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  09 September 2013
Kees, I think this looks great and can't wait to get my hands on it (when AD updates full Maya with it which really ought to be (grr) before next Spring/Maya 2015 ...).

If you have access to Unity or UDK for example, it would be cool to see how one goes from shaders-develop-and-preview in Maya to seeing it in-game. Maybe Steven Roselle will talk about that a little in his blog videos.
  09 September 2013
Originally Posted by kees: ShaderFX shader render only in the viewport.

Then can it be used for game shaders? DirectX HLSL? Please tell me it can be baked out at least like the Substance stuff.
I mean no disrespect and love your work (3dsmax days), but if I can't render it in Mental Ray or other renderers, then it won't be used at all. Why would anyone want to set up a bunch of shaders for the viewport, and then have to re do it all later for final output? I mean this in the nicest way possible.

Sorry, and thanks too, because these new additions are really bad ass... gotta have a hook to the standard renderer and others.
  09 September 2013
Originally Posted by refract: Then can it be used for game shaders? DirectX HLSL?

You can export the shaders to DX9, DX11, OpenGL 1.2, OpenGL 4 and CGFX.

If you are a software rendering person, then it is not that useful for you at this time.
It is meant for game developers (at this time).
  09 September 2013
Working with lights in ShaderFX shaders:

  10 October 2013
I was able to mess around with the shaderFX today and followed along with your old tutorial on how to make caustics (in 3DS Max) and ended up with this.

Fully animat-able, scalable and all objects in the scene receive the exact same caustics. The only thing I can't seem to get is to generate the Vector from a light source. Right now what I am doing is using a "VertexWorldPos" and then altering that vector by rotating it. Do you have a process for projecting from a camera, light or object?

Overall this tool is pretty sweet, is there any official documentation on it yet?
  10 October 2013
Once you got the camera or light working, be sure to share the graph!
(I would gladly share it on if you are interested)

Maya LT docs:

Basic docs though, just general workflows.

I am not sure I understand the problem with projecting from a light or camera.
Why not use the LightVector or CameraVector nodes?
What is missing you are looking for?
  10 October 2013

Originally Posted by kees:
Maya LT docs:

Basic docs though, just general workflows.

i wonder where the detail shaderfx docs are?
  10 October 2013
Here is my graph and two textures being used.

There are a few settings which you may have to tweak. Of course there is a UV_panner and UV_rotator for both caustics maps. There is also a UV_value in there which scales up or down the size of your map. Then past all that there is a Brightness and Gamma color. Tweaking these two values gives you various types of caustics. By bringing the gamma color down you are making the light only appear when there is overlap of the two caustic maps. This brings down the overall brightness so you will have to bump up the brightness value as well

Download RN_caustics.sfx
  11 November 2013
@kees I think many people will appreciate a demo on how to port ShaderFX shaders into Unity3D. Or perhaps Unity support is coming in the next extension, no?

  11 November 2013

Thanks for the shader graph!
I completely missed your post :(

As for Unity, the process right now requires you to copy/paste the shader code from shaderfx into a Unity ShaderLabel shader and do a bunch of manual editing.

It is not a workflow I would like to promote.

Hopefully we can come up with a better, more automated workflow in the future.
  12 December 2013
extension 2 was just released for MayaLT and they have now allow MEL scripting.. so this is making me a bit frustrated as I could use ShaderFX in Maya 2014..

perhaps others could vote up here :

I see no reason at all why this couldn't be added as an extension pack...
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  03 March 2014
ShaderFx in Maya LT

Hi Kees,

shader fx is not displaying a texture map in my viewport? It is only showing a flat red surface shader look.

I even tried changing my graphic card and did all the possible options.
Please Help
  06 June 2014
Hi kees

i don't understand well i can i apply multiple normal maps in exemple wrinkle SFX

the shader can allow only 2 Nmaps ib this case

but if i have more tham 2 ?

for exemple if i have a face base Normal map, and then i want to modify some different wrinkle
(like Left and Right mouth wrinkle or Left and Right Brown wrinkle )

How can i mix it togheter ?
there is a sort of tutorial for that ?

Thanks in advice
  09 September 2014
do you have any example with reflection driven by reflection and refraction ?
There is no much docs about and I feel that what I have plugged does not give me what I am expecting.
(eg. The fresnel is returning me a very contrasted facing ratio ).
  09 September 2014
Follow me, the ShaderFX editor looks very much like the node editor.
I don't know if you can discuss this or not, but is there a reason why they aren't consolidated into one?
It would make sense to me, to have as few "editors" as possible.
But it looks really good!

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