Who is still on Windows 7 and what programs don't work/you miss

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  4 Weeks Ago
Originally Posted by Tiles:
At Linux you simply cut yourself away from the needed software. I am as unhappy as you about this. I would migrate in an eyeblink when that wouldn't be the case.
Well, companies will only make software for it, when people start WANTING it...? ...and how will that happen unless all of us start USING it??!!

OK, I'll shut up now.
  4 Weeks Ago
It's not so important why Linux did not make it at the desktop. The important bit is that it did not make it at the desktop. That's simply the way it is
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  4 Weeks Ago
Originally Posted by iamhereintheworld:
OK, I'll shut up now.
  4 Weeks Ago
Originally Posted by Tiles:  Idealism does not fill the frigerator

Wow!...before bowing out with all due respect I beg too differ, up until recently made a fairly decent living part-time freelance and as I said "each too his own" I mean no matter your particular choice in DCC aligned software there're just tools at the end of any given day, what counts is the mind and hand manipulating them.
“I like criticism, but it must be my way.” - Mark Twain
  4 Weeks Ago
In the end everything working is allowed. A freelancer making  icons might even get away with Windows Paint. And when it worked for you, who am i to judge? But the art market is a tough one as you might know. So i wouldn't make my life even harder by using tools that cannot compete, doesn't fit into the pipeline, or can't do the job at all. Being pragmatic brings you much further. That's where my statement comes from
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Die deutsche 3D Community: http://www.3d-ring.de

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  2 Weeks Ago
And lets face it. Its easy to take certain tools for granted. Sure you can 'workaround' with hacks and slashes.
But if this adds a day or two to a job for a mediocre  result that you know dam well -from professional experience-could take two hours for a superior result
than your OS freedom ain't worth so much anymore.

Remember time is money. If its free but takes you forever-what have you saved yourself?! Its now probably costing you more (trying to be cheap).
  2 Weeks Ago
just popped back in, and....circusboy: Talking of being cheap, if you WANT to spend money, why don't you send it to the people who are WRITING the free software, so that they can make it better? That would be money faaaaaar better spent than paying MS.... no?
  2 Weeks Ago
rahul: what don't you think?
  2 Weeks Ago

On the topic of the OP, I switched over to Windows 10 a couple of months after release and have not looked back. Its really a delight to use (now that the major bug fixes are addressed). I have heard GPU rendering with windows 10 can be limiting with Fstorm in particular as it uses an additional 2GB of Video Memory compared to Windows 7 - and I was hoping to get the most out of my video card. 

I also agree with the other sentiments here regarding - if you dont have to upgrade then there is no need. Too many times I have upgraded software/OS etc to find certain plugins are not supported yet or just the research for new UI, bugs, workarounds alone can take time out of production - which we all know time is limited enough. Whenever I think Im in the clear I always have the gotcha moment - and that old quote hits me in the face... "If it aint broke, dont fix it".
James Vella
3D Visualization
  2 Weeks Ago
Originally Posted by iamhereintheworld: just popped back in, and....circusboy: Talking of being cheap, if you WANT to spend money, why don't you send it to the people who are WRITING the free software, so that they can make it better? That would be money faaaaaar better spent than paying MS.... no?
Nice to think. But if it means the feature you use *today* -and have been using happily for 15 years- 'might' show up in a future release of who knows when...
I am afraid that relies too much of 'faith' for somebody that using something in their day-to-day job!

If you are hard-core about encouraging a developer you'd have to write a contract, get lawyers involved to make sure nobody gets ripped off and *then*
go through a beta cycle while you wait for the replacement to do what you want. And  is the feature for everybody or just for you?  
If for everybody then who is paying you for paying for that feature?  How are upgrade cycles handled?
What if the developer decides to retire? End of the line for your tool set! I worked for Softimage for 8 years. All of that can take *years*.
Professionals aren't that patient just to get a 'replacement' feature.
People want something they are confident will be supported for the foreseeable future. And that is what you get from working with a large developer.
If that developer is Adobe you are hosed as they don't support Linux at all although requested for years. If Photoshop is all you need then Linux is a no go.

If its a hobby fine. Maybe you don't care so much. But professionals  don't like 'breaking' reliable work flows for the sake of OS principals.
If you are making money with those workflows you'll pay the money to keep them! Not 'experiment' for the sake of 'freedom'.

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  2 Weeks Ago
still on W7 here as well. i've not had the need to upgrade the hardware (only thing my current one could do with is more RAM) and upgrading an OS is not something I do anymore just to stay 'current'. as others have pointed out - all it needs to do is run the applications i'm actually spending my time in.

glad to say, i've not had any incompatibility with applications thus far.

what to do about going forward is the big question though - when a new machine purchase comes around i'm not sure W7 will still be an option in terms of hardware compatibility. have to say I absolutely loathe the stuff I get to hear about W10 (the obious privacy concerns, forced restarts, regular major OS updates that swap out seemingly large parts of the OS, introducing new issues in their wake). i'm also a sucker for dark (but not pitch black!) interfaces and file explorers without giant button bars and it looks like i would not get either choice.

linux would seem like the obvious next step - but just look up installation instructions for something commercial like maya for your obscure choice of distro and imagine the fun to be had maintaining such a system... (argh).
  2 Weeks Ago
thomas: Ahh, a kindred soul!

Yes, you're probably right about Maya etc., though I've never done it myself. However, some apps like these actually state a distro that they officially support, for their app, on their website, don't they?? Like, if you use CentOS 7 or whatever, Maya is BOUND to run on it?? I seem to remember this with some apps' websites.....you should check. However, this would probably not work if your distro is one of the more obscure ones, you're right....

Recently I heard about something called "flatpak", which, AFAIK, is some way to release an app which is BOUND to work across all Linuxen, or at least all Linuxen that support flatpak.....if anyone's interested, I could Google around a bit, and report back here....? Oh hang on, here's the website!

  2 Weeks Ago
Thank you everybody for posting. It is very informative.
And glad to see win7 can be used for good time,
And, argh, win10 using additional 2gb of vram ?!
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