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Arrow UPDATED January 8, 2008 - Useful ZBrush 3 Links - NEW

I thought it might be helpful to have a single thread pointing to all the most useful information for ZBrush 3.x. Enjoy!

  • Official Reseller List - Many people have reported being scammed by various "pirate storefronts". If you would like to purchase ZBrush through a reseller, or take advantage of academic pricing, you can shop with confidence through any of the companies on this page.
Popular Downloads
  • ZBrush 3 Trial Version (30 days, full-featured)
  • Upgrade Page - This is for any PC user of an earlier version of ZBrush who still needs to take advantage of the free upgrade to ZBrush 3.
  • ZAppLink 3 - This version of ZAppLink requires ZBrush 3.1. No earlier versions of ZAppLink will work with ZBrush 3. If you have are still running ZBrush 3.0 you should update to ZBrush 3.1! You can do this by clicking the grey "Download the 3.1 update" button on the right side of the page. (ZBrush 3.0 is no longer supported by Pixologic. It is highly recommended that all 3.0 users update to 3.1 for free.)
  • TransPose Master - A very powerful utility for posing models with multiple SubTools.
  • User-Created ZBrush Plugins and Utilities
Learning Resources
  • ZClassroom - Video tutorials beginning with extreme ZBrush basics and building to more advanced topics.
  • Online Documentation - The ZBrush Wiki is continuously being updated with new information and tutorials.
  • Downloadable Documentation - This is a PDF version of the Wiki that's been made available for download. It was most recently updated on 11/15/2007.
  • F.A.Q. - A compilation of the most commonly asked questions about using ZBrush.
  • ZBrushCentral Tutorials Forum - This forum ONLY contains completed ZBrush tutorials by various users.
  • ZBrushCentral Search Page - Just about every possible question about ZBrush has been asked and answered many times. This page will help you locate any information very quickly. Please note that search words must be five or more characters in length. Multiple search terms may be used, such as "modeling +hairs" to locate all posts that contain both "modeling" and "hairs".
  • ZBrushCentral Questions & Troubleshooting Forum - When you can't find a ZBrush answer via any of the above resources, this is the perfect place to ask your question.
Other Helpful Links
Inspirational Links
  • ZBrushCentral Featured Gallery - Many of the very best threads ever posted at ZBrushCentral.
  • ZBrush 3 Beta Gallery - Threads and artwork created by testers during ZBrush 3's beta phase.
  • Scared Silly - ZBrushCentral's first major contest. The first three threads are making-of articles by the winners.
  • ZBrush Movies - Various movies created in ZBrush 3, usually to highlight the use of a particular feature.
Recent Interviews

Foreign Language Portals

If you know of any other links that you'd like to see included in this list, please feel free to send me an email at I'll be updating this list regularly as my work load allows.

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Old 01-20-2008, 09:32 PM   #2
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Aslan Tamjidi
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Thumbs up

thanks a lot, useful links
Old 02-15-2008, 04:21 AM   #3
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not have chinese help doc....
Old 02-25-2008, 09:05 AM   #4
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glad to see you helping ppl here as well aurick
There is no failure, except in no longer trying.
Old 05-26-2008, 04:34 PM   #5
Keith Young
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Keith Young
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A few links for Maxon Cinema 4D users...

ZBrush to Cinema 4D - I believe this to be a Wiki version of the C4D Zpipeline Guide found here.

...note that the guide listed above has some dated and/or confusing info in it relative to Riptide (.obj file plugin) export settings. As the author of Riptide, I have written an addendum/guide to specifically address that portion of the process which can be found at the link below...

Cinema4D - Riptide - ZBrush Import/Export Guide currently only addresses one direction (from C4D -> ZBrush), which is the preferred method when just creating displacement maps for use in C4D. At some point, I'll update the guide to discuss the other direction, but much of that can be inferred from the existing guide.

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Old 07-31-2008, 09:51 AM   #6
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There's a large collection of tutorial videos on youtube as well be sure to look them up they range from newbie tuts to time lapsed modeling projects.
Old 12-04-2008, 11:38 PM   #7
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Its not a free resource but Escape has just launched a ZBrush online course but you get access to ZBrush tutors so its a bit more than just a DVD resource...
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Smile New Zbrush Tutorial Index

Hi All,

please visit All CG Tutorials its has index to some of really cool tutorials across the net.

For Zbrush Tutorials, Follow the Link

Thousands of free to use CG related Tutorials at one place

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