traditional drawing troubles

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Old 12 December 2001   #1
traditional drawing troubles

hi everyone,

I've been trying to improve my traditional drawing skills lately. The biggest difficulty is in figuring out where to start. My opinion after hearing others' opinions is that drawing traditionally is still the best and will still help to get you places. My BIG problem in drawing is that I don't know how to draw from imagination. I've tried, but anything I make up looks disproportional, flat and plain boring/ugly. I've learned to draw from life and I don't find it too hard (although I could always use some improvement of course), but I've never figured out how to create my own stuff. Things like weird creatures, cool humanoid characters, etc. I've been given lots of advice from different people, but none of the advice that I got had any sort of pattern! So it makes it hard for me to know where to start. Any suggestions on learning how to draw from imagination? Should I just practice to draw stuff from life a lot? Should I doodle with ideas? How does the transition from drawing from life to imaginary stuff happen??

For Maya, although it's not easy, it's only a matter of time before I can figure out what buttons to press to perform this or that operation. That's a technical issue that can be learned. Drawing is not about buttons... so it makes it hard for beginners to know where to start.

Hope to hear from you guys soon.


ps: I can't show any samples cause I don't have a scanner yet... sorry about that
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Old 12 December 2001   #2
I used to modify my drawings in life drawing class, adding wings, weird heads extra arms, that sort of stuff-'course I got in trouble...If you have drawings that you like done from life, you can change/copy and modify them, or have someone pose for you while you sketch them, and exaggerate parts, add limbs etc. you're creative, you'll think of something.
Drawing from life is the best way to get good fast. If you don't have a model, pictures will have to do instead.
doodling is great, in my portfolio site i have a lot of sticky note doodles posted, which I turn into paintings- either as they are or with some changes.
The hardest things for me are droids/robots. I don't have any up 'cause I don't like any of them so far...
Just keep practicing, you'll get there. Don

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Old 12 December 2001   #3
where to star

Starting is hard, but harder is still drawing after started. First, get your self a sketch-book, or something that you can bring with you, and a pencil or a pen. Then practice everywhere, school's desk, cofeeshop, anywhere...real live drawing is a great start, 'couse the models wont whait for you to finish the drawing...and that will improove one of the most important technics of all in drawing...the fast-drawing. In that way, when you figure it out, you'll be able to draw anything, large landscapes or small shapes.... A very important thing that you must have in mind is: first, do the basic shape without details...something loose..then you can add more and more details...
Before doing something without reference, you must learn to do it "with" the reference, like models at art class, our live drawing at the mall, or animals at the zoo. If you figure out real anatomy, you will be able to play with it, chaging proportions and so on...

Well, im still learning too, and i'm always wondering around with some paper sheets and a regular pen. Those are the latest sketches that i did, most of then while in school between lunch brakes, or in the train, way home:

nothing much, but always help. You can practice and refresh some ideas before going to high detailed images
Old 12 December 2001   #4
"I recommend that everyone should try to recreate our reality before fantasy. Recreating reality will help you focus and understand how detailed our environment is. Our mind uses our reality as a reference point to judge a fantasy world. This judgment will decide if that world is believable or not. To make a fantasy world believable requires the highest artistic skill that one can achieve. Creating fantasy should not be a starting point to learning but more like a final destination."

Thats a quote from Tibor Madjar, an accomplished modeller. It echoes the sentiments of fellipe, in that you should perhaps attempt real life drawing before anything else.
Old 12 December 2001   #5
if I had a scanner

if only I had a scanner so I could let you guys see my work! Another benefit would be to finally complete the 2D art section on my site.

I've been busy drawing things from life and trying to get back in the habit of always having a sketchbook with me. thanks for the suggestions everyone. I always welcome more suggestions of course if there are any.

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Old 12 December 2001   #6
I allways just draw a pose in the traditional way (by making it like a stick person) like this one.

Then it´s just to flesh it.
But yeah, you´re right. It is hard to draw from mind.
Old 12 December 2001   #7

body structure, like wolfs image, always helps int those twisted posing characters. it keeps you safe with the anatomicaly corrected body.
wolf : is that drawing yours? i remember that, but i dont now where i saw it :\
Old 12 December 2001   #8

well I guess this is where practicing comes back into play. I remember when I used to practice on those stick figures all the time and I was getting sorta good at it.

The only problem is then to flesh it out. This is where I really need to understand anatomy obviously. I just find it hard from what I undterstand of anatomy how to draw the same thing at a different angle?

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Old 12 December 2001   #9
fleshing characters isnt hard. you just have to really put some thought behind each and every character that you make.
try to make them work./ make sense.

(ie. if a character has large arms that is able to lift them up easily. make sure his shoulders/ pecs are large as well.
if your character has a large upper body but small lower body, make sure his back and abdominal muscles are well defined , and give the character either muscular legs to lift that body up..and maybe large feet.. )

those are the exact things that tibor was talking about.

the way i draw is much like i do my 3d models.

1.)start with proportions ( stick person.)

2.)draw ovals around the major body parts to suggest volume.

3.)once the volume has been set, start to refine the surface by drawing in the details for the actual character

4.) give your character depth add a light source...etc..
render your drawing i guess you could say.

( figure drawing is fairly similar, the only thing being is what was mentioned above...a time constrain. after a bit of practice of being under the gun, you will learn what you can leave out and what you need to keep to still have that illustration.

hope this helps.

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Old 12 December 2001   #10

yeah thanks that helps! I'll try that approach. =)

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Old 12 December 2001   #11
kind of being repetitive. but heres an example to show that the same applies to 3d modelling. ( and sculpting., and even if you write music...its the same concept, flesh out the song..and add the other instruments later to add depth. ...etc..)

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Old 12 December 2001   #12
damn, that model has some style about it. good stuff.
Old 12 December 2001   #13

thanks. By the way that looks really cool =)

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Old 12 December 2001   #14

I forgot to ask you something that I noticed about your model.

How do you gradually add detail like that? Do you do it manually (split polygon, move vertices, etc.) or do you use a plugin?

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Old 12 December 2001   #15
choose a number of edges/ press connect.

or bevel to make 2 edgeloops out of 1.

scale magnet , move magnets, rotate magnets..etc..etc..etc.
colour blind but observant pink eye.
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