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  07 July 2005
Originally Posted by Pjanssen: Have a look at it from Matts side. He starts a project to work out his ideas and gets torpedoed by a lot of negative posts saying that he's foolish to start a project like this. (that's what it comes down to in fact)

That's how you choose to look at it. Fact is, all the advice that was disregarded was the only thing that would have gotten the project made succesfully. With the high ambitions, it was obvious from the beginning the project would end like this. All we did was try to help by making Matt aware of this, and suggest he started with a smaller project.

- Jonas

EDIT: ok, you're right, some of the comments are way too harsh. For my own part, anyway, I was just trying to help prevent a train wreck from happening.

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  07 July 2005
Quote: With the high ambitions, it was obvious from the beginning the project would end like this.

It's with high ambitions that projects continue and carry on. It shouldn't be obvious that a project will fail because its leader has high ambitions. I have high ambitions for my Space battle, as did, say, dodo3d with his ambitions for the Minas Tirith project.

The point is alot of the comments could have been made without the harshness to them...

Remember, if you can't think of something nice to say; word it differently.
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  07 July 2005
I just totally agree with cryptite
I followed this project from the beginning and if I were Math, I would have stopped too because a lot of comments are just destructive and demotivating
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  07 July 2005
Read Dentaros post:

Quote: Yeah this is DEAD, He hasnt answer our post in 6 weeks or something :(
And whole team has leave it!...:(

Matt had a team of enthusiastic artists who were interested in taking the project somewhere. He hadn't been around for 6 weeks! Sounds like he just lost interest, leading me to believe that he isn't very experienced with filmmaking and just decided to do this project on a whim.

Quote: I just totally agree with cryptite
I followed this project from the beginning and if I were Math, I would have stopped too because a lot of comments are just destructive and demotivating

Wardog, I would say that if a few negative comments are enough to bring down your entire motivation for doing a project, then you probably weren't very motivated to do it in the first place.

What we're forgetting here is the fact that people tried to tell him that it simply wasn't a realistic project goal, but he went ahead with it any way. Projects like this only serve to further damage the reputation of collab projects in this forum, which generally have low rates of success to begin with. It also drains resources from other projects that are much less ambitious, and therefore have a better chance of going somewhere. Remember that Matt wasn't the only one working on this project. Several people volunteered their time and effort, and essentially got nothing out of it, when they could have devoted their skills to something that actually had a chance to be completed.

The moral of the story: If you have a collab project idea, keep your project ambition to a reasonable level, and before you present it on these forums, make sure you've developed the idea enough so that people who wish to help aren't wasting their time on something that'll never be completed.
  07 July 2005
OMG. Now this is an argue about whos fault is it?Only in here u can see this.The fact is that Matt didn't behave like he was supposed to .So he FINALY opened his eyes and saw were he got himself involved.And it was a bit late ,after gatherint a rather big crew(as he claims).And than what he does?He leaves without telling anyone.Usualy this happens with team members but not with the leaders.

Oh an Pjanssen,u claim it's our fault for comming with unappropriate afirmations (thow i say we were only slamming reality in his face), but would u wanna join his project (let's pretend that u don't have ur own Project)?And don't give me stuff like u r not SW fan, because that's not the point.I would sure woudn't wanna waste my time on something i don't see a future...wtf...he wanted 2 hours of film.
  07 July 2005
Hi there...

Well I've pretty much read this whole thread by now. There were some positive reactions, some negative, some might say. I haven't seen any negative replies actually. These replies are just based on truth. ChrisBG is absolutely right. I once started out the same way, even less ambitious. We partially abandoned because the movie didn't work, but mostly because by then I wasn't able to create a full CG Gollum with just someone modeling it for me and me having to do the rest. I've come to senses now.

Matt, it's great to have ambition. I'm really not trying to demotivate you, or stop you from trying. On the contrary. By now, you must know you've taken a whole load of weight here. This baby really isn't easy, and you know that, otherwise, we'd have a really big problem! I just hope you will see this and do EVERYTHING, I mean EVERYTHING, to get this project finished. Not just for your sake, and for the 'fans', but for other sakes as well...

- All of your crew. If you'd cancel this, all of the work they did, would've been in vain.
- Collaborative forum & the projects. I'm about to finish my SW fanfilm, then I will have enough short films made to base other projects on experience and other qualities. I started out little, yes. I'm trying to expand that, yes. At the moment I'm doing my own VFX, but someday I'd like to try and achieve effects better and better as they go. I'm planning for a larger fan film right now, 20+-25 minutes long, I suppose. So yes, I will need some more artists. I've trained a lot on compositing and 3d stuff, but I'm not ready to all that same quite yet. So I will need some extra conceptual artists, and some modellers, and hopefully some other people as well, for comping, etc. Not the amount you need, because even after I've shot quite a bunch of movies, I'm not trying to produce a full-length feature film with a whole bunch of CG effects consisting all kinds of effects. I'm still keeping it simple.

Point being here, I'd like to get just some guys aboard. Yes, I'm just working on the conceptuals with a couple of co-workers. Conceptual design, plot (roughly shaped by now). Then I'll do some roughly shaped 3d models, animatics, sound designs, some early composed music (yes we have 2 composers), before I even attempt to gather these people. But the problem is, if these collab projects keep failing, people will lose faith in them and all assistance required for any sort of project will be lost, because people don't want to participate in projects that keep failing.

So this is my advise... It's very very hard, you will need to work your ass of. 20 hours a week, mininum. If you have days off, you have to put in even more effort of course. Just finish this. I don't care what the outcome is. You WILL GAIN respect if you'd just finish it. For all sakes, do it. FINISH IT, PLEASE. You'd help a lot of people, me included.

Btw. I have some questions though. There aren't 20,000 jedi right? I mean in the first 3 episodes there were a couple of hundred. 20,000 seems a little overedge. And 20,000 sith would be impossible as normally there's a master and an apprentice (from what I know). How are you going to visualize all of these people?



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  07 July 2005
I'm back! My computer broke down a month ago. Sorry. I'm using the libraries computer as we speak. My computer won't be fixed for another 3 weeks. sorry. The script has gone through so many changes that the story and timeline has changed to something completely different. Sorry to worry you all. The project is not dead. So now you can go back to bickering on about how it will fail. The story has changed. It will take place between Episode 3 and Episode 4. The film will not be 2 hours. It has changed to 45 minutes. I thought about what you guys said and finally understood what I was doing wrong. Hopefully now that the film is only 45 minutes, people will believe it's a realistic goal.

  07 July 2005
2 suggestions Matt:

1) Unless you're literally joking about your computer "breaking", get some danged reliable hardware! Trying to produce a film on a computer that take 7 WEEKS (1 month + 3 weeks as you stated) to fix is unbelievable! Especially when you've got other artists who are counting on you!

Frankly though, I don't buy it. Your computer isn't broken dude. No computer takes that long to fix.

2) 45 minutes is still waaaay too long! Like we've said....possibly 5, and maybe 10.

Quote: The project is not dead. So now you can go back to bickering on about how it will fail.

Face it Matt, unless you get your butt in gear and set some reasonable goals, this project is dead.

Now...go make an awesome 5 minute movie!
  07 July 2005
My computer isn't in the repair shop right now. I've been so busy doing the last of my final tests in school, that I havn't had the time to take it to the shop. BEFORE GOD AS MY WITNESS, MY COMPUTER IS BROKEN. And if you don't know it, I'm a die-hard christian. I have two computers, one that is big and new and powerfull, and a laptop that is old and slow. The big computer doesn't have internet access, so use my laptop to go online. In two weeks my school ends, that will be when i take my computer in for repairs. My life is a little hectick right now, but in two weeks I'll be able to concentrate soley on my film.

Hope this helps. I'm not lying.
  07 July 2005
There's no reason for anyone to bicker, if Matt says his computer broke down, his computer broke down. Don't point fingers at that.

45 minutes is a much more realistic goal, Matt. Good luck.

Still, start with a small 5 minute pilot project which can stand on its own - so even if that's all you can finish, it'll still be a finished project. Do this before you cast the final actors and start principal photography.

Plus, with a 5 minute kickass reel to show people, you'll get a lot more people on board, and your 45 minute project will be more likely to succeed.

- Jonas
  07 July 2005
i must admit, i am getting ready to unsubscribe to this thread, i sick of people picking on Matt, leave the guy alone, and let him, and his team get on with making whatever they want
  07 July 2005
Wy don't you make some sort of a teaser trailer and then a trailer slightly larger (3-4 minutes) about your 45 min movie. That's what we did... You can show people some stuff and have a bit of experience... I think that's a very reasonable idea..

  07 July 2005
Wow, I can't believe all of the negative comments in here. I didn't even fully read every post, I just scanned. Every other person is saying it's dead, it'll never happen, don't waste your time... Maybe he will never finish it, maybe he will, who knows. Give him some slack though for god's sake. I mean who would've thought some unkown new zealender director could make a movie like LOTR. I'm not trying to get all deep about it, but if you don't think he can do it then unregister from the thread and never come back. Period.

Having said that you could follow some of these people's advice about testing or making a smaller movie. The main reason i would agree with a shorter movie is to allow your artists to work harder on fewer scenes. I think you could work that story into 30-40 minutes if not shorter.

btw it's not like any star wars fan film has been very original so don't worry about that.

Good luck to you Matt, I hope everything works out for you.
  07 July 2005
Hey Matt....How are things going? I almous forgot about this project.Are u guys progressing?Can u show us some updates,or anything related?

  07 July 2005
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