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  03 March 2003
Quote: Originally posted by dmcgrath
Okey dokey, since I just finished a MEL class last semester.
the direct UI page:

The entire MEL based set (FRAMES HTML)

do you know of any mirror sites for these? they seem to be offline.
  03 March 2003
You can override the window size set by the user prefs by using the edit flah.

window -w 100-h 100 myWindow;
showWindow myWindow;

resize the window manually, then run

window -e -w 100-h 100 myWindow;

Just add that line after the showWindow command, and the window will open the same size
  04 April 2003
Quote: Originally posted by bentllama
do you know of any mirror sites for these? they seem to be offline.

Check them every once in a while. They come and go.
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Low - Poly Batman in Maya

Tiamat - The World Dragon (Maquette)

Online Tutorial: Character Rigging for Maya

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  08 August 2003
Hey guys I need to build this UI. And I'm a little stuck. :annoyed:
I need some help please.

The UI should look look this:

It needs 2 tabs:
The first tab needs to have 2 buttons with a sliders next to them on the same line.
And the second tab 4 buttons with silders next to them.
  08 August 2003

hey guys, I have another question...yeah, i am full of them.

I am working on a UI for several scripts, and I was using a scrollLayout as a child of a tabLayout.

Everything is not OK immediately.

string $testTab =`scrollLayout
-horizontalScrollBarThickness 0
-verticalScrollBarThickness 16`;
columnLayout -h 300 -columnAttach "both" 5
-rowSpacing 10 -adj true;

setParent ..; setParent ..;

ok, here is the BAD part.
When I use this, the columnLayout is only a few pixels tall because the scrollLayout shrinks up on it. any suggestions?

Thanks in advance

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  08 August 2003
try this

window -t "Tab Window" -w 240 -h 430 ;

string $tabs = `tabLayout -innerMarginWidth 5 -innerMarginHeight 5 -scr 1 -hst 16 -vst 16 -cr 1`;

string $tab1 = `columnLayout -adj 1`;
setParent..; setParent..;
string $tab2 = `columnLayout -adj 1`;
setParent..; setParent..;

tabLayout -edit
-tabLabel $tab1 "Animation"
-tabLabel $tab2 "Rendering"


i used this layout to put all scripts that i have collected (from highend and simplymaya, and some scripts of jason.) into one window.

note that the -scr flag makes your tab layout sctollable.

and here's the zip file of the ui that i did.

hope this helps.

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  08 August 2003
h0Tice, worked great, thanks for that one
  08 August 2003
no prob bro

  09 September 2003
`helpLine` under multiple parent layouts?

I want to place a "helpLine" at the bottom of a UI. This UI consists of one main tabLayout, and each tab is itself a separate formLayout. So every time you select a different tab, a different formLayout is shown. Problem: I noticed that UI´s do not support multiple helpLine controls (at least that´s what it seems like). I tried to put a separate helpLine at the bottom of each formLayout (in this case I tried it on 2 different form layouts), however the first helpLine in the first formLayout was no longer responsive- only the second helpLine (the last one I created) worked.

Question: is there a way to place the same helpLine control under multiple form layouts? In this case, the same control would have multiple parents. I´ve actually tried placing the helpLine with the same control name under different fom layouts, but still only the last helpLine was responsive. I would also like to avoid rebuilding the entire UI when I select a tab.

David Walden
Rigging | MEL Scripting | Animation
  09 September 2003
why dont you do something like this (pseudo code)

       $main= formLayout
                     tab 1
                     tab 2
                     tab 3
       setParent $main

Then attach the helpLine to the bottom and the bottom of the tabLayout to the helpLine, or something like that
  09 September 2003
Yeah, that´s my alternative. But I wanted to avoid this just because the way the UI is built it seems more intuitive if the helpLine is inside the tabLayout, not out.

David Walden
Rigging | MEL Scripting | Animation
  11 November 2003
Quote: Originally posted by dwalden74
Yeah, this stuff with the dimensions of windows/controls has always been a mystery to me as well. Even when you specify explicit w/h it just kinda´does what it wants. The only real way to fix the size of a window in my experience is to use -sizeable 0, but that of course fixes it at the specified size. There´s probably a logic somewhere to this but I stopped searching for it, ...

... but for those who still care: the usage of setting optionVars for frequently used productionscripts is not as widely popular as the power of the command would deserve! and besides - setting up and drawing information from (just like e.g. windowSize and -Position) an optionVar is a) personal and b) not the least as complicated as understanding formLayout!

  02 February 2004
I'm looking for something about UI building in maya.

I'd like to know if it's possible to make a realtime camera view or a render view inside a layout that is in a window .

If yes, could someone explain me what type of command and flags should i use to do that ?

  03 March 2004
yah cipher, that would be great just like how xsi has the draw render region? if you get that accomplished please let everyone know.
  05 May 2004
The Name Of Maya Windows in MEL?

Hello every1, I am quite new to Maya and MEL, and I was looking for some information:

What is the Name of the Script Editor Window in MEL?

I found out about:

- Outliner : outlinerPanel1Window
- Hypershader: hyperShadePanel1Window
- Attributes: AEWindow

But for the Script Editor Window my method didnt work! (Turn on 'Echo All Commands' in the Script Editor window and read what it does...)

So, hopefully some pros out here can help me out:-)
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