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  02 February 2007
Didn't see LowMan on this list. It's a pretty neat script collection (for maya 5 through 7) - it does work on Maya 7 (despite what the site says).

Blake Withers sometimes known as AlizarinCrimson

  02 February 2007
Lowman is the first on the list since way back
Anyway, thanks for trying to contribute.

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  02 February 2007
Update time

Thanks to Highend3d rig competition alot of new good rigs have been submitted. Fantastic to have so many people contribute to the community. The possibilty of gnomon dvds works wonders also probably.

FBIK Rig (name pending, tai-chi guy maybe?)



Simple Hank


Spaceman Stan







Updates also

Sergio 1b 1.0.3

Buddy 1.0.1

Devil 1.0.1

Keep em coming and rate and comment the rigs you try

Make something live / Mattias Svendsen
  03 March 2007
new update

A horse rig have surfaced atlast. Nice with some variation, the quadrupeds are quite rare.

Horse Rig

Also i noticed that this guy had more rigs on his site than the one previously posted:

Demonlord, Mort, Wolverine, Matt, Travis, Chuck Boy Enemy Soldier, Keiji, Kia and Yakumo

Tiny 1


Character B




Sam 1.2.1

Basic Guy 2.5.6

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  04 April 2007
Vehicle Rig


Not sure if this should be included here but it is a set of scripts to rig virtually any Vehicle instead of an actual vehicle rig. From four wheel to Multiwheel sets per axle position.
The vehicle can be setup to "autospin" the wheels by moving the vehicle in the X and Z planes. Rotation of the rig in the Y Plane will automatically set wheel rotation to compensate of vehicle moving in the opposite direction after rotation.

Also addition spin can be added or blended on top to simulate wheelspin etc. Also each wheel can be switched on or off, also each wheel can be set to stop or rotate in reverse at any time.

Vehicle rig also sets up steering for front (and rear) with independant steering for both front and rear steer with different ratios for both if required. Also front and rear can be switched off or even reversed to simulate the type of steering seen on high performance cars.

The rig also sets up fully independant and controllable suspension for each wheel. The vehicle will tilt and swivel based on position of wheel ground locators. If these are constrained to a ground plane then suspension will automatically operate.

Scripts allow +/- rotation of the whole vehicle without rotating the main control rigs. Also added additional controls for independent control of each wheels suspension and now able to vary speed and rotion direction of each wheel individually. Rig can be attached to a Ground Plane and or a motion path using scripts.

Davvey's Vehicle Rigger
  06 June 2007
Hi, thank u for the list, this is very useful

It's a shame that I have two old & unfinished Rigs in the list! I should update/finish them asap! ok, I'll do, but after I finish my current free rig, it is in very beta stage (sketchy), my students yesterday had tested it but I need more ppl to test it, brutally and savagely!

Link to: Chuz beta 0.5.7

please notice that:

- no facials, yet (just jaw, eyebrows and eyes)
- some connections are not done yet
- some things are missing too (like fk, stretch, etc)
- some things are not working properly yet

If you have any idea please PM only or reach me at:

Thank you!
Ila Soleimani

"Billions of bilious blue blistering barbecued barnacles!...Cannibal!"

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  02 February 2008
In class we studing bird animation at the moment. I world really like to find a nice bird rig to use. I have looked all over but I cannot find anything. If anyone knows where I could find one it would be a great help. Thank you
  02 February 2008
free dinosaur rigs.

hey people! I never noticed this post before, well here's my humble contribution.


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  05 May 2008
Need Model

Hi friends ,
i need wild cat or any other quadruped model for my rigging demoreel .plz send any link.
  05 May 2008
Awesome list there.

Nice and useful list there dude!

And yeah I found this basic character rigging link on the internet hope can be useful to anyone here!
  08 August 2008
More Rigs

Here are two more rigs to add to the list:

Rudy: Fully textured Male with FBIK Rig
Octopus: Harryhausen-esque Octopus with hair dynamics driving the tentacles.

...and here are some custom control handles for creating your own rigs.

Todd Palamar

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  09 September 2008
It has been an incredibly long time since I have posted (or made) any of my personal work online. During the writers strike I found I had a little bit more spare time than I was used to, so I started work on a character that I wanted to release to the community. The strike ended as quickly as it started and I never got the time to finish it up. Until now.

When I set out to design this rig, I wanted to make it easy to use 'out of the box'. That meant no need to install any shelves or scripts to get right into using the character. It also had to update fast (EI: No fancy muscle systems or dynamics this time around). I picked a cartoony character because I wanted the challenge of working on a gooey/stretchy rig. The name is because I'm not very good at making names and Tonga is a place I would like to visit one day.

  • "Osipa influenced" facial system
  • Squashy/stretchy torso that allows for 'floating' FK animation (IE, you can translate stuff around and it still looks cool)
  • Pre-set hand poses on the palm controller for common or hard to build shapes (Thumbs up, punch, grab weapon etc). I can add more poses to the rig as needed. Feel free to make suggestions.
  • FK/IK switching/stretching on arms and legs
  • Full foot rig.
  • Head and eyes can 'lock' or 'float' as needed.
  • Spline and FK controls for the tail.

Download link

Special thanks to Tyler Hoolaeff for the animators perspective and Devan Mussato for rigging suggestions and QC. I hope you enjoy playing with it.
Mike Rhone
-VFX Artist-

Dust Rig - tutorial for Maya

Tonga the Fox - Free cartoony rig for Maya!

Last edited by MikeRhone : 09 September 2008 at 07:20 AM.
  10 October 2008

Thanks for putting this list together.
  12 December 2008
Rockwell Rig

Here is a link to a free Maya Rig called Rockwell. I plan on doing a lot of updates to it, let me know what works and what doesn't, and what things i should add and omit.


My Rigging Blog
  01 January 2009
Clydesdale Rig

Here is a link to my horse rig:

Created in Maya 2008, tested on 8.5
Horse body fully rigged with some facial controls

The rig is light weight, easy to use, comes with documentation, and a small embedded set-up GUI.

Last edited by crcjax : 01 January 2009 at 07:44 PM.
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