Warhammer 40K, Horus VS The Emperor. ( The Horus Heresy )

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  01 January 2007
Arrow Warhammer 40K, Horus VS The Emperor. ( The Horus Heresy )


Credit of the image goes to Adrian Smith, GW.

Update: Chaos Space Marine, Sanguinius, The Emperor, Horus.


Hi there,

The scene I will be making is based on ( Inspired by ) Adrian Smith's artwork from Gamesworkshop. The scene is set in the Warhammer 40,000 Universe. About the great battle of mankind. A traitor ( Horus ) who is the son of the Emperor betrays his leader and tries to over throw the empire.

This is going to be hard work and I hope I can finish it! I have to build a great deal, the emperor ( and armour ), horus ( and armour ) + Sanguinius ( A primarch of a Space Marine Chapter, also a son of the Emperor ) and a few space marines in the background. Plus the space ship deck.

I am currently putting my other WIP's on hold as I am looking for work and I thought this piece would be challenging and appropriate for my Folio, also it means I can try something different and maybe prove I am not a one trick pony + I hear people are getting abit tired of female model attempts

So far I have built out the busts of a standard Space Marine, The Emperor and Horus. Sanguinius is next. Then I will be onto each individuals armour.

Any comments along the way will be very helpful.



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  01 January 2007
Firstly, the image link for your inspiration is wrong, please check.

Secondly...before going into "individual armour", maybe you could give your characters "individual faces" ? If those three are not of the same blood - their looks are strikingly similar. Perhaps too much to be comfortable...its kinda creepy.
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  01 January 2007
Mckertis: Hi, the image link is fine, the image's posted are of that size, especially the first one ( it's the only one I could find as reference. if anyone can find a larger one that would help so much ! ) and also all the characters are of the same gene seed. That is the point, they are all related to the emperor he is the 'Father'. Although their faces will change slightly this is early days, also their genetic makeup differs from humans, for example their average height is something like 9 feet tall and other aspects of their physiology is very different, hence the strange look the Emperor has, he is supposed to be the ultimate human. ANy input on his look would be very helpful! also on Horus!



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  01 January 2007
Wow, man i love your work!

I dont know how you do it but its awesome, keep it up

I will be on this topic alot.
  01 January 2007
Mudbox tests.


Setup in Lightwave rendered in FPRIME:

vishsm: Hey thanks! great to hear your interested in the thread. Any comments very welcome!

Just purchased MudBox today, amazing APP! and here are my tests. There isnt a great workflow between MB and Lightwave but hopefully there will be soon. So much to do



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  01 January 2007
Amazing work, Infinite, I'm loving this WIP..can't wait for more!

Keep it up
  01 January 2007
Looks very nice man! Does this mean that you are giving up with the universal model?
  01 January 2007
wow for some who just bought a new application your pretty good at at lol.

head looks really goood, just waiting for some armor lol i love warhammer armor, and the new game www.warhammeronline.com looks impreasive from what iv seen
  01 January 2007
Also just knocked out a base version of the chaos marines who are in the background, will have visors over their eye's.The layer system in MB is fantastic, it mean's I can do lots of variations to the marines!

MB Details:

Update Render: Chaos Marine Base Head without details.

bigdoggie: Hey thanks dude, keep checking back, and all the input I can get will be great as I will want to enter this into the 3dstills gallery.

Nextdesign: The uni model is just on hold for the moment, as I am looking for work and need to broaden my portfolio.

vishsm: Hey thanks man! Mudbox is a very easy application to learn, took me about 3 hours to pick up everything within it and get fairly good results out of it. Well worth the money. Keep checking back dude!

I'm really looking forward to doing Sanguinius! on to the Emperor next!


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  01 January 2007
Originally Posted by INFINITE: The uni model is just on hold for the moment, as I am looking for work and need to broaden my portfolio.

Aww... That sucks. I was looking forward to the final project. Oh well, as long as you finish it in the future! Oh, and is the tutorial on hold as well?
  01 January 2007
Haha I was reading the Hours Hersey Book last night and was staring at that pic for about 10 mins seriously considering doing it in 3d.

Quite a project you chose for youself there, good luck, looking good so far, cant wait for the final image.

  01 January 2007
Quite the project. Looks good thus far. Gonna be watching this one. Good Luck.
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  01 January 2007
The Emperor.

Another update:

Mudbox details:

Render from Lightwave:

Nextdesign: Hey, yeah I should be finishing the tutorial soon but this takes prriority at the moment.

dARCKLOWN: Hey cool man! yeah that book rulez! great Artwork! Be great to have your input if your a WH 40K fan!

Ducimus: Hey thanks, keep checking back, any idea you might have would be very cool.

Added details to the Emperor, I am trying to give him a very regal ( GOD like ) image. He is thousands of years old and fought many wars. Any comments welcome, especially from any 40K fans out there.

On to Sanguinius!



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  01 January 2007
awesome stuff. love the skin shaders. this is one of my fav pictures from 40k. the famous battle between good and evil. and sanguinus' great sacrifice for his emperor. think you really have the distainful look on the emperors face down.
  01 January 2007

Update: Sanguinius attempt, still needs some work wanted to add abit more of a Brad Pitt kind of look. Also each face once finished will have a posed expression, espcecially Horus, want to show of his dark blackend teeth, with a nasty grimace!!

Mudbox Details:

Lightwave Render:

Some strong critique and some direction with the characters faces would be much appreciated.

BTW, I would suggest MudBox to anyone, it is an amazing sculpting tool, fantastic piece of software!


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