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  01 January 2006
My aesthetic sense was very influeced by Blade Runner and Full Metal Jacket, also a little from Star Wars ep. IV.
I think that my inspiration comes from the feelings, the mood and the atmosphere in that movies.

But, looking at other people inspiration, I think that lately more and more people is starting to inspire from the same sources, and that critically affects the works seen lately in CGTalk.
  01 January 2006
Ohhh...there are loads of great movies out there...I really enjoy foriegn movies, and these have been the most inspiring for me:
-Fantastic Planet
-City of Lost Children
-Amelie (for the music! Yay for Yann Tiersen!)
-Howl's Moving Castle
-Tezuka's Metropolis
I don't really consider Howl's Moving Castle to be that great of a movie story-wise, you need to read the book to get the full experience. But visually it has to be one of the most mind blowing movies I've ever seen. Miyazaki never ceases to please...
  01 January 2006
Yeah, I watched howl's moving castle and I couldn't get it at all. Eventually I just sat back and enjoyed the art and it was really good that way

It may have been poor subtitling though.
  01 January 2006
Do Ankhen Barah Haath(India: Hindi title)---

Lagaan(India: Hindi title) (short title)
Land Tax (International: English title)---

Rang De Basanti---A thought-provoking, soul-stirring wake up call to the youth of India. An engrossing entertainer from a genre that’s still young in Indian cinema.

Fifth Element, Matrix Trilogy, LOTR...and many more which are not only great inspiration for art but also have to say a lot about great values in life.
  01 January 2006
Some oldie but goodies

-Hunt for the Red October
-The Exorcist
-Rosemary's Baby
-Blade Runner

Ill name more soon.

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  01 January 2006
Most of the Coen brothers movies. The writing is incredible!

Every line from "The Big Lebowski" is quotable.
"Barton Fink" is a dark masterpiece.
"Raising Arizona" is one of the most intelligent comedies of all time.
"O'Brother" is possibly my favorite movie of all time.
"The man who wasn't there" is a film Noir work of genius.

For some reason "Hudsucker Proxie" didn't work for me.
Glenn Dean
  01 January 2006
Fantastic Planet!

  01 January 2006
There is so much wondeful influence out there, so many movies.
I'd almost have to break down by era and genre.
Thinking back to Westerns, Leone is a sinch with the Eastwood films.
Same with Peckinpah, specifically with the Wild Bunch, and Pat Garret and Billy the Kid.
From Italy, I'd say the Franco Nero movies, specifically Django.
We did a good job with our Sphagetti Westerns, but we took them from Italy, and
they really had a style and passion we were entirely able to completely replicate.
There are so many Italian Westerns filled with amazing imagery, but the Django
Westerns are up there for me.
With fantasty films, I remember growing up and seeing Boorman's Excalibur, I have to see it nowadays to see if it still inspires me like it did back than.
And when i was a kid, oh man, Krull was it, that spinning blade was the coolest.
There were so many Sword and Sorcery movies back in the 80's that I just absolutely loved.
Ridley Scott really took charge of the whole sci fi fantasy genre in the 80's.
Even with Tom Cruise, Legend is still one of my faves. And Blade Runner too.
I also find Terry Gilliam to be an amazing director. Thinking back to the late 70's early 80's I distinctly remember Alien, Time Bandits, and Brazil. And in the 90's 12 Monkeys, and in the 70's Jabberwocky. In between were some other "cult faves" like Baron Munchasen and the Monty Python films. James Cameron, Terminator and Aliens.
Paul Verhoven, even if he's lost his touch now. Robocop was amazing for me.
I really enjoy Tony Scott's work, he went from blockbusters like Top Gun and Beverly
Hills Cop 2, to mroe stylized fare such as Man on Fire and Domino, which feature a new directorial style. It's not for everyone, but I like how he's just doing something different.
With horror, oh my goodness, there is just so much. I am huge Giallo nut. Dario Argento, Mario Bava, Luigi Fulci, all the great masters of horror from Europe. I also love the
old Hammer stuff. In America, there's just a ton of directors and creators whom I enjoy.
Tobe Hooper, Wes Craven, Sean Cunningham, John Carpenter, Don Coscarelli, Sam Raimi just to name a few. Maybe the slashers became derivative, but Cunningham's first outing with Friday the 13th was an original, as was the first Nightmare on Elm Street, and I also enjoyed many other Craven films like Serpent and the Rainbow. John Carpenter, what an amazing director, with his own unique soundtracks even. Halloween is the easy one to say, and Escape from NY, but there really weren't many Carpenter films I disliked, until the later years. Coscarelli's Phantasm was an amazing original, and I used to love those Beastmaster films when I was a kid(Yes I know, cheesy cheesy) The rest of my choices are pretty obvious.
I really enjoyed Donnie Darko, and I'm interested in Richard Kelley's next project Southland tales. And I'm also eager to see Lucky Mckee's next film, May was a bit
distrubing, but also fantastic.
Right now, I'm turning towards France and Japan, they are kicking our ass cinematically.
Christophe Gans, Le Pacte De Loups (Brotherhood of the Wolf). Haute Tension/Switchblade Romance . And Luc Besson is the man. I wish they could bring Banlieue 13 to the states, just saw that recently too. But I like so many of the films he has directed and written.
I just saw Empire of the Wolf, great movie, there is such passion and style and originality in the films coming out of France that we simply lack. And the same goes for some of the movies coming out of Japan. I recently imported a film called Casshern, oh man, it's AMAZING, shot by a commercial director from Japan, using tons of CG, and it so wonderfully uses CG with live action, it's a great movie to watch.
Oh man, there are so many films that have created so much influence for me, so many films that I remember, scene by scene even! I guess this is a start.
  02 February 2006
Amelie was a great movie that inspired me to have more unique and interesting elements in stories/art. Plus the uber cool usage of red and green (and the occassional blue) colours in their scenes.

Hmm, other movies such as Underworld, Pirates of the Caribbean inspires me in the fashion and location area. They made me want to experiment more with different era costumes and places.

All sorts of movies that I've watched have inspired me in many different ways. The themed music will give me a sort of feeling to draw something in particular, and to affect the background and colours the drawing is to be in.
  02 February 2006
Originally Posted by PBlades: I thought 'The thin red line' was an especially beautiful film, inspiring cinematography and the connection between man and nature was really interesting... definately a piece of art in my opinion.

I highly recommend to you Malick's latest work, "The New World." It's sheer beauty and detachment from conventional film making blew me away.
  02 February 2006
The "Doom" movie inspired me to dream up a remake of that film that is of conceptually higher quality... Like maybe it'll actually involve opening the gates of Hell! Or maybe it'll have a cast that can act.

The film also inspired me to never see a movie with The Rock again.

(As a fan of the computer games, I own the movie more out of obligation than enjoyment.)

  01 January 2007
Here's some you propably wanna check out:

-Excalibur (Great mystic atmosphere. Kinda feels more like an opera than a movie)
-The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou (Weird movie. Someone smarter should tell whether it's brilliant or total rubbish)
-Saving Private Ryan (Technically stunning piece. Pretty much redefined the whole visual style of WWII genre, especially in games)
-Being John Malkovich (Very unique and wacky)
-Lawrence of Arabia (Great scenery!)
-The Prisoner tv-series
-Carnivale tv-series
  02 February 2007
Excelent thread first of all.
Mine would be:
Regarding aestethics:
-Absolutely EVERYTHING by Ken Russell
-Anything By Gilliam: Specially, Brazil and Tideland
-Old Sci-fi: The day the Earth Stood Still, The Thing From Another world
(and Carpenter´s Remake of course), The Blob (OMG is that Steve McQueen??), Invasion of the body snatchers.
-Tetsuo (iron man)
-A Clockwork Orange
and 2001: A Space Oddisey
-La cité des enfants perdues
& Delicatessen
-Greenaway and LOTS of Greenaway: The cook, the thief, his wife and her lover; The belly of the architect, Prospero´s Books
(just amazing), M is for Man, Music, Mozart (absolutely gorgeous)... Well Just Greenaway, he never ceases to amaze me.
-Italian Neorealism (just plain realistic depictions of life)
-American 70s and early 80s Slasher films
-Almost anything featuring Vincent Price And Karloff
-George A. Romero´s films
-Sin city
-De Palma´s Phantom of the Paradise
-Labyrinth, The Dark Crystal
I´m loving what i´ve seen so far about Grindhouse (Tarantino, Rodriguez) Although i don´t particularly like Tarantino that much.
-Jan Svankmajer

-Gilliam, Russell and Greenaway again.
-Truffaut, specially Les Quatrecents Coups
-Back to Russell: The Demons, this one was heavily censored and WB aparently wants to cast it into Oblivion, but watching it in it´s full, uncut splendor is just breath taking. This movie is a MUST, although i understand that Russell can be hard to watch for many people, not because of his movies being intellectualy chalenging (sometimes they can be at some degree) but for the use of constant metaphors, oppresing atmospheres, and what might be considered by some excesive nudity. I´m not judging Russell nor the people who hate him, don´t get me worng.
-L´anne derniere á Marienbad
-Fata Morgana
-Dans Ma Peau
(it´s becoming a critical piece in my personal favorites)
-La Pianiste
-La Strada, 8 e mezzo, Amarcord....
Let´s just say Fellini.
-La grande bouffe
-Visconti, Rissi...
-Whatever Happened to Baby Jane
-Dario Argento

Guilty Pleasures:
Low budget, Extremely bloody and gory B-Movies, exploitation Movies, RUSS MEYER (yeah, i know), John Waters´ Pink Flamingos (delightfull), Old Horror Movies, anything by Ed Wood....

I could go on and on forever, so i´m just gonna end it here.
  02 February 2007
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