Cube not matching to images

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  11 November 2016
[SOLVED] Cube not matching to images

Hi guys
Need a little help.
I just bought Silo 2 days ago and am starting to "play with it"

I used Hexagon a while ago but it is too unstable and there are no updates, so am going for Silo.

I have a small orientation problem, I have played around for 1/2 hour and can't get my head around it.
I am modeling a simple spaceship with images I got for the Hexagon tutorial.
I have the view-ports set up with the perspective window on the left and on the right a split screen with the top view being the Top and the bottom one being the Right. Through Youtube I have learned how to bring in images which I have done, I have a Top View image in the Top and a Side View image in the Right, they came in ok with the front of the ship to the left and the back to the right, all good.

Next I
1/ create a cube
2/ click on the cube in the "Top view-port" - the manipulator shows up with the RED axis facing the right and the Blue axis facing down.
3/ I click on the RED arrow to move the cube to the left to where I want to start modeling at the front part of the ship :
and here is where the problem is, when I move the cube in the Top view to the Left it doesn't move in the "Right view-port" (side view of the image)

But in the Top view-port when I click on the Blue arrow (which is facing down) and move it down the cube in the Right view-port then moves to the left to the front part of the ship, BUT its out of alignment in the Top View.

What am I missing, I assume it is a simple fix but I can't figure it out.
Hope this makes sense.

Any and all help greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance

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  12 December 2016

I'm...confused. Are you saying that when you move the cube in the Z direction (Blue), that it doesn't move in the Z direction in another view? If so...yeah, that's a new one for me!

What *may* be the problem is what your brain is thinking is the "Right Side". Lightwave messed with me in this regards...where the "Right" side is actually the "Left" of the model because LW isn't meaning "Right/Left" side of the's meaning "Right/Left" side is the direction the camera is facing.


Ok. Basically, Silo is thinking "Right/Left" side of the CAMERA...not the object. So when you make a viewport "Left", it will be looking at the RIGHT side of the model. The "Front" of the model points in the positive direction of Z (blue). So when you are looking at a Front view, you see the model...and the left of that view is the RIGHT, and the right of that view is the LEFT.

As I said...confusing.

Workaround: Just flip your left/right image.

Hope that explanation makes some sort of sense!

Paul L. Ming
  12 December 2016
Hi pming
Thanks for replying.
I think I may be confused and also I think that what I am thinking of is not possible, and I think I know why.

In Hexagon there is a dialogue box down on the right hand side that is for setting up images, it is basically 3 grids in the X Y and Z axis. You bring in the 2 images a Top one putting it on the bottom grid and the side one you put on the grid facing you, then when you bring in the cube everything is all lined up.

I either don't think I am going about this the right way or it cannot be done in Silo ( I think its the first one)

I started a new scene and set the viewports to "3 View Layout Right"
I set the top port as the TOP and the bottom port as the LEFT
I then zoomed in and using a clock as a reference I looked at the axis lines
in the TOP port the X is at 3 o/clock and the Z is at 6 o/clock
in the LEFT port the Z is at 3 o/clock and the Y is at 12 o/clock
if I change the bottom port to RIGHT the Z is now at 9 o/clock and the Y is at 12 o/clock.
So consequently when I bring in a cube the axis never going to line up.

I think the answer is: In Hexagon you only use the 2 Viewports to model - the side view and the top view.

So I started a new scene - set the viewport layout to "Vertical Split Layout" - set the left port to TOP and bought in the Top view image - then set the right port to Front and bought in the Side view image - then bought in a cube and started modelling and so far things seem ok, I am 1/2 way through the spaceship.
So maybe that is the answer.

I do have a selection question but will see if I can find it in Silo first before I ask on the forum (don't want to wear out my visit )
  12 December 2016

I have Hex (started back when it was new, v1, and owned by...Eovia? Around 2005 anyway. Sad that DAZ bought them, put out a flakey release, then pretty much mothballed it in favour of focusing on DAZ Studio. grrrrr...

Anyway, I just popped open Silo here, 4-viewed it, then added a Top, Front and 'right facing' Left images of a toy car from a modo tutorial I did a while ago from Digital Tutors. I'm not sure what's going on with your version, but everything is lining up just fine with me...

(Perspective, Top at the top, then Front, Left at the bottom).

Paul L. Ming
  12 December 2016
These images might help....

Homeless. Will do artsy fartsy for food.
  12 December 2016
Originally Posted by makit3d: These images might help....

Hey makit3d and pming.

My original set up was all ass backwards

The images worked a treat, .
  12 December 2016
Quote: Hey makit3d and pming. My original set up was all ass backwards The images worked a treat, . Thanks

You are welcome, Phillip. You can usually find about 4 or 5 of us that are regularly active. If you're lucky Cinnsealach (Andy Kinsella) will be around to give advice. He is one of the resident Silo masters. I should mention that the numbers in the second image correspond to the keys you would press to switch to that viewport.

Something else that might help is to create a small image similar to my X,Y,Z image on the above screenshots (bottom left) to help you remember it all. If you have an image you can place it on the screen with the Buttons Editor.

There are a couple of other points I would like to make only because I either received incorrect information or the tool in question did not feel intuitive.

One, you can quickly switch views by moving your mouse over a viewport (no need to mouse-press) and then pressing the Spacebar to maximize it. Or you can switch between a single viewport and the last multiple viewport setup you had with Spacebar. I mention this because in many of the videos I watched for Silo they mentioned mouse-clicking in the VP to be able to switch to it which is unnecessary. Nor did they mention that the last multi-viewport setup you had is what it would switch to and from.

And this second one always screws me up because it part of it seems so backwards. If you mirror an object you need to be aware of some things. First, Silo mirrors about the scene center. So if your objects is very far from this your object will be mirrored the same distance from the center but, of course, on the opposite side of the mirror axis. (If this is wrong and I have set up something incorrectly I hope the Silo community will correct me.)
The other thing about Mirror is the +/- for the axis. If you select your object the X,Y,Z axis will show up (much easier to understand with the Move command active). If you want to mirror on the X axis the -X is the direction the 'arrow' points while the +X direction is the opposite direction.

If this doesn't really make sense I can post some screenshots later. Hopefully I did not detour this thread too much.

I mentioned Andy Kinsella (Cinnsealach) before as a Silo master. He's helped me more often than I can count with his advice to others and myself. If you haven't already check out his basic tutorials linked in his forum signature.
I started a thread with some other 'tips' but it did not gain too much traction. Anyway, you can find it here: Tips and Tricks
Homeless. Will do artsy fartsy for food.
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