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Old 01 January 2003   #16
ila - You don't think that's a simple design? I thought it was pretty basic saucer type. One thing about the ship is that it is almost a character in the short (as much so as the aliens and our hero). So, it'll have to do specific things other than just fly around and be a transport for the aliens. I guess once I get the storyboards up that'll make more sense (or just read on ...).

Rice ManX - Go ahead and stick to the basic shape, but add/fix as you think is necessary. The hatches are pretty important to the design. One scene the hero will threaten the ship with his gun and the ship responds by opening hatches to reveal lots of big weapons (railgun lazers, missle launchers, the works). Another scene the aliens will grab the agent via mechanical hands that pop from the ship.

unLevel - I was hoping you guys would get busy with that too so it gave me more time to work on sketches and storyboard. I still have to finish my challenges and you're all making me get stoked about this project.

Frinsklen - The more the merrier - and sooner the project gets done, right?

Another concept sketch (old one). I'm not too sure about the glasses now because the eyes will be important to show emotion. And it'll also be nighttime through the whole film.

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Old 01 January 2003   #17
Story, StoryBoard...
(hey kirt, there are details! ... I need clue)
Ila Soleimani

"Billions of bilious blue blistering barbecued barnacles!...Cannibal!"

Old 01 January 2003   #18
Hmmm ... let me see if I can describe the look and feel of this short.

1. Animation and timing like Warner Brothers classic animation (See Chuck Jones), but not as stylish in the look.

2. Simple construction of characters and props but with enough detail to make objects identifiable and believable. (Ice Age, Monsters Inc., Toy Story should be good reference material). I don't want to overwhelm the viewers with complex bump maps, textures, and accessories that aren't essential to the story (i.e. Final Fantasy movie).

Does that help?
Old 01 January 2003   #19
Yes, It does, my favorite style too
& now I need your crits & guide, see this:

alien-wire, alien-shade
Ila Soleimani

"Billions of bilious blue blistering barbecued barnacles!...Cannibal!"

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Old 01 January 2003   #20
Ila: Here is my version of the head i did lastnight, but i forgot to save the most recent which had wrinkles and many updates to its shape so here is what i have if u want me to keep going with it (could be second alien?) but if u guys don't like its ok. THis is my first head mind u.....

And Kirt il have a version of the ship to show u tonight, so far its going well
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Old 01 January 2003   #21
Rice ManX - too scary looking. This a CG cartoon (although I don't think we'll use cell shaders).

ilo - good base to start off with. Right now I think the area to work on is the head. You have a lightbulb shape from what I can see. It should actually be more heavy in the back. Eyes need to be bigger, neck more narrow, ears smaller in diameter at the ends and the mouth should be more "Veggie Tale"-ish. He doesn't really have lips, but they can look like lips as he forms words or gives and expression that calls for it.

Here's another quick sketch to show more character construction.

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Old 01 January 2003   #22
Ya thats wut i figured
Old 01 January 2003   #23
That helps much, Thanx Kirt.
Ila Soleimani

"Billions of bilious blue blistering barbecued barnacles!...Cannibal!"

Old 01 January 2003   #24

Ok well i spent about 2 to 3 hours on this space ship. And i think its looking pretty good. it has alot of work to it tho but its getting there I still need to do the engine and bottom of the hull. But i have the cockpit all ready, headlights, and the weapons panel/bay (that took most of the time) So tell me what you think of it so far...
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File Type: jpg spaceship.jpg (24.9 KB, 566 views)
Old 01 January 2003   #25
Hi Rice ManX, I think you should pay more attention to the cockpit, it's small now, must be bigger & more round shape.
(more spherical), keep working man...
Ila Soleimani

"Billions of bilious blue blistering barbecued barnacles!...Cannibal!"

Old 01 January 2003   #26
thanx Ila. Uhhm how do you mean rounder? because i will be smothing this with smoothing groups. But i will try to make the cockpit bigger.
I can post more views of it if u like?
Old 01 January 2003   #27
I think what ila means is that proportionally you have too much ship and not enough cockpit. Take a look at the scale on the sketches I made. The diameter of the ship is maybe equivelent to 4 of the aliens standing shoulder to shoulder (maybe a little bit bigger). From the looks of the cockpit on your ship, the diameter looks to be about 8-9 aliens across.

It's too big. This in not a huge space cruiser. It's like the sports car model of spaceships and could probably park in any house garage (if it weren't for the high tail fin). If the aliens are 3 feet tall, the ship diameter should be about 7-8 feet.

Also, try to keep the saucer looking like a disc. This should be a retro looking design. There will be other design elements that reflect a 1950's feeling in this short (mobile homes for one example).
Old 01 January 2003   #28
Ya i know its supposed to look like a disk no worries there. Now i know the width on the ship seems a little big. Il show you an over head view. But functionally i think it needed to be bigger? because the gun bays.... il give u an overhead view of it so you can see the porportions more correctly. And if it still looks a little wide il change it. But i intentionally made it a little larger, but it shouldn't look too big? hmmm il post the pics.
Old 01 January 2003   #29
Ok here is the overhead. Uhhm i can slim up the sides a bit make the cockpit look bigger, but its kinda tuff at this stage to make size adjustments to the cockpit itself. But the sides can be slimmed up if u want me too.
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File Type: jpg spaceshipoverhead.jpg (25.1 KB, 492 views)
Old 01 January 2003   #30
hmmm, little tweaks in head:

Ila Soleimani

"Billions of bilious blue blistering barbecued barnacles!...Cannibal!"

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