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  08 August 2004
Originally Posted by VagabondDead: The only post I saw by sebek27 was to say he didn't understand why someone would switch from Cinema. Doesn't sound like he can't make up his mind...
I guess you never checked his 1,000+ previous posts....
  08 August 2004
lemme share a secret with you all, this thread is quite close to the trashcan
__________________ | architect & graphic designer
  08 August 2004
Originally Posted by ThirdEye: lemme share a secret with you all, this thread is quite close to the trashcan
Would this push it over the edge? XSI SUKS!! CINEMA RULEZ!!!
  08 August 2004

yo! and Cinemats are homeboys!
XSilons are Lamers..

  08 August 2004
Originally Posted by ThirdEye: lemme share a secret with you all, this thread is quite close to the trashcan

That would be a mistake... I see no trash talking (other than Adam's, but he's kidding) no "my app is better than yours" or anything like that... I didn't know discussing other aplications was forbidden.

I really don't want to get on the moderators bad side here as this is a very cool online community, but I've seen quite a few boards go dow the drain because of iron-fist ruling where threads are locked/deleted if they are not to the moderators liking.

I fully understand that: "The Moderators reserve the right to remove, edit, move or close any thread with or without reason or notice. Polite enquiries will be listened to. Any form of harassment will not be tolerated and is cause for instant banishment from the site"

but first on that list it clearly states:" CGTalk is a professional, moderated forum. It's a place to talk about all things related to computer graphics. It's NOT a free speech forum"

This thread is clrearly related to Cinema 4D, and I don't see anyone pushing any specific agenda, only discussing the pros/cons of adding a tool to their set.

So I respectuflly ask for it to be left open, since maybe other people have more to share or contribute to this discussion...

I am particularly interested in this as I recently purchased XSI, and am a C4D user so it's interesting to read about other people that are in the same position or maybe considered it and decided otherwise, etc.
  08 August 2004
Elysian remember this thread:

Originally Posted by Elysian
I knew it, I knew it! The final proof after reading this thread. I always guessed that people who liked 3DS Max were mostly young people, kids actually, who like to play games and who teach each other that 3DS Max is the ideal modeling/animation tool that is mostly being used for games (even if it's used for a lot of other things). Since the kiddos like games, they try 3DS Max. Do you also notice that only a few older people replied? Because they all moved to something better once they got to know this big, slow fat elephant called 3DS Max. I tried it twice but I never liked it for one bit. 3DS Max is not made for artists, programs like XSI, Maya are however. The amount of members younger than 16 is amazing. Yeah right, and daddy didn't make a fuzz of it to buy them the software, duh! Nothing but warez kids who move from one app to the other because they can afford it (it's free).

I really wish you are sarcastic because it's probably the most stupid reply I've seen yet on CGTalk.

Max is as capable as any other application. Well I talk for myself, I'm on the games industry.

You tried it twice, now how can you say you don't like it. Go hide somewhere man.

looks like you write crap everywhere you go !
  08 August 2004
Hi All,

I've been a long time C4D user....amazed at what a great job Maxon did with R9. But from a student's perspective.....getting a commercial license of XSI for only $495.00 is very hard to resist...considering I would have to spend roughly $590.00 to get an educational license of C4D XL with Bodypaint. I am very loyal to C4D.....but looking into the future, as has been stated before in this thread, having XSI on the resume would look much better than C4D. And that is what I need to be thinking about. So, yes, I am going to be getting XSI.

Now my question The poly editing tools in R9 are some of the best I have seen, especially the new knife tool. Are there tools equal to or better than these in XSI? I've downloaded the demo but haven't had the time to dive down as deep as I would like to.

C4D R9 XL | XSI Foundation | Flash MX 2004 | Dreamweaver MX 2004
  08 August 2004
This thread has turned into a Sebek27 discussion and a "is C4D into the studios?" which isn't helping anybody at anything. Apps comparisons are allowed, but not encouraged since they usually turn into something else (flames, app wars or something even lamer, like in this case). People are usually smart enough to download the demo versions of the programs they wanna compare and decide for themselves. I personally don't have many problems with people talking about hot air, it's their choice, but i'm not the only user of this forum, and some people are already starting to have enough of these senseless discussions and complained to me. The C4D vs XSI polite discussion ended about 10 posts ago, i don't see many reasons to keep this thread alive. I'll keep it open, i don't want any "mods are dictators" discussions, people here don't want to lose their time on that stuff. As I already told you i like letting people talk about whatever they want, but please, don't pass the line.
__________________ | architect & graphic designer
  08 August 2004
I'm sorry, my mistake entirely... I missed the page where it blew up and it became a name calling kindergarten brawl.. sorry to have implied anything or wasted bandwith... I will read throughly any thread I wish to reply to before doing so in the future.
  08 August 2004
Originally Posted by AdamT: Would this push it over the edge? XSI SUKS!! CINEMA RULEZ!!!

How about adding a little ideology to this? There are two kinds of C4D users. The TRAITORS, these little pseudo-cinema users, GET THEM UP AGAINST THE WALL, RUN LIKE HELL you abnormals .... and there are the REAL ones, who really trust the app and who would never leave it for another one. And let me tell you what! All the philosophers wanted just to define the world. Our object is to change it! Burn the churches to the ground! (Oops, that was the wrong book...)

How was that?
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