Who has Seen the Most Beautiful Women Rendered in 3D

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  08 August 2005
Originally Posted by Yourworstnightmare: I'd go for Asian women other than American women any day. I'd also go for European women rather than American women because of this.
Sadly, for the most part this is the truth.

It is true. I forgot where it is at, but I know it is over 50% who are clinically obese in the U.S. Just look at all the weight loss pills that are being advertised. I still remember a case where a woman sued Mc Donalds for making her obese. This is a person who has no confidence or ability to be responsibile for their actions.
  08 August 2005
Quote: It is true. I forgot where it is at, but I know it is over 50% who are clinically obese in the U.S. Just look at all the weight loss pills that are being advertised. I still remember a case where a woman sued Mc Donalds for making her obese. This is a person who has no confidence or ability to be responsibile for their actions.

ugh don't remind me about stupid lawsuits...people breaking into a house and cutting themselves on knives near a window and winning the case, even though he BROKE INTO THE HOUSE...spilling hot coffee on oneself and blaming the company because the coffee machine did not say "hot coffee"; OF COURSE ITS F#$%ING HOT!!! ..

The OJ Simpson trial. ooo did i just say that...must be a conspiracy!
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  09 September 2005
I like women with lots of moles. Dunno why, that spotted skin does things for me. I also have a deep love for asian women. I just watched a CG movie this morning called Ark. Had never heard of it, and it wasn't the best I've seen, basically just 3D anime, but one of the main characters was very beautiful. And the animation was done in South Korea. They do seem to have a handle on creating great women. They also have a healthy, theiving and extremely talented movie industry beyond CG. Korean horror movies are among the best in the world at the moment. With at least one, The Cure, being remade in America now.
I shoudl mention that I truly despise the current trend to take masterpieces of horror made in asia and dumb them down and remake them for american audiences. I also happen to find Chinese women the most beautiful in the world.
  09 September 2005
I also happen to find Chinese women the most beautiful in the world.

Any good links?
  09 September 2005
This thread is very interesting. Especially the part on the discussion of how different type of people have different taste. We all know that this is a very subjective topic. So the focus would be on how different type of people's tase differ. These information would be useful. When you try to do arts for a specific group of people (your target audience), you can better grab the majority taste with this information. (I'm a not a artist so this is just my view)

Luna had exceptional analysis on the how the eastern's and western's view. I agree to many of them.

There is more factors that affect one's taste. I think our taste is a combination of 2 things in general. The society and one's character. That's why I think people of the same type had the same taste but when you go more detail they had a much different taste.

Anyway, I think the best 3D female character is Rinoa Heartilly of Final Fantasy 8. I think everyone was amazed by the beauty when it was release back then. It touched me at times when I play FF8. I think she still stand out when place with today 3D female character.
  09 September 2005
One really interesting aspect to look into for people who are fans of Asian girls is the variation between Asian girls themselves in different Asian countries (specifically far east Asians). For example, Korean style of applying makeup is really popular in Chinese countries at the moment (Taiwan, China, Hong Kong), because Korean films, TV shows, and music have become very popular in Asia. The Korean makeup artists are very good at emphasizing the eyes, by applying heavy eye liner and mascara on the top eyelid, with light glitter/frosting between the eyebrows and the upper eyelid to make the contrast even stronger. It's so distinct that when I turn on the TV in China, I can spot a Korean TV show even when there's no dialogue happening at the moment, just by looking at the actors and how they are madeup and how they are dressed. It's the same thing with Japanese TV shows--there's a very distinct way that the Japanese makeup artists apply makeup, and the way the Japanese dresses is also very different.

The Chinese is always playing catchup or trying to mimic/imitate the Japanese or the Koreans, as those two countries are perceived as a lot more advanced in entertainment industry, fashion, and society in general. But even between the Chinese countries, there are leaders and followers. China, being a developing country, looks up to Taiwan and Hong kong (developed countries--yes, I think of HK as a country) in terms of entertainment and fashion. The TV shows in China are always trying to copy the shows in Taiwan and Hong kong, and in turn, the TV shows in Taiwan and Hong Kong copy the Japanese and the Koreans. In the music industry, the same thing happens. It's been common practice for decades for the Chinese to do cover versions of Japanese or Korean songs in Chinese, but you never see the reverse happening. The Japanese and the Koreans would never copy the Chinese, as they feel they are superior when it comes to the entertainment industry and fashion. Ironically though, both the Japanese and the Koreans based their culture on the Chinese culture in the early centuries.

All of this has a strong impact on how girls look in Asia. The hippest girls in Chinese countries are typically the ones that mimic the Korean or the Japanese style in the way they dress and the way they apply makeup (and even the music they listen to). Some Chinese girls dye their hair auburn, sienna brown, or blonde, to mimic the kind of look that is very popular in Japan and Korea. If you know Hamasaki Ayumi from Japan, or the girls of Baby V.O.X. in Korea, then you know exactly what I'm talking about. The hair dyeing might seem like they are trying to westernize themselves--which is sort of correct, but not really. It's more about trying to break away from the default black hair and brown eyes look that all Asians have. Since all all Asian have the same hair and eye color, you simply don't have the kind of natural variety you'd see in caucassians where there are various shades of hair and eye colors, so to feel more unique, Asian girls resort to hair dyes and sometimes, colored contact lenses.

Currently, the Koreans have been really into the "hot and sexy" look, as perfectly demonstrated by Lee Hyori (a member of the girl group Fin.KL). She's widely voted as the hottest Korean girl on the planet, and that look of hers is now often imitated in the Chinese music industry, down to the dance moves, clothes, makeup..etc. And then there's also Hamasaki Ayumi, who's also often imitated by the Chinese.

Regrettably, I've left out many other Asian countries such as Vietnam, Thailand, India..etc, and they present even more variety. I personally find Indian women very attractive, but I find them similar to darker Caucassians like the Italians or the Spanish in terms of facial features and body shape--except with even darker skin.

Now, to balance out all these words, lets have some pictures of some of the most popular Asian celebrities at the moment:

Lin Chiling - Currently the most famous supermodel in Taiwan:

And yes, she does have a supermodel body to go with that face:

Hamasaki Ayumi - The most popular female music artist in Japan:

Hamasaki's success is partly due to her changing image, which is thrilling for her fans:

Lee Hyori - Voted the hottest Korean girl on the planet. Part of the girl group Fin.KL (and now has a successful solo career--although her singing is nothing to write home to mom about. She pretty much gets by with her looks and sexy dace moves/clothes):

Like I said, she gets by with her looks and dance moves:

Her more innocent look in the early days with Fin.kl:

Out of the three of them, Chiling is the only one I like. She's the only one that has class, had an education (She graduated from the University of Toronto with a double major in economics and Western art history.), and an un-gimmicky image.
  09 September 2005
Originally Posted by Metrini: I hear that! Seems we black females aren't portrayed at all in 3d! Must be our sterotypical big noses or lips or butts. *shrug*

I hear you, girl but you know you are loved.
I think that even here on the boards, that the african, african-american, non-white hispanic population are wholly unrepressented because the artist here are dominanted by caucasian males, and then (by a large gap) asian males. Sort of like the comic book industry.
Even the main twoo contrast being used is european and asian counterparts and this may be more due to territory expansion, and conquest and the dominating civilizations. Now with that said, I think lot of southern asian and pacific Islanders countries that never gets a voice in the asian market. These guys tend to have a wider nose and definitely golden suntanned skin that is naturally due o their location and lifestyle.

Africans who could probably attribute a third view can't truly represent because their global/economical position does not give them a foothold or large user base (you can see that they are not a lot of folks from african countires here) to debate. But if there is anyone who are from or lived among the various african countries please chime in.

The rest of the world, middle eastern, arabic, african-americans, hispanics and even Indians are all mixed racial types. Each of these groups depending on their location and history can either challenge or champion traditional "albeit stereotypical" physical/racial aesthetic.

As African-Americans, we are torn between natural and beautiful attributes from the "motherland" and the constant bombardment of the european beauty standards thru media and historical interactions. While Halle Berry is very beauty by all Americans standards, she represents a look that can only be achieve by direct miscegenation. A "more african" beauty would be better represented by looking at women such as Lauryn Hill, Tyra Banks or Naiomi Campbell. Who all have the wider nose and thicker lips. Different skin tones from the red to blue tones to their dark skin. As for butts, well I think that J-LO and Vida Guierra are allowing caucasians ,who have those features, to be loved in the public eye. Blacks, however, have always enjoyed this aspect and always showed the love.

and for the asian "youth" like appearance, a very young Tyra Banks.

I also think that african-american males love the more sexually 'aggressive" looking women like Angelina Jolie (who does have a of "aa" features) over women like Zhang. I don't understand how Jennifer Anniston or Sarah Jessica Parker (I find less attractive) usually truimphant over the european standards of beauty verus say... Laura Prepon (redhead on 70s show- a real beauty--HOT, HOT) or Charlize Theron (nuff said).
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  09 September 2005
in one point you stand corrected Lunatique: all girls are addicted to hair dye and coloured lenses . most of the girls her in europe dye their hair in pale blond. also most women arent satisfied with their haircolour whatever colour it is. most people bugged me when i died my hair black because i have coppery hair and they thought i have gone mad to dye them (well, i think so now myself *gg*)
i just read the threat and found it very interesting. my thought was: i am going to move to aisa *gg* because nobody there wants you to get sunburned (i am not getting brown, even a little, i am actually pale white). but i think aside from the symetrie of a face, all the other things are really subjective.
  09 September 2005

Originally Posted by Llynna: in one point you stand corrected Lunatique: all girls are addicted to hair dye

Certainly true in the UK.

I think every woman I know has dyed her hair a zany colour at one time or another.

My girlfriend has had brown, blonde, red, black, orange, white and blue hair since we started going out.

  09 September 2005
I like 'exoticism', that is, something far from my gene pool. I like the Asian look as much as the next guy... but, it is possible to tire of the frail ethereal waif-child look, just like one can tire of eating sufflet or Crepe Suzette all the time...
Cherokee (guess who):
Norwegian/Jamaican - Naomi:
Indian - Aishwarya Ray:
(Sorry Gong Li and Letitia Casta on her left and right, but you just don't measure up in this company )
  09 September 2005
Um, sorry to butt in like this, but Cher is Armenian.
It's all Pattern Recognition.
  09 September 2005
Heh, cool, never bothered to find that out before, just liked her.

Just found this:
Quote: Cher, who grew up with one half sister, is the daughter of a mother, Georgia, with Irish, English, German and Cherokee bloodlines, and a father, John, whose parents left Armenia

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  09 September 2005
Naiomi Campbell
Her mother is Black (Jamaican), her father is Multiracial, at least partly Chinese (according to Arena Magazine her mother said "he was of mixed race and had a touch of Chinese in him") She began her career at 15, when a Ford Models exec spotted her walking down a London Street. She spent two years on the Paris runway and hit the cover of French Vogue. She is one of the most well known models in the world.

"(Sorry Gong Li and Letitia Casta on her left and right, but you just don't measure up in this company )"

You hit it on the head, Steven.

Adriana Lima is another beauty who has "exoticism" (wonder what her hertiage is).

Try modeling that Steven: Either a Naiomi -ish or Adriana-ish female for your next digital beauty.
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  09 September 2005
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