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Old 4 Days Ago   #181
Any news about*Prorender plugin for cinema 4d? Is there some closed beta testing?
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Old 4 Days Ago   #182
Originally Posted by hvanderwegen: My new GTX 1080 arrived today, and I tested Prorender in Blender. Results are pretty good: nice material browser with a range of pre-built materials, and both the CPU and GPU can be used in tandem to render. Integration in Blender is very good too - very similar to Cycles. The opengl viewport in Prorender is nowhere near as good as Cycles, though, which provides good material previews. I'll be curious to see how Maxon solved this.

Rendering speed is slower than Cycles. It's difficult to compare, but Prorender with GTX 1080 + CPU feels a little more than twice as slow compared with a single GTX 1080 used for Cycles and the same viewport size and objects. Of course, AMD GPUs may very well result in faster rendering than Nvidia's OpenCL implementation.

When comparing Cycles and Prorender based on CPU rendering only, Prorender is MUCH slower compared. To the point of unworkable - any change to an object takes a while to register, while Cycles steams along. Unless Maxon optimizes Prorender somehow for CPU-only rendering, I'd say that a good high-end GPU is a minimum requirement, in my opinion. Preferably an AMD one, I assume.

Hardware: i7 920@3.6ghz, 48gb ram, GTX 1080 8GB, Windows 10.

I'm cautiously optimistic that AMD and MAXON will have had more resources working together than AMD with, such that the speed issues you're seeing here won't apply in C4D. If they do, it's a problem. As for Nvidia performance vs. AMD on OpenCL, technically if the two cards in question support the same level of OpenCL, then differences would probably boil down to the number of compute cores in the two cards. Whichever one has more, wins? Not sure but that seems logical on the face of it. Not so much a brand thing as a number of cores thing. Maybe.
Old 4 Days Ago   #183
Hvanderwegen: Wouldn't your render speed depend heavily on what render settings you used? Things like how many samples, how many light bounces and so forth?

Cycles has plenty of render settings in Bforartists (Blender fork).

I'm assuming that AMD ProRender must have ways to squeeze more speed out of it as well? Or did you just hit render in Blender and compare the speed of the default setting for ProRender to Cycles's default render setting?

I'm finding it hard to believe that a renderer coded for GPU by AMD can be 2 x slower that Blender's Cycles, which isn't a speed champion to begin with (at least not in my testing on an older GTX 850 notebook).

There really wouldn't be much point in releasing ProRender at all if the free Cycles outpaces it by factor 2 X from the get go.

Unless of course ProRender isn't properly speed optimized yet.
Old 3 Days Ago   #184
@Skeebertus: I did not render a final result, but just opened the same scene (floor object, rounded cube, and environment HDRi for lighting) with the identical viewport size. I kept the default settings for both (except increasing the number of viewport samples in Cycles, otherwise it would stop too soon to make a good comparison).

I did a bit more testing, and with GPU and a smaller viewport Prorender works quite well. I have read that Nvidia renders much faster with CUDA, while AMD GPUs are faster in OpenCL (for whatever the reason - depends who you ask).

It is possible to reduce the quality of Prorender's viewport rendering from "normal" to "fast", but while it calculates faster, the result remains much noiser and rough-looking.

After reducing the viewport render preview size, to a quarter of the screen (2560x1440) the realtime response is much better. It also doesn't take that long to fire up - within seconds. Also nice: the nodal shaders. The Ubershader makes it easy to create nice looking materials (although I prefer the Ubershader in the upcoming Blender 2.79).

So, I think C4D will get a great new built-in render engine with Prorender. I do hope that 1) material nodes will be supported, because Prorender really deserves that (but it seems nodes will not be part of v19?), and 2) like Cycles in Blender 2.79, it will at some point include a de-noiser that works at render time.

I have read somewhere that Prorender renders faster on AMD hardware.
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