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  08 August 2011

Dude, you can write anything you want but that doesn't change the fact that you won a competition for a product design (artistically rendered ?!) that should be made in 10 years, with a little girl and a photoshop hologram. Congratulations ! I don't know how you won or what was all about anymore, but that is what it is. Remember; a picture worth 1000 words, well in this case you can count a billion and still won't make a difference.
I got nothing against you or anyone, don't even care anymore but I am really disappointed about all this. I am disappointed about my entry also, I could have render it better, but something makes me feel that even if I did 1000 renders, I still couldn't have won and you can see the reasons, in previous post of mine or other people.
Congratulations again, anyway and good luck.
Let's admire your future creations, together, this is all past and the lessons are learned.

PS. The holograms you showed are achieved by spinning screens or plans at over 4000 rpm. You can't do that, the way you draw it. You need a vacuum container, to cut the air drag and a lot of energy, to spin the screen or the plate on which you project something with a projector. For example, if you spin your iPhone at 4000 rpm, while having a cube on the screen, the cube will appear like floating. But that is totally another story and hardly a hologram on thin air, is just a spinning screen, that won't be in 10 years from now and that sort of tech, will probably be used in street commercials, not portable devices cause what's the point in spinning your screens ? I'm just sayin'.

Last edited by ICD : 08 August 2011 at 09:29 PM.
  09 September 2011
Ok ICD. Well to start I would like to see your entry, you should post it here or in your portfolio. and again I'm sorry you feel like you do but this was not a product design competition. I'm repeating myself but "Make it artistic and awe-inspiring" "In addition to prizes for best artistic imagery, there will be a special prize for the best product visualization."so the product design award is for it's own category. and also "All judging will be performed internally by the jury. First and foremost, submitted works will be judged on the strength of their emotive and narrative elements, with technical excellence as secondary criteria. Participating artists must demonstrate clarity of thought and emotion in their finished images." "Entries will be judged on artistic and technical merit within the scope of the competition theme. The interpretation of these rules, the theme, artistic or technical merit of the work and any other consideration made by the judges is at the sole discretion of the judges." again more that just a product shot, but in your defense the examples shown were misleading.

And for my reason behind the hologram again. this is from IBM "The annual Five on Five gives IBM's predictions for the next five years. The predictions this year are thought provoking but one really caught our attention.The hologram. As in the "Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi. You're my only hope," kind of hologram." here is the link http://www.readwriteweb.com/enterpr...ms-will-com.php. If it's the video you are referring to I just thought that looked cool it wasn't an explanation for what I did. There are many other compines looking to be the first to develope holograms and they all have faith in the fact that they will, just like I do. apple, nokia even Nvidia, I promose look around the web a bit and you'll find it

All this aside everyone did a great job in this competition no question. And for who the JUDGES chose that is with them, there is no reason why you should fill up the boards being disrespectful to myself and the other winners. they chose us remember not the other way around. we just participated just like you did. you have every right to be critical but you sometimes go over the boarder a bit and it becomes condescending. i understand, your upset but honestly you have to take it a bit easy man. Don't get discourage from a loss, now you can compete again with more wisdom and knowledge of what to expect and deliver.
  09 September 2011
Well, I invite you to search through the entries, what you say ? Maybe you'll see that clearly many of them just respected the requirements and lost with that occasion.
And disrespectful, I'm not, if respectful to you means agreeing with whatever is served, then to me is not. If I'm at some restaurant and they serve me rotten food, I won't bite it and I won't be disrespectful and throw it in their faces, how I should, by the way, but leave that stinky place and search for something else or try to tell them they suck in some respectful manner.
And I think the IBM hologram, well, is just crap, a childish prediction, you won't have that in 10 years, or 100.
But all that doesn't matter now, anyway. If they wanted to hear what we got to say, they did already, if they didn't then they didn't and everyone gets whatever he wants out of it.

You should better tell us how those Quadros work, instead of this long boring talk
Did you had to pay like fees to have them won or something ? Or they were covered.
And how they move, by the way...like better than a Radeon 5000 ?

  09 September 2011
The "requirements" are completely an opinion, this is a compitition about our future how can any of it be wrong? I feel that everyone was within the requirements minus just a handful who I think were really confused and put things like cars and weapons. and I am not asking you to agree but there are better was about showing how you feel about this competition than filling up the board and passively insulting the winners in my opinion. anyways I'll have to pay takes on these prizes here in the states for sure which sucks but it is what it is. ill have to put money aside to pay up to uncle Sam next year lol.

And for the quadros I'm sure they'll be great. I have friends who can use the cards more than I can. I don't know or have ever used 3D programs such as Maya or cinima, All my work is painted in Photoshop, but having them will probably give me the incentive to start learning 3D. Some friends and I have been talking about starting a small production company so this may go towards getting that going
  09 September 2011
I'm not insulting the winners, just saying is all somewhat up side down. Hmm..uncle Sam is squeezing all the butter out of you there now, you can't enjoy your quadros properly with a few pretty girls and some fine wine to celebrate.......you'll be just alone but hey...uncle Sam will take care of the girls, for you with those money !
Good to hear you're into starting something, nice you have people to start with properly. Well if u're going to learn 3d, you must start as soon, it takes a lot of time to learn enough to be sattisfied with it.......I mean to impress even the most skeptical chicks . You never know when some of them might recruit you for something..hmm.

  09 September 2011
Lol well thanks man. Listen don't give up on competing in these, even though some found problems with this all contests deal with this especially when it has to do with art and design.
It may be you next time as a winner defending your position
  09 September 2011
congrats dude

nvart 6: 1st price winner
nvart 5: 2nd price winner

you're very lucky.....

Last edited by reybies : 09 September 2011 at 07:31 PM.
  09 September 2011
Hey man thanks you! I am very fortunate and grateful for this to happen!
  09 September 2011
I dont know what you get spitting venom on winners works, judges etc, you dosen´t deserve a cg comunity as cgsociety, hiding your real name, creating a profile only to expres your frustration... its really sad to see those kind of reactions, hope to see some of your work anyway, to see your "artistic taste". cheers
Originally Posted by darkreel: Yes, it was a fiasco . Why? Simply because people were not informed to make the best decisions . Seeing the winning entries, there is clearly a pattern and some "musts":

1. NO TEXT on the image. Well, this was a close one, because 90% of the people here thought the actual purpose of the contest was to design a "product", or "device"....so most of the entries are actual product designs, will little to no artistic twist. The wining entry? Well...first place entry simply ignores the product design and concentrates on atmosphere and the girls expressions.
But what about the actual product? What does it do? Why is it special? We only see a hologram and two small objects controlling it. What's the innovation if we cannot see what the product is or does?
Conclusion: judges concentrated on the "art" value and the "innovation" did not matter at all. So you could of invented the next big device hit, and still had lost to the hologram girl if it wasn't presented in a "artsy" way.

2. "Show us how your device integrates with the daily human experience in a revolutionary—yet realistic, attainable—way, delivering groundbreaking new thinking on performing everyday tasks. " - Whaaaaaaaaaaat? NONE of the winning entries actually do this. I don't know how someone chooses them but MY GOD, they do not innovate, and all of them lack usability. There were far better products that entered the contest, that actually were innovations. Take for example fifth prize: what the hell is that? What do you use it for? It's just a nice looking useless gadget like "here's a bendt screen with holographic 3d capacity that shows time "

3. Not making the contest theme clear resulted in poor decisions by the judges. I'm not saying first prize is bad, I'm saying just it shouldn't of won THIS contest.

4. The best visualization (prize 6) . OMG OMG OMG. Pointless to say, there were some extremely good ones on this category, and they award that? I don't talk about those rings here, they're good, I'm talking about the actual "product visualization". What's so special about it? Two rings, a camera above them, and something indistinguishable in the background. Yay, the best product viz

5. Second prize: Good Render, nice product. I think it deserves a prize, although if you ask an industrial designer, he would laugh his pants off when seeing the products laterals that "slide" into the main containter transforming materials from solid to flexible to bending

6. Third prize. Judge comment: “a clean, beautiful, stroke of genius... makes me think of Asia, especially Japanese minimalist design.” - pleeeeeeeease pleeeeeeease Mr Judge, inform yourself what minimalist design is. A fan ...minimalist? With all those "wings", spanning mechanism? OMG ....and we couldn't use other logos, but who cares about rules? Rounded screen with flaps? ) Usability = 0 Minimalism? A joke.

7. Fourth prize: excellent render, deserves a prize. I don't have many comments about this entry, other that is'a a little Sci-Fi, and I bet it won't be available for the public in the next 30 yrs. But again, who cares about rules? Only stupid designers follow them and actually try to develop a "real" device.

8. Fifth prize: I talked about it above. A total fiasco this winning entry. What's the innovation people? Nice render btw.

Final Conclusion:

Choose your judges more carefully next time. I don't know how involved they were, but one thing is certain. The did not have a common mark scale for the designs. There wasn't a true theme for this contest. You could have entered with your old orc image made in PS and put a holo in his hand and voila you could of won. Who cares about product design ...who cares about innovation, moving, mobility? Just the poor fools who actually did some research.

No offence to the winners, it's not their fault, and some of the entries deserved a prize..maybe not in that order.

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