naughty boy/girl just escaped from the monks, but I can imagine things into it with the title under it. I most certainly do not mean it the bad way. Because I love to think about these things, try and find more to them(yes, that's why I'm still curious). All I'm saying is that it has a morbid title for such a free creature, is it an escape from growing up? Is it going to kill something. Or did you just laugh in the face of inertia, and want to make a statement?

Last thing, really quick. I promise...


I forgot again...

I'll edit this if I remember...
modelling practice #1
  04 April 2005
Okay, last time now :]

Fooxoo -- yes, I do :] Azrael loves to take long walks. He sticks by me unless he spots another cat - then there's a fight. He always wins, heh.

Duddlebug - Hiii The thread is insanely long, I'd have to start over and read it from the beginning, heheh. You're asking the toughest kind of questions, for me to try to respond to. I know next to nothing about actual computers - my friends, and my brother, take care of all of that for me. But I think I found the info... it's 1GB's RAM on this machine. Works pretty nicely for me. I'm still just using an Intuos 1 tablet, I'm afraid - size A5. I'd like to update to Intuos 3 pretty soon, but I'll be sticking with the size - I feel uncomfortable with the larger ones. They don't fit nicely on my desk and I usually paint with small movements, anyway :] Anyway, hope you enjoy the brushes <3 Love your M&S entry, by the way.

Pushav -- heheh, good luck

Jan-Mark -- Weeellllll... I had many thoughts behind the title of the image. One was the willing death of childhood when we grow up (you got that one right)... another was an idea of the child being Death in its kindest form, calling willing souls from tormented bodies, bringing them into the light. Death doesn't have to be a bad thing :]

Anyway, I'm off to bed now, I suspect the thread might be closed when I wake up. It's been a hoot and a holler, everyone Thank you!
I can resist everything but temptation.


Painting eyes
Painting hair
  04 April 2005
A big thanks to Linda Bergkvist for taking the time this week to do the Q&A!

Please do check out Linda Bergkvist's book "D'artiste: Digital Painting" which she co-authored with Philip Straub, John Wallin and Robert Chang. Every copy purchased supports CGTalk and the arists.



  06 June 2005
Hi all!

Thanks to paperclip's note-taking efforts, we have a summarised version of this thread available online:
  05 May 2008
Free 15 Minute Video Tutorial

I just thought I'd let you guys know, that we're giving away a free video tutorial by Linda Bergkvist with pre-orders of EXPOSÉ 6.

Go reserve your copy now, here or join the discussion thread here.
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