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Old 5 Days Ago   #181
@everlite thank you for your advice!  Wow, that sounds like a really good passive income. It may take time, but at least I am doing something, aside from full time projects. I will start making 3d assets asap. Fiverr is good, I get most of my illustration work from there. I just started with animation and 3D. I have to do a lot of advertising of my work to get buyers of my services from fiverr though. :/ 
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Old 5 Days Ago   #182
@ilovekaiju You made $100k? That is inspiring, I did not make that much yet on fiverr XD . I do full time work (upwork, fiverr, and freelance anywhere), but with a lot of breaks, I get bored and tired when a project becomes routinary, but haven't reached this income yet. I just started last Feb. 
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Old 5 Days Ago   #183
I've been searching on cgtrader too, and I can also sell assets from there. And, there's also a job board  but mostly 3d modeling only. 

Do you know any other site where I can find freelance job boards for animation too, and sell assets?
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Old 5 Days Ago   #184
Originally Posted by ilovekaiju: Sorry to hear about your medical troubles.   I'm sure that can become quite stressful.  Are you on disability now?    
So can I give you some advice on the slow motion?    I watched your videos and there are some things that need to be fixed.
Your intro is horrible.  You have to give us something that pops just a little more.  It just looks like a powerpoint presentation slide from the 90s.  So fix that.   Go to Fiverr.com or something and check out some of their 5 dollar intros.  

I like your on camera persona though.    You have a great look for something like this.    I think your hosting and look is just fine.  

Also you need to think bigger on your slow mo stuff.   Get more creative.    Melting Spock with acid or something would have been cooler.   Get a little more creative.     

I hope that helps.   
Hey there,

Thats awesome you gave some feedback. We sit here and try...well I try and hammer out how to improve the show...the intro is very, very....stationary...lol ...the persona comes up and we reckoned I was terrible...but this is the first time we've had feedback and somebody saying the persona is good. The spock episode...definitely our worst episode and nothing seemed to go right that day...but ive always wanted to redo it.

I'm not on disability but I probably should be...but i don't know where I stand on that....I'm a green card in USA with a sponsor. Thankyou for writing and also Hello.
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Old 4 Days Ago   #185
hi I want to know how to make such a  this rendering or what people say like this rendering?
Old 4 Days Ago   #186
Originally Posted by everlite: Sorry for the late response, seems i selectively get notifications from this thread :S

Anyhow, regarding stock images; it doesn't matter if its digital or photo, the same idea applies, its all about the concept. You can no longer shoot pretty pics of mountains, trees, bowls of fruit, your neighbors cat etc .. your images have to tell a conceptual story and be relevant to the world today. Start thinking of ideas, what's happening in the world today? VR, Nukes, Politics, Automated cars, Mars, medical advance, designer babies etc .... then think to yourself, how can i take this idea and make an interesting concept with it .. for example; Designer babies ... any ideas? maybe a baby in designer clothes! lol .. i have no idea  .. but you have to give it an original twist, something that makes a publisher think; "now that's original" ... get the idea?  
Haha, if you were late to answer... I am slower
Thank you for that really good explanation, that must be the cause. The stuff I have been uploading is under that category "pretty pics of mountains...". Have to upload something regarding Thrump, haha..
Then after understanding this, I come to the question: "Do I want to do this kind of images?"
But thanks for your great clarification.
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Old 4 Days Ago   #187
I've heard random pictures of close up textures sell really well.   Maybe pictures of offices, studio backgrounds,  nice living rooms, etc.  Landscapes - not so much.  

Here are the top searches.

Popular Photo Searches

1 Sky
2 Background
3 Business
4 Beach
5 Food
6 Business
7 Football Player
8 Wood
9 Family
10 Fitness
11 Travel
12 Wood Texture
13 Fashion
14 Valentines Day
15 Coffee
16 Abstract
17 Water
18 Paper Texture
19 2015
20 Spa


Do some research on top sellers at places like Shutterstock and if you want to make money be creative and do something similar.    Take the mountain photos and stuff and turn that to artwork and frame it.  Sell it online as a wall mounted photo and do more business commercial stuff.   Now you have 2 sources of income. 
Old 3 Days Ago   #188
i mean there are  some important factors in the pic

2.cell shading
3.low opacity shadows (which gives good sense of depths between parts )

you can watch something like  autodesk inventor trailler

so whats the answer i want is how can i do that with 3dsmax
Old 1 Day Ago   #189
shobeir,  hi.  I think that is a question for another post or section of this forum.  
Old 10 Hours Ago   #190
Originally Posted by ilovekaiju: shobeir,  hi.  I think that is a question for another post or section of this forum.  

Yes I agree with that.
I like to learn.
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