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The Economist: Which degrees give the best financial returns?

THE economies of the rich world increasingly depend upon skilled*workers, and college degrees are in high demand. In 1972 a university-educated man aged 25-34 could expect to earn 22% more than a peer*without a degree, according to the Urban Institute, a think-tank.*Today that premium has risen to 70%. But if university pays, its*benefits are not spread evenly across all graduates. A new report*from PayScale, a research firm,*calculates the returns to higher education in American universities. Its authors compare the*career earnings of college graduates with the present-day cost of a*degree at their alma maters, after taking account of financial aid.
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Anders Lindström
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If I were to give kids advice what to study to have the maximum career opportunities, I would without hesitation say: "Study as much math, statistics and computer science as possible".

But this advice also show the major problem that we are facing. Not everyone want to, or have the genetic disposition to excel in math, statistics or programming. They will then go for less abstract jobs, but the problem is that there is so much money invested now in automating and reducing those less abstract jobs, so the net job creation - job destruction is definitely negative. So, what will those people end up doing then, they will try to find a manual labour/service job which is hard to automate i.e an office cleaner, carpenter etc etc. But eventually "skynet" will take their jobs too. So, maybe the best advice is to tell the kids to be a free and creative human that do oil paintings and write poetry, cause that is where we all will end up one day anyway...

PS. Its nothing negative being without a "job", it should be celebrated that we have come so far that we are so efficient that we don´t anymore have to destroy our bodies and minds doing repetitive, back breaking and mind numbing shit jobs to survive. But then you say, who will pay? Well, money and value is just an illusion. As much as we value fashion cloths today, we can value poetry tomorrow. Same with money. Money doesn't have any value in it self, it has a value because you think it has. But this is a subject for another discussion.

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I am not sure if this is taught in college, but programming Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC's) and Human Machine Interface (HMI) will be in demand. PLC's and HMI I program used in automation of water and wastewater plants for the city I work for. I program with Rockwell Automation's Studio 5000 for PLC's and Factory Talk for the HMI. As more segments of the economy move toward automation these skills will be needed. depending on where you live and segment you go into you can make a decent wage.

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In my region if your sights are set on a career in medicine, then I guess in terms of remuneration alone, it would be highly beneficial to give some serious thought on the feasibility of attaining the necessary qualifications to become a Surgeon.

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What about some form of agriculture degree??? Pretty sure that we humans can't do without food.
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Kevin Baker
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Originally Posted by DreReid
What about some form of agriculture degree??? Pretty sure that we humans can't do without food.

They can't, but the number of people required to grow that food has been shrinking for most of human history.
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