Painting of Tica by Dru Blair

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  08 August 2005
Boy, has this thread gotten out of proportion!
This whole discussion about "what is ART" is rather irrelevant. It all boils down to everyone's personal opinion, and my opinion is - there's nothing wrong with the Tica painting, it's an exercise in photorealism, exceptionally executed. For me, it just doesn't move me, nor does it communicate a message of any relevancy. The same could be said for Duchamp's coat hanger, Rothko's squares, Cindy Sherman's photos or country music, again IMHO, for ME!

If Dru decides to take his exceptional skills and do some "art" that's meant to move people, by all means he should, and I'd be very curious to see the result!
( ( ((DrFx)) ) )
  08 August 2005
Originally Posted by Anubis: So, the 23 year old artist snuck in at night and carved across Marys chest "Michelangelo Bounarotti made me". (lettering on the strap)

Yes, you should always leave a watermark! Of course!
( ( ((DrFx)) ) )
  08 August 2005
Well Dru, next time just videotape yourself making the portrait so that these snobs can then waste their time trying to say it was a fake video.
  08 August 2005
well....i should imagine Dru has achieved exactly what he wanted....photorealism that is so perfect that people refuse to believe it is painted.

The misunderstanding is that people cannot see the artwork in person...where you can actually see the colored pencil and xacto knife work. Showing the image on the internet loses all of this authentic detail because it is drastically reduced.

And frankly...i am surprised people would find the arrogance in assuming they have the authority to label what is art and what is not. The art is found in achieving the image, not the image itself.
  08 August 2005
Originally Posted by Anubis: However, as Dru said, some of the discrepencies can only really be attributed to "divine intervention".

dru was being sarcastic.

  08 August 2005
Originally Posted by airartiste: The same can be said for arranging furniture in a room. Would you consider that as much an art form as photography?

As a matter of fact your example is right on the money. That would be a good example of a very artistic approach to a very mundane thing. Arranging furniture in a room is in part, what many interior designers, set decorators, photographers, etc.. do, and they are artists in the eyes of many.

Originally Posted by airartiste: I won't argue with you about how bad my art is. You are probably right. However, I think you may have neglected to read my post about purpose of the Tica painting. You may have also failed to note that my approach to painting is an interpretative process, not a "photocopy."

My argument is not necessarily about your art being good or bad. On a technical level (if it was really painted...and we're giving you the benefit of the doubt here) it is unlike anything I've seen before..and it is really well executed. The difference is that I personally don't consider it art, even though it is that accurate. Like I said (and again this is my personal bias) I don't consider something art unless there is design involved (wether it is music, writing, photography, drawing, 3d modeling, painting, designing a living room or a film set, etc..). I am sorry to say this, but saying that photography isn't art says a lot about where you come from as an artist. Not all photography is art, but the medium can and has been used to create works of art. In fact, no one medium in itself is artistic.. but in the right hands anything can be used to create art.

Now, let me apologize if my previous comments have been too harsh. I realize that I should be a little more respectful and constructive when giving feedback about your work. I just wish that someone with your skill would use it in more creative ways. No matter what the purpose of the demo was, what many students might get from such a demonstration is that the final result of the Tica painting is an acceptable result (to some it might be.. I would personally just shoot a photo). Now, if your approach was more about being in control of the lighting, particularly, and the mood in her face, and selectively choosing to emphasize certain things while leaving others untouched or at least subdued, then your work could more easily touch an audience.
  08 August 2005
Ahhh will this thread ever end, heh.

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  08 August 2005
maybe Jackdeth can post a perverted avatar and help close the thread.
  08 August 2005
Originally Posted by XLNT 3d: maybe Jackdeth can post a perverted avatar and help close the thread.

When have I ever done that?
Colin Strause
  08 August 2005
I was just goofin'. However, I was referring to your "This thread sucks" animated gif. The one you used for that whole Star Wars thread about Volvos
  08 August 2005
Ok, I said I would keep this thread open so that people will have a sense of closure, and now that Dru had answered questions, the discussion is repeating the cirlce of "good and bad art" again. So, time to close this thread down.

In the end, there are things we'll never agree on, such as what is good or bad art? It's subjective, and will always be. For some people, technical skill/realistic rendering will always be the most treasured virtue of an artist, for others it's other virtues like storytelling, sense of design, expressiveness..etc. There are plenty of artists in the world that fall into either or both categories for us to enjoy.

I never once questioned whether Dru's Tica painting is really a painting or not--it simply was not a concern. I've seen plenty of photorealism paintings in my lifetime thus far to know that it's possible to fool the human eye into confusing a painting with a photograph. I'm personally far more interested in what the artist has to say with his art--be it the telling of stories, expressing emotions, what's dear to his heart, what fascinates him, or reflecting his thoughts about the world he lives in.

As a personal preference, I like painterly paintings. The selective detailing and the elegance of expressive brushstrokes is what I admire. Guys like Sargent, Zorn, Sorolla, Richard Schmid, Pino, Jeremy Lipking, Scott Burdick/Susan Lyon..etc floats my boat.

Whether photography is art is for you to decide on your own. I personally feel that it is, because I've seen plenty of photographs that are emotional, expressive, profound, heartbreaking, powerful, haunting..etc, and to me, that is what art at its best does--it makes you FEEL and makes you THINK. Anyone who has an intimate understanding of photography knows that you don't simply record reality--you have lots of tools you can use to alter reality--tools like lights, diffusers, reflectors, colored gels, barn doors, snoots, grids, fog, smoke, fans, water, oil..etc. Commercial photography at its best is just as complex as the craft of painting--the kind of tools and tricks used in advanced studio photography is mind-boggling.

So, to wrap this up--whether the painting is real, or whether photorealism is good art, is something you decide for yourself. If Dru wants to provide undeniable proof that the painting is real to satisfy your curiosity, he could do so by posting it at his website in the page where he displayed the Tica painting. If you have further questions you want to ask him about his techniques, email him personally.
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