How to start learning to draw the right way?

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  09 September 2014
How to start learning to draw the right way?

I feel like it's time to better introduce myself (I do apologize for the username I was 16 at the time) I've stalked the boards since I was 15 and created this account when I was 16 after deciding I should learn to draw before I go back to doing anything in Blender (I'm interested in comic books and Digital painting, and 3D animation, I do know to learn realism first) anyways since I've started to draw (Around last summer) I've run into a lot of snags and I believe I should ask the professionals what to do. I first started withDrawing From the Right side of the brain then moved onto Andrew Loomis's Figure drawing and drawing the head and hands but found them slightly difficult and now I'm looking at the Jack Hamm book. Before I screw up some more I wish to know what and how I should start doing things, People say drawing from real life but that option might not be viable. My main source will be from various anatomy sites and books. I wish to learn everything required so I can at least produce some things of quality and not poor scribbles.I apologize for my many thread posts and I hope this is the last.

To simply put it, I wish to know WHAT and HOW I should start learning. I am aware of the work shops but I've yet to obtain a tablet since I can't afford any of them quite yet. I don't want to end up like the various poor artists I see online that deny to accept the fact they are poor artists.

P.S What are some good colleges to look into?

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  09 September 2014
I'm not an accomplished artist other than working commercial 3d .But I want to share my thoughts if that's ok.

I think some people are born with natural talent and deep interest to draw without assistance ,and others require teachers and art classes.

I'm better at 3d modeling than I am drawing.I can learn 3d by myself but I can't learn to draw by myself,I just don't have the desire or hand eye coordination,excellent penmanship that others have.So the first day I took classical atelier painting classes(less than a thousand bucks); my teacher showed me what I was doing wrong and corrected my arm.She showed me how to draw smooth lines and so forth, All I did was what she told me to do,i attended anatomy work shops recently and left super inspired.I've made drastic improvement and have become 10x more nit picky .

When I practice a book now, I make sure that A:I have the same exact tools the artist is using.

B: I practice the same exercise multiple times until it's perfect.

C: I use the techniques I just learn on new drawings with similar subjects .Kind of like a final exam in school.

Lastly,I give myself a fun project that can benefit ($) me down the road,like a portfolio drawing or a graphic novel I can sell online.

One final thought:I think it's important to have a goal first,like making a comicbook portfolio to land a job in DC or Marvel. Or make a 3d animation showreel for 3d companies to hire me.Or make my own independent product for sale online.

Then it's doing what ever you got to do to get the job done!!tooth and nail...Rather it's self taught or a teacher..Just get the JOB DONE!!
  09 September 2014
Thumbs up Thanks for the reply.

Same here with 3D, I learned by myself and from some tutorials online, Special effects and all that. With drawing I have the urge to learn it but when I sit down I just tend to mess up here and there, however on some days I can get things done, for instance in Drawing fromt he right side of the brain there was a lesson that involved light and shadows the book wanted you to copy a self-portrait of Gustave Courbet, I managed to do it with out turning the image upside down or a lot of looking back and forth, although months later as I try to work on these other books I get frustrated at myself and take a break. I do believe I should probably participate in a class or one of these workshops. Thanks for the great reply.
  09 September 2014
Regarding life drawing and whether it's actually beneficial or harmful to beginners, read what I wrote here:

You should also read all the sticky threads at the top of the Art T&T forum, because I wrote a lot on the topic of effective learning and practicing for the most efficient path in artistic development.

If you don't have a drawing tablet yet, then whatever you do, don't try to draw and paint with a mouse, because it's really a useless skill to have that won't help you down the line. Instead, practice drawing on paper until you can afford a basic entry model from Wacom or equivalent products. Even the smallest sized and cheapest model is far better than using a mouse.
  09 September 2014
Smile Thanks for the reply.

Thanks for the reply, I do know about how useless drawing with a mouse is in fact, I've been mainly doing paper. I have been reading through the stickies. I am aiming on getting the rest of those books, but what books do you HIGHLY recommend? I have all of the Andrew Loomis books (Although i do find them somewhat difficult could be I'm just being stupid there though) And I'm currently working on Jack Hamm's Drawing the heads and figure. I'm gonna work a bit harder though and I do plan on buying a tablet this year (There's one for 80 bucks at bestbuy). I do plan on going to college for all of this do you have any recommendations?
  09 September 2014
The Loomis books have stood the test of time and are some of the most popular and often-cited books for art education. The Jack Hamm book is also a classic (it's what I learned with in my early artistic development). I also listed other books in the recommendations thread, but some are more advanced or cover a different range of foundations than what you're focusing on right now (basic drawing).

What exactly are you having problems with when you work with the books? Post examples so we can troubleshoot what you're doing wrong and help you improve.
  09 September 2014
Thanks for the reply.

Well I believed it to be lacking some information like those "draw this line, now draw the whole thing" but after looking through it again I recently learned I was completely misunderstanding it and not paying close attention. A foolish mistake I realized after my last post.
  09 September 2014

Well after looking thorugh it again I realized what I did wrong, in page 16, plate 1. I misunderstood and thought I was supposed to draw the heads they showed. But they (At least I hope they were) just there to show you what's what.

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  09 September 2014
I use to draw in my spare time, the results were pretty good, I haven't done it in a long time, wrapped up with other avenues of this field. I always had problems with hands, drawing is simple, that is what is nice, there is no worry about syntax code, or your placement of edges, you simple draw then erase any mistakes, regardless if it's using a pencil, or drawing on your computer. Anyone can learn to draw, some people have the notion for it, my aunt for example, I don't know if she does it anymore, could draw animals really well, life happens and it falls away.

I wish the OP the best of luck, frustrations will happen, people will discourage, you will have good days and bad days, hopefully all works out for you, and for that matter anyone interested in the subject, I'll include myself too
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