The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Berter Akyol

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  05 May 2006
hi black...
this is a really cool idea...and im sad that you didnt get it in on time...
i know you put alot of work into it...and i think i saw your posts almast everywhere in this comp helping all the people who really needed it...

i really like EdP-Arts idea...and im up for it if others are

anyway good luck with finishing the details and i hope to see more of your work in the future
  05 May 2006
It's sososo sorry to hear you miss the deadline.and you are so kind to support me from the very beginning.Your posts really gave me strength to insist to the end. Now it's my turn to support you,I'll wait to see your final image here,do not give up pls! and in the future you can show this image to your little lovely baby also,hehe !
Best wishes to your family,hope everything with your family is ok!See you !
  05 May 2006
Unhappy geçmiş olsun

hi black, i'm in some kind of same situation i was very near to finish it.

but im really shocked to see that you didnt finish it becouse it seemed already finished many posts ago.

ok im not going to talk about it anymore, i dont want you to go sad.

very happy to know you by the way.

looking forward to see the finished version.

see you later
my hunger for knowledge never ends!

  05 May 2006
a LITTLE detail and a LOONG reply :)...


Firstly I Would like to thank you all for the support and your kind words for a work that means truly SO much to me. And your posts on the matter not only boost my ego, but help me share how special it was... thank you all so much!
BUT sadly I have to state that I am not going to disturb Robert this time for uploading my image if he can or if he can not.
Rules are rules and I have not qualified. I can not blame a "single" minute to CG-Networks connection technicalities. It is my fault that it was left to the last minute. No body else’s.

To put it in very cold words: Had somebody come to me with the prize in cash and proposed that I make an illustration such for them. I would refuse. Because the labour involved is much higher than the fee involved.

So what I have submitted here and until now was never really for the competition. It was to be able to share with you guys. It was to get to chat with Gunilla over medical illustrating, to be able to get some good advices from ED, to be able to meet my new friend Alperen, and definitely not to forget to mention having an additional conversation subject with my old friend Andy(Who was there with me in so many other competitions).
And so much, much more important (No offence) it was for my little miracle that I already love so much.
In this perspective; I was always in a great advantage to compare to many who competed. I had a no-loose situation in hand. I had already taken the biggest prize home.

I am sure all of you agree and already understand.

So as happy as I am that you are all upset to my “delay”… I have to state that you have nothing to be sorry for ... I am very happy.

And secondly, the image was completed yesterday evening… al the elements were there... the details were some what readied… the child was adorable… but as I looked at it; I wasn’t at all impressed.

I really do not know what was missing… but it did not look anything like I had had wanted it to. Rebecca (Which had a blast about the “teasing” bit earlier today) kept telling me that it was fantastic and there was nothing wrong with it.
But I was just not satisfied. And had to keep staring at it… doubting… literally waiting for her to convince me to post it. Hence the reason the posting was this belated.
I want to gift our child a perfect picture… not a computer, or even worse... a ‘chance’ to win a computer with leaving an image at a “not perfect” stage.

Shall I go on with fine tuning it?
Well yes! I definitely will. But first I need a week or two break from it. I have spent too many hours in the stress of completing it. And a little distance would serve both of us healthy.
None the less I have another uncompleted WIP image from the last competition (which I shall hopefully finish within these few weeks), that can help take up any of my free time I would like to spend painting whilst relaxing with a warm drink in the evenings.
But once I am done, I intend on posting it on the galleries here and hopefully getting it submitted to viewers with my own standards met.

As for a sneak peak;
I have taken a screen grab of a detail for Gunilla a little further along this thread.
Other than that, I am afraid you are going to have to wait. And I am not planning on posting it on the WIP forums, since the most of it is already well complete, the work to be done on it now is all going to look the same from the image size you all shall be viewing.

Soooo wish me luck and thank you all so VERY much!

Individual replies;

Thank you for the kind wishes.. and oh boy was that NOT less than a day! IT was a hole different time zone… it felt like it was never ending, and going too fast at the same time. I was literally overworked in the end of it!

My good friend… Well unlike you, I was not able to be satisfied with my image. I wanted so much more for my child and my painting. And the two just put the quota so much higher.

Again I have given you a lot of reading to do in this post above, but in short I believe you would understand why I wasn’t able to give my image in.
Thank you so much for being there along this difficult, demanding and yet fun journey!
It meant a lot.

If it is any compensation.. I literally felt the energy! But I guess it was just not enough.
Something in me didn’t want to give the image in I guess. I even felt a little relieved when I had seen the rejection text.

Well isn’t it later on yet?
Com’on tell me more about what you love about my image!

As I stated in the longer reply above. I am not going to offer Robert to fix this. There is nothing to fix. The mistake was mine and I am fine with it. Completely!

Last time in the Master and Servant challenge, I had been given a chance such. In fact even though I was almost 2 weeks late in reporting my “upload problem” because of my being hospitalised… Robert made no problem and helped me out.

But that was a different matter. That time there was a serious lock up all together.
This time I had the calculated risk of not being there on time as it was seconds in play when I logged in. It would not be right for me to bother him over my hesitating to upload or not.

Your valuing my image this much means a lot to me, thank you… but as much as it deserves to be valuated, it also deserves to look it’s best… and I was personally not convinced that it had had.

Thank you for the advise none the less!

Oh no… sorry Gunilla... no special effects this time, nor an easy way out .
It is an effect you are going to have to take the brush in hand and do yourself. I think it is more related to style and your “painter” abilities. I have been working with effects such as this wrinkling skin for ages almost. Shall you be too curious I can try scanning my sketches from when I was in the academy still… years ago.

Though there are some ways of making it easier digitally… like taking segments and duplicating, transforming, and then blending in… or painting a suitable underlayer and then using the healing brush/clone tool to paint segments and then again refining them.

Here is a close up… unfortunately the close up does not look as “Realistic”, and does lack the amount of convincingness the smaller screen grab had.

This image is a grab from half the resolution. You can sort of see how I have worked it all out.
Actually I also took the liberty of it being cross hatch skin, and really randomly stamped pieces from one side to the other. You can’t see the effect of that on this particular half of the image because it has been painted/smudged on at about 85-90 percent of it; and the rest duplicated and transformed, but again smudged to fit. But on the other half it is unfortunately much more obvious.
Well as I said.. not trying to make a realistic image.. just trying to make a good one!

Shall there be many requests to post a step by step “how to” on this thread… I will try to prepare something to give you an idea. But I sort of doubt there will be too much a curiosity, as it is a very distinctive effect that is really a style than a simple texture this time.
(Actually you can see how I simallarily pained out the knuckles for my character in the WIP forums HERE)

Well she is the teaser all right… our whole marriage was a theatrical trailer
Think of it: she even kept the baby til our 5th year!

I’ll keep the fight up... don’t worry!

Some how I feel more upset to have disappointed you than to not have submitted it.. I am so sorry!
But it has had really not matured correctly. And needs some time to develop into what it deserves to be. My biggest gift to such an image would not be to have it compete, but to try to make it timeless, and hopefully immortal!
No one can ever guarantee such a result. But I can at least try to give it my very best for starters. And I think I have not exactly been able to do so. I really hope that your interest in the results will still stay as fresh when a completed form of it is once again introduced to the community.

Hey maybe I’ll get one of those trophy thingies every body has

Thank you both for the compliments and your good wishes to have had seen me make it.
Yes I had put a lot of work into it. And I definitely plan on putting even more!

About helping people… hahaha.. you should have seen me in the Master and Servant challenge I was reading posts when ever I had free time or waited for a render. But in this run, I REALLY lacked the time (was VERY busy) and my new hardware renders so much faster without locking every other appliance… I even felt bad to not have been able to be of use like I was last.

I am so happy that you still thought me helpful enough to some degree.

As for ED’s Idea… hmm… why not? I learned the hard way not to argue with him
He comes up with good ones!

Aaa .. creator of one of my favourite images! Thank you, coming from you and someone of your abilities… I am flattered.

Supporting you from the beginning was not too difficult a task. As the word “impressive” was simply put into a visual image from the earliest moments. But the bad news is that before my favourites in 2D don’t manage to make it to the tops list. I hope you shall be of the first!

Thank you so much for the kind words and good wishes to my family and myself!

Well the challenges loss!
Now they are going to be missing two amazing masterpieces

Well no… as I stated at the top; I am very fine with not being able to submit it. I hadn’t found it finished enough. Hopefully though; I shall finish than post it in the galleries.
It’s just that it has been a little too much the last few days. I need to get a break from it.

Possibly mid or end of June.

Wooow that was a LOT of people to have to individually reply!
I lliterally got tired from it!

Well thank you ALL for everything, it means a lot!

Apparently I am dead: LINK
03/03/2008 May I rest in peace
Wait, CG-Talk Shut the link down; try this: WTF?! Weren't you dead?!

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  05 May 2006
Black u didnt get it in on time? Well I apologize for that, but honestly, you are one of those people that help others , and not just leave a reply. Plus you go into mass details when you reply, and I think thats pretty cool. Anyway, your ideas are bizzar, but refreshing, because they are so. Goodluck in the future man.

  05 May 2006
Thumbs up Ye, yes, yessssssssssss

Lovely Black, those are lovely thoughts you have and I really admire your attitude. I think you are right ,you are a winner already and I wish you, Rebecca and the Soul who joins you a loving life together. I have no doubt that with the great heart you have that will come true.

You know, a week ago I was concerned you wouldn't get it finsihed because you are the Detail King and the work had to be done, and still has to be by the sounds of things. Well now you can take your time and create the masterpice which you deserve to create.

It has been great being part of this challenge and meeting you was certainly one of the best parts. Thank you for that and for all the techie advice which you explained in language that made it easy to do.

Thanks again Black and well done.

Lots of Love

You can see more images at my site
  05 May 2006
Black - I wish you luck in getting your picture to the point that you want to get it to, even if it won't be part of the final judging. The important thing is that you're happy with it, 'cause why spend all that time on a piece if you don't get something you're satisfied with out of it? And even more importantly, more than the finished baby picture, you and Rebecca are getting the real thing sometime soon! And what could be better than that? Take a break from your piece and njoy your sleep while you still can... Best of luck to you with everything!

Michael Dashow
My web site / My art on Facebook
  05 May 2006
Quote: unfortunately the close up does not look as “Realistic”, and does lack the amount of convincingness the smaller screen grab had.

May be so, but it really look fantastic! And photorealism isn't the goal here, right?
Thanks for all useful info about your workmethods ... it really worth a lot to me to have found such a generous person in the same field. Good luck with finishing this and most of all good luck with the baby when it comes!
Please notify me when your final is up, I'd love to see it

WIP: Anatomy


  05 May 2006
Smile bye bye...

Not that bad you couldn't finish your image.Your posts and submits are really better from a good completed job. As Berkay | individium |told me at his own post,my comments are harsh sometimes,sorry about that; and one of here going: Your image was really affective at details and the stages you've submited...But you know, you've chosen the different way to reflect the concept and this is good to achieve the assortment. Frankly i was not sure you could have got one of the prize because your image is not fit completely to the challenge concept as they want from challengers...There were some articles for us to have an image as they would like to appear. Actually there is not too much image at the final what fits the concept of the challenge...Really few... Challengers will get angry to me but my thougth won't change...And, my image is not fit too...Honestly, i was not assertive...

Of course would be nice to see your work inside of the challenge with others...would be good to see your complete image when we click the challenge archieve "journey begins" at the future...I only feel bad for this. And HEY! i definitely rEally want to see your complete image at somewhere...

Nice to know you and i guess i will learn so much from u at the future...I hope. We were both unlucky and pensive, in this challenge... You're almost professional and working like a scientist... AND i will continue to call you "The Detail Master"... if you let...

See you again...Görüþmek üzere...

( )
  05 May 2006
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