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  06 June 2008
this thread would answer so many of my questions if only the images were still available (and the same goes for a few other threads)! does anyone know if the pdf/faq was ever made?

in trying to learn 3d modeling (and in particular, subd modeling), and i'm discovering many of the fantastic issues that subd'ers get to wrestle with. say i want to model the robot from Laa-Yosh's post (2 posts up from here) with all that kind of detail. would you guys say it's quicker with subd or with nurbs?

i haven't really used nurbs as i prefer the 'mouldability' of subd's. i have heard that nurbs are tedious to work with and that there are issues at render time - what are the main problems and do you think they are less or more of an issue than tweaking verts to get mechanical/hard edge details to look right on subd models?

also, i've bought a few modeling dvds that go into hard surface modeling, but there is very little dedicated to subd DETAILING and the bit that i did see i thought showed very poor technique. can anyone recommend a good (and thorough) dvd (grooves/ports on CURVED surfaces)?

  06 June 2008
I would reccommend Chris Thomas' CG Academy DVD Advanced Modeling 2 - Technical Modeling DVD. For 3ds Max tutorials, they really are the best stuff out there.

NURBS/Solids modeling has its place in 3D, and modeling. You need to use what works for you, not what works for other people. Everyones pipeline and workflow is different so don't base your decision based on what other users do.

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  07 July 2008
PiXeL_MoNKeY, thanks for the reply. i have seen the dvd you suggested and although it's really good, there isn't much subd modelling technique (unless i missed it!)

i'm comfortable poly and subd modelling on 'regular' surfaces (flat, perfect sphere/cylinder etc) but what about when things get more complex? what i'm trying to understand is whether nurbs are quicker than subds when the model gets complicated. (for example the 'robot' in the picture that Laa-Yosh posted:

Originally Posted by Laa-Yosh:

is that even a subd model? maybe it started as subd, was then converted to high poly and then detailed?

are there any dvds around that show how to model these sumptuous curves and details?
  07 July 2008
PMJI, but yeah I'm 99% sure that is a subd model.

I've not had to do anything that complex, but there was some pretty good info in this thread about cutting into curved surfaces, but I'm not sure if the relevant images are still there.

I seem to recall some people lift parts of the model and use the shell modifier with bevel profiles to get overlapping plates, which is a nice technique.

I don't know of any specific DVDs, but I haven't really looked to be honest.

- Steve
  07 July 2008
The majority of Fausto's work, AFAIK, is subd's w/ mudbox for detailing. Check out the wire from this thread, or the wires you can find on his website.

"The Evil Monkey hiding in your closet."
  07 July 2008
Originally Posted by Steve Green: PMJI, but yeah I'm 99% sure that is a subd model.
- Steve


Originally Posted by Steve Green: there was some pretty good info in this thread about cutting into curved surfaces, but I'm not sure if the relevant images are still there.- Steve

most are gone unfortunately, but there are still some good'uns left. it seems though that cutting detail into curvy surfaces (especially complex, non-uniform curves) is best left to nurbs to avoid bumps and other imperfections - what do you guys think? i mean, it is possible with subd but it takes a lot of tweaking and it never really looks 'perfect' (e.g. even that Fausto model has 'bumpy' legs - but maybe this was the desired effect).

in any case, i'm gonna be trying out MoI (nurbs) as i've heard nothing but praise for it and i'd like to see how that compares to subd.
  08 August 2008
PMJI (Pardon Me Jumping In)

and spammers can get to f**k.

- Steve
  08 August 2008
Wow, that's the first time I've seen spam here in the forum but I guess it's more common than I think...

About subds, which images do you need? Any technique in particular?
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