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  04 April 2018
Originally Posted by SD3D: Now they are scrabbling around desparately trying to prevent themselves going bankrupt.
Respectfully, SD3D, people have been predicting ADSK's demise for a good 20 years now and it has always been nothing but rumor. Most business sites place ADSK's risk of financial danger at 3% or less. At least for the next 2 years, they seem to be safe.

Having said that, while I do respect Travis' opinion regarding treatment of members and vendors, I do agree that he needs to see the other side of the issue. ADSK is that annoying friend or family member in your life. They ask your opinion on something, claim that they value your input, and then go on to do whatever they want anyway. It's annoying. Don't ask for somebody's opinion if you don't really care about it.

Again, I don't think that ADSK is going anywhere anytime soon. Nowever, I do feel that they need to be careful. Artists of all types, hobbyist and studio pro, are starting to take the alternatives much more seriously. These other developers know that the number of disgruntled ADSK users is growing and are actively pitching to them harder than ever. ADSK needs to be careful. Just because they're king today doesn't mean that they'll be king tomorrow. I'm seeing a lot of very talented artists take these alternatives seriously. ADSK should be worried.

When it comes to the issue of subscriptions, I think that ADSK could learn a thing or two from Allegorithmic. If you're a Substance user then you know what I mean. It's a perpetual license with a subscription twist. Pay the maintenance fee and you get a year's worth of updates. That maintenance is renewable. However, should you choose not to renew, you'll still be left with a perpetual license, frozen at the version when you stopped paying. Allegorithmic isn't required to give you a single nugget more of support or patches because you opted out. Sounds fair to me.

This, imo, would solve ADSK's support issue. Support those who are on active maintenance contracts. Ignore those who aren't. Active contracts keep everybody on the same page, version-wise. Users of legacy versions who aren't on maintenance anymore are on their own. Sounds fair. You pay for support. You get support. You don't pay. You don't get.

ADSK should know that this shift to subscription does nothing to stop piracy. That group of users can't be stopped. They'll exploit the EDU system. They'll hack the demos. They'll group buy one legit version and spread the hack worldwide. Subscriptions will do about as much to stop these people as online activation has, which is to say not at all.

Just bring back some variation of perpetual licenses, ADSK. Want to know how you can improve your product? THAT is how you can improve it. Reassess your business model. At the very least, provide users with options. Adobe has one of the most value added subscription packages around and even they still sell perpeutal versions of their Elements products which are, might I add, stripped down, but still shockingly production worthy. ADSK, you couldn't even get your act together on the LT brand, which was too crippled to even be useful.

1. Perpetual licenses
2. Maintenance contracts as a way of getting subscription-based support fees.
3. Capable Indie friendly versions, not the stripped down crap that was LT.

TBH, I would be happy to pay $1,500 for a Maya perpetual license and a $75/month maintenance fee. It would give me the option to stay on the upgrade path or get off while preserving my initial investment. You'd get $2,400 from me that first yeat and $900 each year after. Seems reasonable enough. You're still getting $2,700 on a 3 year contract. $4,200 if we're talking about a new user.

While we're at it, can we PLEASE rethink the concept of activation? Licensing servers don't work as a deterrent to piracy. They're about as useful as those old code wheels in 80s games. Serial numbers and license files are no more secure, but at least they're not nearly the same sort of pain in the butt. Fixing a corrupt activation takes more effort than simply reinstalling a serial locked app. Lots of apps still use those old licensing methods and are doing just fine. Like I said, you're not going to stop piracy. Don't penalize paying customers for the acts of the criminals. Walk it back, ADSK. Licensing servers and online activation are paranoid, outdated, and ineffective.
DISCLAIMER: The views presented herein do not necessarily represent those of my brain.
  04 April 2018
Thanks Cookepuss, My guess is that many roles at ADSK rollover frequently. That's just a guess. The smaller company has a huge advantage when it comes to customer feedback for sure they can still rely heavily on conversation and interaction. I think it would be great if companies can remain this way as they grow. As a small businessowner I am able to rely on direct feedback and not just look at data. I wonder if Employees at Autodesk are afforded the ability on a much larger scale to operateor if a cooperatestructure only allows for raw data? Meaning If i bring feedback to the board can I present comments or will i just be expected to deliver stats?

I think you provided some good data within your feedback below. The more we can foster that here, the more impact we give to any of those employees trying to fight fitting into delivering statistics. The more feedback in a constructive breakdown we can possibly help provide and maybe break through with delivery that accomplishes better data collection. I think there is a wealth of talent here using autodesk products that is worth hearing and may in fact fall on deaf ears but if we can deliver it constructively I would like to foster the efforts than fight the failures.

Thanks for taking the time to share your input on this and looking forward to a direction that starts better conversations
  04 April 2018
Originally Posted by cookepuss: Respectfully, SD3D, people have been predicting ADSK's demise for a good 20 years now and it has always been nothing but rumor. Most business sites place ADSK's risk of financial danger at 3% or less. At least for the next 2 years, they seem to be safe.
Autodesk has a lot of real and virtual money. When they go bust is the uncertainty. The virtual-money exists from shareholder-ignorance.
Merely applying logic and reason dictates that Autodesk cannot continue unless something drastic happens. Asking their customers to design the next "Homer car" is only going to make matters worse.
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