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Old 03 March 2003   #1
Post Here Your Plugins

Post here the most useful plugins you know, with a brief explanation of what they do and, eventually, the price
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Old 03 March 2003   #2

Pauls Plugs

Maxons offical plugin site

Di tools (good for faking a Fake HRDI)
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Old 03 March 2003   #3
Remotion Plugins from

DiTools - A suite of deformers and generators currently version 0.8 soon to be 0.9. Includes:

Dicloner - Clone an object on the verteces of another object taking into account the objects texture for many parameters.

DiShaper - Realtime displacement, allows you to take multiple textures and displace an object in any direction with them, shows the displacement in the viewport.

DiSplineGen -Generates splines from the verteces of another object. Great procedural modelling tool (and also neat for fields of corn or hair).

DiParametric - Parametric shape generator

Also contains a couple of cool shaders that work with the ditools plugins.

TDEM - Particle plugins which allow some serious control of the standard non thinking particles particle system in Cinema. These tags and objects allow you to emit from teh surface on an object, to constrain an objects surface to the particles, to give the particles goals, to generate splines that react to particle generators (gravity etc) like hair would.

ASE Exporter - Apparently for those Unreal Tournament files or something, maybe someone else can explain this one better than me
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Old 03 March 2003   #4
And I have made a few plugins myself

Go to the library area of Renderzone.

Camera Gaffer - A tag that when applied to a camera modifies the rotation behaviour in a number of different ways for better modelling control.

Julienne - Slices a selection or object a set number of times in any direction evenly.

Flush Select - Allows you to expand your current selection out to the edges of that "plane" on your object. Can also with a little ingenuity be used to select polygon belts.
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"You need to know what you're doing before you start, and to start because you need what you're doing."
Old 03 March 2003   #5
oh and i just addded one

MaxUV Tools - Copy/Paste UV polys points, Rotate UV's, Flip UV's, Smooth bad UV joins, Maximise UV's in UV space. A suite of UV Texture manipulation plugins for all sorts.

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"You need to know what you're doing before you start, and to start because you need what you're doing."
Old 03 March 2003   #6
A bunch of really useful plugins now for free!
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Old 03 March 2003   #7
MSA and HELIX by Mikael Sterner (NOT for free)

Use MSA all the time!

MSA (Multiple Spline Attach) allows for things like aniimateable chain links, and beads on a string. Can be used in conjunction with Helix for things like DNA with all the nucleotides/basepairs aligned and twisted properly. All kinds of animateable parameters.

Helix allows you to wrap a helix around a spline and the spline can control the movement of the helix as well. Much better than the spline primitve spiral that comes with C4d.

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Old 03 March 2003   #8
Arndt Von Koenigsmark free plugins: EDGE BEVEL, EDGE EXTRUDE, CUTTER, MORPHER
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Old 03 March 2003   #9
Weight It!, Chestnuts, Manipulator, Select Plus, Polyline To Spline, Texture Plus, Iron, Stitch & Sew, Object Grouping, Manipulator+, Chestnuts+ and many more
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Old 03 March 2003   #10
really good useful plugins

Old 03 March 2003   #11
loads of different stuff to check out..........

enjoy some excellent stuff out for and not.
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Old 03 March 2003   #12
Extrude poly along a spline
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Old 03 March 2003   #13

Hi there,

i followed thirdeye's instruction,
here we go:

I just implemented the LightWave-SpinQuad-Tool
for Cinema.


regards, Helge Mathee
Helge Mathee, Fabric Engine Inc
Old 03 March 2003   #14

Great plugin for tags editing and conversion! (50 USD)
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Old 03 March 2003   #15
Lightbulb Custom XML Export plugin

I have put a sample C.O.F.F.E.E plugin and some reusable XML Classes on my site:

Description of plugin and classes:

CustomXMLExport is a sample filter plugin that allows you to export CINEMA 4D scenes as XML. This sample plugin shows how to use the XML classes in the file, "tinrocketXML.coh", which formats your content and structure into a valid XML file.

The XML classes were written to facilitate C4D scene, object & data export for game & software development purposes. This sample plugin could be adapted to your software project's production pipeline very easily.

This plugin is independent of the native C4D XML format, which is not documented and had recently disapeared for one release (8.0). It is therefore available for your use when the built-in options for exporting your scenes in a human-readable format is not supported by C4D.

Free, requires CINEMA 4D v7.3 or v8.x and higher.

John Balestrieri
my site:
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