Looking for 3D Artists/Animators for 3D RPG (Online Development)

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  02 February 2017
Looking for 3D Artists/Animators for 3D RPG (Online Development)


I apologize in advance, I know it's A LOT, but bare with me You can skip to important parts if needed.

Hello, my name is Jack. I represent SymmetryGames as the lead 3D artist and Director of Prevail, our latest game concept. The essential reason I am posting this thread is because our team has unfortunately hit some turbulence lately and seems to be lacking focused direction. This is not due to a lack of management, nor to individual skills, but rather, due to lack of versatile talent. We are looking to start fresh with new, innovative artists who are more interested in working hard to push the boundaries of modern game development. To recap, we began pre-production around 3-4 months ago. Since then, we have completed most of the GDD and have a good outline of the game's story. The real problem comes with the Kickstarter video. We would like to create a cinematic animated teaser. However, we feel some members may lack the required specifics for certain jobs. Since this is the first game we will officially create as a studio, we do not have the luxury of being an established team. It should be noted that there are currently 4-5 members who are very experienced and suit our project. We are looking to replace some members with individuals whose skills align with our needs. I will detail below more info with the jobs we wish to fill.

Basic Story/Details:

Prevail, as I stated before, is the game we are currently working on. I especially am a huge fan of 3D RPG games. We decided to create Prevail based around such games as DarkSouls and Skyrim. Prevail is set in a specialized medieval/dark age fantasy open-world. When we say RPG, we intend to include the full package. This means our game will include: Magic, Monsters, Medieval Fighting, Fantasy Weapons, Creatures, Adventures/Quests, Castles, Dragons, and more. We intend to create graphics that align with our principle of pushing the boundaries of modern game development. This means realistic graphics. Players play as a specific character, with the ability to customize certain attributes. The most important detail regarding the main character is his/her ability with pyro-magic. The main character is extremely skilled in using fire in many ways. This is very much incorporated into his/her fighting style. Although the player’s character is skilled in casting fire, their overall form is rough. Because of this, the player must learn to control their ability, or the consequences could be detrimental. Because the character was so powerful, society rejected him/her. At this time, the character is considered a “wanderer”.

When the player begins the game, it starts with a cutscene where their character is traveling up a mountain in search of a new home/life. A few seconds later, the character drops down in the freezing cold. Luckily, an old wise man lives in the mountains right by. The old man takes the character in and gives him medicine. After a little lore, the character/player eventually gets his/her first quest from the old man and begins playing.

The big and extremely important twist in the game’s plot becomes evident roughly half an hour into the game. Essentially, the entire world’s border is what is known as the Frost. The Frost is a giant, deadly, blizzard that slowly moves in, consuming the huge world. The Frost moves in over the period of roughly 80-150 in-game days, although, that is subject to change. (1 Game Day=24 minutes). If a player or other life form stands in the Frost or near it for more than 30 seconds roughly, they will essentially die. On top of being able to battle, upgrade, and explore the vast world, the player eventually must save the world from certain doom. The metaphorical Frost symbol was countered with the player/main character being a pyromancer. We are currently open to any ideas and additions to the storyline.

Kickstarter and Development Details:

Before we begin development, we do plan to run a Kickstarter Campaign and Unreal DevGrant petition. Both will be used as the primary sources for funding Prevail. Both of those methods will require many detailed and interesting graphics. We are looking for those who are extremely passionate about their craft. The largest and currently most important sub-project will be our Kickstarter Animated Video. This video will contain a short cinematic teaser, in the beginning, followed by some basic in-game footage. We are currently working with our two programmers to create a very basic run around example. We estimate the Kickstarter will launch roughly in the next few months. As soon as our income sources finish, each member will be paid some Kickstarter royalties. After that, payment will become more frequent. Those who choose to work with us will also receive larger royalty payments post-game launch. Payment is not guaranteed, as our Kickstarter/DevGrant could potentially fail. We, of course, will do everything in our power to have that not be the case. As I may have pointed out before, this game will be developed in the Unreal Engine, with an added plugin for collaborative level design. After the Kickstarter/Grant finish and royalties are issued, we will begin with the creation of the main character’s base mesh. The player will be able to customize certain parts of the character. While this is going on, the world will begin development as well. Tests have already been created for the Frost and other large attributes.

The other large important part of development is software usage. All employees must abide by our terms of employment document which will be issued later. The largest and most important part of the document states that all employees MUST use the commercial, non-cracked, version of any software they use. No restrictions regarding income are allowed. This means if your software only allows a certain amount of proceeds to be acquired, it cannot be used for our studio.

Employment Details/Openings

Currently, there are many open positions for our studio. All of the current ones are listed below. It should also be noted that all communication takes place via our Discord Server. Details about how to apply will be below. Please note the following specifics for each job before considering applying. All positions below require either a portfolio or a basic test, to present your ability. More details for each position will be given if needed. The following positions mainly focus on the Kickstarter Teaser, however, some of the same schedules and details can be applied to when we begin work on the game. All positions seen here have the option of working on the game as well of course.

Secondary Lead 3D Artist:

This position requires a serious and creative talent in both 3D Art and management. Applicants must express their attention to detail, and their interest in management. The Secondary Lead 3D Artist does not need to specialize in a specific area of 3D as much of their work will be rounded into working on other’s work. Adding details, etc.

The average day in this position may vary. The Secondary Lead 3D Artist should be expected to put in at least 10+ hours a week, at the very least checking up and staying up to date with changes. Obviously, there is no extreme dedication required. The Secondary Lead 3D Artist works with other Artists, checking their work, and adding details. When the Lead 3D Artist is not online, the Secondary Lead is in charge.

Lead Character Artist:

The Lead Character Artist is in charge of creating all 3D Characters, specifically, at least for now, for the Kickstarter Teaser Video. This person must be very talented, simply because characters are sort of a large portion of what gives life to a scene. It's very helpful if the Lead Character Artist knows how to rig a character, however, this is not required.

The Lead Character Artist should be proficient in creating basic props for the character as well.

The average week for the Lead Character Artists consists of a very straightforward schedule. 5-10+ hours a week is roughly the expected amount. A concept/guide will be given for each character, however, we, of course, do support creative freedom being an indie studio.

Environment Artist/Terrain Artist:

The Environment Artist is in charge of handling all major environments with support from other 3D Artists. The Environment Artist will create a basic terrain and use assets from other 3D Artists such as trees, to put together a realistic scene.

The average week of an environment artist at SymmetryGames consists of roughly 10-20 hours per week, creating 3D scenes, however, this will, of course, vary from each week.

The Environment Artist should understand how to create environments for both detailed close-up shots and distant shots as well.

Programs such as world machine, Vue, and other similar applications are recommended.

Concepts and Guides will be issued before each environment begins development.

Lead 3D Animator:

The Lead 3D Animator must be able to understand and create realistic pleasing 3D character animations. The Lead 3D Animator should also know how to rig a 3D character. The 3D Animator should have a good foundation of cinematography principles and understand emotions, and how to convey certain effects.

The average week of the Lead 3D Animator varies greatly. Some weeks, the animator may spend a long time on one scene. Other times, certain animation for characters will not be needed. This can mean anything from 4 hours a week to 20 hours a week, however, we understand the amount of dedication we are asking for can sometimes be unreasonable. We, of course, will allow for much flexibility for any of these jobs if needed.

Secondary Animator:

The Secondary Animator should also be proficient in many of the things the Lead 3D Animator is. The Secondary Animator should understand how to rig and character and how to animate other objects. There is plenty of room for changes and adaptations for what this role means and how it fits in with the rest of our studio.

The Secondary Animator’s week is mostly the same as the Lead 3D Animator’s week.

FX Artist:

The FX Artist, commonly referred to as the VFX Artist is in charge of animating and creating visual effects such as fire, fluid dynamics, and cloth simulations. The FX Artist should understand how to create realistic simulations, render realistic materials for those simulations, and composite those items when needed onto rendered footage. Help will be given for this job when needed, as I am also partly an FX Artist.

The FX Artist’s week is also very flexible, as some scenes may not need VFX, while others may heavily rely on them. 5-10 hours is a reasonable estimate.


The Compositor/Renderer/Editor/Photographer’s main job is taking all previous scenes, rendering them, compositing them, and editing them into the final product. This person should understand the fundamentals of adding audio, cutting clips, making small tweaks, overlaying footage etc.

This person should also understand how to capture textures with their camera, for things specifically in the actual game.

During the development of the Kickstarter Teaser, this person will only be needed near the end for 10-20 hours in total work. When the game actually begins development, this person will become more and more needed, collecting and editing textures for the game’s materials.

How To Apply:

Being an indie game studio, we like to keep all applying processes simple. To apply for a position at the studio, please send an email here: magdstudios@gmail.com

Within the email be sure to include some basic details about yourself, your portfolio/any work you have done, what position you will apply for, and any other information you find important.


If you have read all that and have gotten here, congratulations, I'm almost done. If you do choose to apply for our studio, we thank you for helping to support our studio and take us one step closer to success. We are looking for not only creative individuals but also individuals who want to really dive into developing the teaser and game. Please post any other questions below in the comments and I will do my best to answer them. If you have a very important question, please contact us here: business@symmetrygames.net

Please also feel free to check out our social media:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/symmetrygamesco/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/symmetrygames/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/SymmetryGames

Thank you all for your time! - Jack (SymmetryGames 3D Artist/Director)
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