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  07 July 2007
Go show ur proof at the matte painting thread. They use lots of photos...
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  07 July 2007
I always admired her artwork, but I never knew that she used photo references that much. That doesn't change my admiration for her art, but it does make me feel a whole lot better!

I think a lot of beginner artists can be a bit too intimidated by these "art gods" who can pull such masterpieces seemingly out of their minds. And we get wound up in trying to only draw/paint from our minds instead of trying to make a beautiful piece by using references, models, etc..
I'm sure there are a few who can draw/paint nearly 100% from their minds, but that doesn't mean we should "have" to do that as artists.

So here's proof that even the best artists around here use photo references quite a lot. I do wish she would have mentioned that though when the art was posted though, I never would have known.

Nevertheless, Linda, your artwork is beautiful, it's truly inspiring and I hope to see something new from you soon!

  07 July 2007
I never knew she use photos but I still love her art. I do feel kinda slaped in the face thoe I have tryed many of times to follow her tutorials with very dissatisfied resaults. I usually just figered I don't have the skill she has and that I should try harder and practice more. I don't know how I could ever get my paintings to look as good when there are photos being used and I didn't know that. I don't think its bad to use photos I just thought she painted everything her self. I don't how thoe one would expect to get the same or similar look in her tutorials if we aren't told there are photos being use or how to use them.
  07 July 2007
I'm sorry but I didn't realize Linda using photo reference makes her a liar seeing as how we all do it. Does she have to specifically show you all the references she used in an image, of course not. For those of you who sound so disappointed at this "discovery" try her techniques with your own reference. Its not like it becomes paint-by-numbers just because of that, you still need skill developed from practice.

And George I don't get why you sound like Mr. Super Detective Guy who has found something that will ROCK the digital art world. Linda has posted her photo references many times in the past. To me it is helpful to see where an idea comes from. Find something better to do, like art.
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  07 July 2007
rather thna starting a new thread and as this is still recently active i would just like to ask what has actually happenened to linda? she seems to have disapeared and no new artwork is on her site... anyone?
  07 July 2007
Originally Posted by greekgodgeo: Hmm... I'd take this tutorial with a grain of salt. It is informative, but Linda Bergkvist is blending a photo in this piece: I brightened up my monitor and I can clearly see the photo she's blending. I brightened up one of her steps so you can clearly see it:

It looks like she is in fact a liar; She should mention she uses photos in her works, especially in a tutorial. Does the CG Society know what she's doing? This should be mentioned in her tutorial.

btw slick . . . I do not belive that linda is blending a photo iun this piece... does it look like she has cut and paste this in due to the hard cut corners you have pointed out? . . .yes it does... but there is a much more obvious explanation for this. As she has stated time and again, linda often cuts a bit of her painting from the whole canvas and pastes that into a new document, blowing it up for detailing and then once done, pastes the detailed part of the image back into the main canvas
This is all this looks like to me.. i often do the same thing and paste it back into the main canvas .... so i can not see where you are coming from as many times linda has shown form start to fin how she makes the image.
As to your previous rants on showing images she has painted over.. i think they are merely refrenced.... and there are not many artists that do not reference... is there any law that states it must all be from your head?.. surely without life drawing and copying we would never learn

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  07 July 2007
well like many of you I didn't know she used photographs that heavily....but her work is still great...so it doesn't bother me tooMuch....it would of been nice tho that she mentioned using a photo in the tutorial as it was easy to assume that none was used...not saying that it would automatically make my works better if it was mentioned....but it would be nice know......I'm new to the artWorld and only recently ( taking 3D CG seriously ) started learning myWay around it....but it seems to me to get realWorld results, you have to look at the realWorld....veryFew of us can pull something str8 out of ourMind that looks great right out of the gate....but the one with the ship does look exact tho ....so.....

anyWays, in George's defense....you can't expect him to find all the prove...I mean the one's he did find are pretty compelling....for him, it would be almost impossible to find every single photoRef she used, using just the internet.....but again, I still enjoy and will continue to enjoy herWork....only now it wouldn't seem so out of reach.......after all, for me it's about the idea/imagination and not only about the drawing itself....

Originally Posted by W-I-L: rather thna starting a new thread and as this is still recently active i would just like to ask what has actually happenened to linda? she seems to have disapeared and no new artwork is on her site... anyone?

on herSite it mentions that she's been ill......

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  07 July 2007
i fail to see the differance between straight up painting over photos, drawing from real life, or tracing photo referance.

The end result is what matters, not the steps taken.

In the professional world, painting over photos is completely necessary merely to meet deadlines or to reach a certain standard of quality. I know some concept artists that will download images of random object, and do complete paintovers to make it into an entirely different object. The entire industry depends on this.

Also, do a comparison of Art, before and after the invention of the camera to see how photo referance quickly became influential to artists.

It really is ridiculous that art nazis try to attack people like this, as if there was some ethical law when in fact the entire industry is doing it everyday.
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