Lighting Challenge #18: Science Fiction

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  03 March 2009
Well I don't know how qualified I am to give critiques but since that's the point of this thread why not huh?

@Spitfire001 - The lighting in your scene is pretty nice, very practical. The only thing about your image is that it's composition is visually uninteresting. Your subject is placed dead center in the image and there isn't any interesting angle. A lot of the exemplary renders I've seen in this thread have something going on in the scene, aka the Robot is doing something besides standing there. I think your scene could benefit for a little action. As is the viewer's eye is drawn to the robot which is nice but then your eye drifts back to the back wall where you expect something to be back there but there is nothing, so maybe you can change your camera angle to give the scene a little more interest.

I do like how the red and blue buttons bring our eye directly to the robot, and I like your shiny wheels One other thing is the eyes on the robot. One is catching the reflection from the button glows, ?maybe?, but the other one isn't and it makes it look like the robot has two different color eyes, which is a little unsettling. Last the far left panel on screen is a bit too reflective IMO maybe you can tone that down or blur it a bit. Good job!

@GreggeryPeccary - Everything in your image is looking good and is hilarious, how unfortunate for the robot!, except the colors that you chose for your robot is throwing me off a bit. The colors don't really fit into the color palette you have going, and IMO they are really over saturated, especially since they are no other real greens or yellows in your scene except maybe on the panels. I like how the colors bring your eye right to the robot but I think you can using some whites and lighter blues or something along those lines. Looking good though!

@Denidesign - Nice scene!

Good job to everyone who entered in this challenge. This was my first time entering and everyone has done a great job. Can't wait for the next one.

Zach Haugen
  03 March 2009
Hello everyone, i am a first time poster in the forum but i was just wondering if anyone else had issues with scale in the science fiction scene. its units are in centimeters but if that is true, then the floor lights are only 2.5 cm tall. that cant be right or am i mistaken
  03 March 2009
Thumbs up Hi Everybody!

Sorry I've been AWOL for the past week or so. I'm in the last few weeks of production on the movie Up, and I'm teaching a CG Workshop now, among other things. Anyway, it's great to see so much terrific work got posted!

spitfire001 - That's a good start on the scene. The bright eye and dark eye, and the bright hand and dark hand, look like they are being left as accidents where you should really take control. The black surfaces of the character could use more kicks or rims to bring them out and give them some presence, and even the white surfaces could use a little more shaping.

stone cold ninja - Nice scene! A little washed-out and noisy in places, but you've started creating some variety in terms of different areas having different qualities of light.

chickenkts - Nice scene! I don't think that robot on the right will ever sell, though...

GreggeryPeccary - Welcome, nice take on the scene.

Leotril - Great job!

MonicaKruse - Nice image! I think you could do more with shadows and making the robot look back-lit.

MikeBracken - Beautiful work!

axiomatic - Interesting scene. It looks like something painful happened to the robot.

denisign - Great job! Nice interior decor!

AdamHerbert - Nice scene! To focus on just one light I wish it had darker and more consistent shadows.

- Nice job, that's a really interesting scene.

jorgemomu - Nice Rosie model!

mooshy114 - Welcome, that's a fun scene!

- Nice scene! The front robot could probably use some rim and kick light to help isolate the black-on-black parts and make him look more back-lit.

vaibhavcool83 - Welcome! That'a a nice scene. I don't think the long hard-edged shadow the robot casts really fits with the lighting in the set.

Pigments - That's a fun scene. The lighting seems very flat and uniform, but the nice pose with the cables makes up for it.

- Nice scene!

swag - Nice scene.

Toru - That's great, interesting take on the scene.

abeld3dg - Nice scene!

brookselliott - Nice scene!

saborstudio - That's a really interesting image!

FluidEdge - Good start.

madlamb - I love it! The ultimate Roomba!

- Welcome, good start!

zmuh11 - Great scene! Nice color!

- Great scene!

Kengis - Great image! Very engaging!

- Nice scene, glad you gave him something to play with!

Jeremy Birn
Author, Digital Lighting & Rendering, 3rd Edition
  03 March 2009
Originally Posted by jeremybirn: Sorry I've been AWOL for the past week or so. I'm in the last few weeks of production on the movie Up, and I'm teaching a CG Workshop now, among other things. Anyway, it's great to see so much terrific work got posted!

Nice to see that your back.Everyone was sure waiting for your comments on there work.
Eagerly waiting for the next challenge.
Light is the most important layer in life
  03 March 2009
Hi eveyone! Here is my final version!

  03 March 2009
Nice to see you back, Jeremy.
"If you are not yourself, you cannot be anyone else, and can easily end up being nobody in particular."-Andrew Loomis

  03 March 2009
Hi jeremy and everyone,

Although it is abit late, here is my final render.
Render in 3dmax. No FG & GI.

  03 March 2009
Thumbs up Last Feedback!

Thanks, everyone!

jacqu - Nice scene! Some of the smoke looks nice, although there's a strange shadow to the right of the robot that almost looks like another robot's alpha or matte cut into the smoke. The blue light in his hip area could probably be continued into rim light running up and down his whole back. It would be nice if the right hand looked as reflective as the left. The yellow surface on the right almost looks like a mosaic tile wall, as you'd find in a bathroom, instead of being as futuristic as the rest of the scene.

ahkiat - Nice job! You could do more with making those light panels along the hallway look fully lit-up, but I like the blue fill light, the shadows, and the solid chrome look of the robot.

Jeremy Birn
Author, Digital Lighting & Rendering, 3rd Edition
  03 March 2009
Gallery Up

I have posted a web gallery of some of the entries. Congratulations to everyone involved!

Jeremy Birn
Author, Digital Lighting & Rendering, 3rd Edition
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