Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Paul Gulianelli

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  10 October 2004
Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Paul Gulianelli

Paul Gulianelli has entered the Grand Space Opera 3D.

Challenge Page

Latest Update: Post Effects and Compositing: Environment Combining Test (kind of post effect)

very first test of combining environment and objects.. default max lighting.. ie no lighting at all.. :-D as you can see even textures look bad..
but i'm posting all this very rough and ugly stuff cos you can see working process and attempts to find proper solution..
in current image i used mapped (with previously posted renders of clouds) fog.. despite the very rough maps and without proper lighting effect looks quite volumetric and i think it's a right direction to develop..
thank you and cheers..

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  10 October 2004
Main Idea Concept

Hi every one and best of luck to all of you in this huge and great challenge..

Right away I have to apology for my one-eyed English and ask you not to pay too much attention to my spelling..

Honestly I don’t have any a bit finished idea what to do and I’ve decided to post what I have, so with your help I might be able to form it out..

All I’ve got yet is:
  • all the action happens in outer space around planet Naroony in the Aon Beta solar system.. no close views of buildings/creatures or so.. though there must be close views of space ships/stations..
  • there is an impact in the first, intruding into each other, edge regions of colliding galaxies..
  • one side is technologically highly developed and widely spread in galaxy exactly human-like civilization inhabiting a terran type planets..(working name – “Humanoids”)
  • another side is earlier unknown particle-like form of life of unknown morphology inhabiting asteroids and asteroids belts.. (working name – “Particloids”) (obviously probs with imagination)
Known facts and experience:
  • the first and the only contact between Humanoids and Particloids took place few years before and was marked with total devastation of Humanoids’ planet Harpu in the Aon Alpha solar system by few unexpected and very powerful strikes coming form the Particloids’ large asteroid..
  • Particloids form luminescent (color depends on further development and main composition), large and patterned colonies over entire surface they inhabit..
  • its unknown if they have or not intellect.. more likely they act instinctively or coded obtaining and expanding environment for existence because it was noticed that they are inclined to destroy anything unlike asteroids or moon-like objects trying to convert it into the suitable form for their expansion..
  • it looks like they exist and totally depend on Solar energy.. they are able to accumulate and transform Solar radiation and use it as defensive shield as well as striking force by concentrating and directing huge streams of energy..
  • Humanoids were absolutely not prepared for such attack and were unable to oppose any proper either defensive or counterattacking technology.. since the first attack they’ve been preparing for the next impact going to occur between Particloids and planet Naroony when their orbits will cross each other..
That’s all for now.. any crits, comments, advices and suggestions are more then welcome.. meanwhile I’ll start posting first sketches and test compositions.. though I doubt about composition because it totally depends on the final idea so I think it would be better to start making composition after the main idea is formed.. well, we'll see.. I don’t know exactly..

Once again the best of luck to all of you in this coolest challenge and cheers..

  11 November 2004
Thumbs up

Wow great updates man. Those shader tests look good so far. I can't wait to see more of what you have in store.
  11 November 2004
heh.. while i was writing my huge replay i missed THREE posts.. heh.. sorry my friends.. well..

@ ||) |V| |^|:
Quote: Wow great updates man. Those shader tests look good so far. I can't wait to see more of what you have in store.
Thank you Richard for your permanemt support and encouragement!!! it's very important and you know it.. thank you very much my friend!!!

@ oblivionblack:
Quote: really good shaders!! that mushroom like one is very very cool!! the power of procedurals !
I also like the other tests..I dont know why but I prefer the cracked look (test #3) instead of the smooth one but it's hard to say until we see it on the model! and oh..great modeling too!! keep rocking man!
thanks a lot Giorgio for your comment!!! i'm very glad you like the shaders! yeah.. procedurals are very powerful though they have their own disadvantages like aliasing and they simply eat CPU.. and your absolutely right it's hard to say something concrete about shaders untill look at them on the model.. thanks again!!

@ DimitrisLiatsos:
Quote: I can only agree ...those shaders really look great... ...keep going man!
thank you very much Dimitris!! it's allways pleasant to hear a compliments all the more from such excellent artist and simply outstanding designer as you are.. a lot of thanks again..
btw i'd like to tell you it once again that your 'Bridge Tower System' is pure and outstanding piece of art!!! perfect forms and lines! congrats with great work Dimitris!

################################################## #########

well.. a lot of thanks to all of you for your great support and encouragement!!
i am very grateful and appriciate it a lot.. separate thanks for your time and interest in my work!!!
all the best and cheers..

Last edited by greentek : 11 November 2004 at 06:27 AM.
  11 November 2004
my pleasure to watch you work! This site rules. So many talented nice people under one .com hehe
  11 November 2004
Wow. You may be the man to beat at this point. This is top notch.
  12 December 2004
heey some really nice ships here!... great design dude... everything seems to be going just right... keep turning that minds wheel of urs...

btw isn't that Bushington in ur aveter?....
  12 December 2004
Originally Posted by greentek: Latest Update: Modeling: 'SkyDemon' Aerospace Interceptor #4a bit more beauty.. :-))

A real beauty Paul! I especially appreciate the front profile.

  12 December 2004
@ rattlesnake: thank you very much Jorge! i know your great work for machineflesh challenge and i'm keeping an eye on your thread.. your archer guy is really great mate! character modeling and texturing is always very hard and complex.. and i unfortunately can't make any constructive crit or comment on the current stage so i'm looking forward untill i can make some worthy input..
thank you very much again my friend!

@ overcontrast: thank you very much Zubuyer!
Quote: btw isn't that Bushington in ur aveter?....

yeah.. you're right.. hi is exactly..
thanks again my friend and keep your great stuff up! btw your last 'Blood Sucker' ship is looking really great!

@ Daniel McMillan: thank you very much Daniel! i'm very glad you like it! btw i've checked your website.. some very cool stuff you have there my friend! this animation of the ship with lights is simply outstanding! your current work is great as well.. would be great to learn some great tips and tricks from you..
thanks again and keep your great stuff up!

################################################## ##

well.. thank you very much guys for your comments and support! i'm very grateful.. you help a lot.. now i was making some changes on the model and honestly i'm not satisfied but i feel much better after reading your replys and decided to leave it as it was before..
thanks again and cheers..
  12 December 2004
Originally Posted by greentek: Paul Gulianelli has entered the Grand Space Opera 3D.
Latest Update: Modeling: 'SkyDemon' Modeling - Finished

I like the design of this ship Greentek! Very sleek and fast looking.

  12 December 2004
Originally Posted by Daniel McMillan: I like the design of this ship Greentek! Very sleek and fast looking.


thank you very much Daniel..! i'm very glad you like it..!
thanks again and cheers..
  12 December 2004
yo man wassup... ur composition test looks great... keep up the good work man.. i'll b back for updates...
  12 December 2004


Wherever you are I wish you a very happy season! and a happy new year!
Life is Short...RENDER more!
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  12 December 2004
Merry Xmas from me too....
"I am on a Horse."
REEL (in
  12 December 2004
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays
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