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  01 January 2003
my bad!!!!!!

I seem to have a lot of "my bads" lately...
Ignorance is bliss but horror to the informed.
  01 January 2003
Quote: Thanx friend, & I wish you accept some job here

I have yet to complete a challenge
Would rather not let anyone down.

When I have some time I am working on a short called "Father's Day". I really hope this forum produces a festival piece. I've seen lots of attempts peter out. I trust you guys to break through.

I'm 'pressing my thumbs for ya'!
(That's the funky German way of crossing yer fingers
  01 January 2003
ila - Sorry, I got involved with my Robin Hood picture today (deadline is tomorrow). But here's what I had in mind. The straps that attach at his hips should continue all the way around the back like a belt and attach to the overalls in the back with two belt loops. Think you can do that without the illustration? Sorry, you got so far into the modelling and I didn't provide a back view. The belt will, I hope, help define where his waist is more from the back view.

Oh ... and I plan on doing some of the animation. That's about the only part of 3D that I can tolerate. Heheheh.

unLevel - Don't give up on the site yet. Keep trying and you'll hit on something spectacular. I don't have any ideas to help you with it right now, though. Once we get the model rigged we can get a few pose shots for you to use. I think putting a 2D image on the front page will be misleading since this is going to be a 3D short.

Wiz - I'll try and get a character sheet for you before the end of the weekend. We'll need cows, a cat, lady in curlers and her baby. Plus there is still the issue with the second alien. I'm thinking a different race of alien would be the way to go, rather than making a chubby clone of ila's model.

Culann - Set designs? Sound like fun to you? We'd love to have your help.

dobermunk - Thanks! I hope it's a festival piece too. Would be great to see everyone's hard work turn out to be something grand. Trying not to get my hopes up, but my wife says it's a funny story and I usually trust her judgement.
  01 January 2003
Ok, ok...

here's a sample of a another design I"m working on simultaneously:

EDIT: I don't know why I'm showing you the other design, cause it has nothing to do with the project, just wanted you guys to look at it, maybe?

I just don't know what to do with this site....cartoony is sort out of my reach right now (I'm a newb....I think I may have mentioned it before...)

If there's any sites that you see and say "wow, that layout would really work for this project" PLEASE, PLEASE!!!!!!! TELL ME!!
Ignorance is bliss but horror to the informed.

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  01 January 2003
im here to help aswell, this looks like a promising short. I am able to do FX and im a 2d designer and a web designer aswell.
no ending to your imagination.

As a man once said to me:

"You can never get rich in the pocket, only in the heart. "
  01 January 2003
let me get to it.
something i just coocked up.

hope this is teh kinda color scheme u looking for. Send me some more images to work with and i will be done with it in no time.
no ending to your imagination.

As a man once said to me:

"You can never get rich in the pocket, only in the heart. "
  01 January 2003
Ok, here is an update, havn't had much time tho to play with it. I hope this is more acceptable for u Kirt? It looks more TOony to me so i hope it is! And i hope im not dragging this thing out too much?
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  01 January 2003

Ok well i just took alook at your sketches for the ship again Kirt, and for somereason i can't get down that streamlined shape youv got goin there. And like youv said before, the side of it are a lil too big. But im hopeing you like the one i have now?!? but if u really want that exact i could restart it. But ive just noticed the overwhelming dissimilarities the sketches and the model have
  01 January 2003
Rice ManX - Hmmm ... yeah, it looks more like a hovercraft than a spaceship. Maybe the sketches are deceptive. The body of the ship is nothing more than a pancaked sphere. There are no bulges on the 'wings'. The cockpit can probably be formed from 1/4 of a sphere and the engines are just cylinders with cones inside. It's ok if you want to try again ... we're not in a hurry right?

Unlevel & illustrativ (welcome ) - I think I have a solution to the website design problem. How's this sound? We use a rendered view of the inside of the ship and use it for the web interface. There is going to be a few monitors, gauges and a halo-projection device in the cockpit that we can use to display images, text or 3D rotations. Also several switches or buttons that will access these little eye-candy goodies. I was thinking we can have ...

... a captain's log (or ship's log if that's to presumptuous of me) for recording specific events or adding our bios/notes/pictures/whatever relevant or of interest regarding the project.

... a pre-flight checklist that would show our progress on our way to "Launch". Little red lights next to labels (i.e. concept, storyboard, audio, models, previsual, anim tests, render tests, first rough, LAUNCH!) would turn green as we updated or passed one of these milestones. These would also provide links to whatever eyecandy we have available.

... a systems display which would bring up a display of software, hardware used to make the film. Links to appropriate sites and of course one for CGTalk at the top!

... just about anything else we wanted in here. A single white sequined glove hanging over the rearview mirror might link to SETI, Rosewell homepage, Mary-Kate & Ashley or whatever else alien you can think of. Links to the artists homepages, favorite foods for munching during rendertimes (you know stuff like twinkies re-filled with peanut butter and cheeze or oreos with bacon).

Anyone know Flash? This would work best in Flash I think.

Anyway, I got a lot of drawing to do this weekend to catch up to you guys and make sure you all have something to work on. Can't do it in the morning because I have to finish my Robin Hood before the 2D Forum lynches me.
  01 January 2003
Hey Kirt ,i woudl love to model a 3nd character sounds lots of fun! here is an example of my Work.. (My Wip atm)

(just so you can see my genral Skill)
  01 January 2003
oh - ive been browsing these forums for about two months now and just yet discovered this board here

This short your are attempting seems to be fun stuff to do and i would like to contribute (as little as i can do).

I am a beginner in modelling and texturing and wanted to try my skills at some spacecritters for your short if they are needed - is there a storyboard for the movie i can take a look at?
Or just give me an assignment if you have something in the back of your mind

anyways - i like the idea of doing a group project rather to see my meager attempts on my own
  01 January 2003
Hey just got my combustion 2.1 upgrade!
I am kind of busy with a project for work right now so I can't really devote alot of time to modelling and besides i'm not really good at that imo. I will be happy to help with animation, and still can help out with the web page. I don't want to take away from anyone elso though. As usual, let me know!
  01 January 2003
Wow, Kirt, you've got what, 10-15 people all wanting work on your project....

How cool is that?
Ignorance is bliss but horror to the informed.
  01 January 2003
Set Design sounds great! I just don't know if my skill level is high enough for that. As long as I don't have to do Star Wars-esque perspective line overkill sketches, I figure I'll be alright.
How advanced is the script, btw? One of my main strengths is writing, so maybe I could help in that department? Only if you want, of course, it's your story/script after all!
  01 January 2003
well, I don't know flash personally, but my brother does, and so does the other members of CoLabs if you want their help.

Sounds good, Kirt....

Also, I might take up attempting modeling a few things, I'm just beginning, though, so you'll have to be patient...

Also, anyone have any ideas for a webhost...

hey, illustrativ, let's me and you chat or something sometime, so we can both work on the design, once we get a webhost, we can start swapping and modifing our designs until we're both satisfied or whatever....

Also, do you guys want a splash page?

If you do, we could do several and use coding (it can be done several ways in html) to randomly generate one out of several...

Just some thoughts...we need a webhost...
Ignorance is bliss but horror to the informed.
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