Nuke Explosions..for Ka-boom freaks only!

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Old 05 May 2009   #46
Hey Aiki!
thnxs for ur feedback,
I agree tht a field can be replacement for standard turbulence or may be temperature turbulence..but In case of fire I tend to use a lot of temp turbulence which does gives a fine detail noise in the hot area of fire where heat is more present & doesnt effect much where heat is almost absent. So u think I can mimic this behaviour with field???
or Is there any other alternate for temp turbulence which has a same effect on fluid ?

Old 05 May 2009   #47
Try localizing the turbulence field using a max distance, I use really low values on the field otherwise you get the out-of-control velocities. I also turn on velocity draw so I can see what is happening or what is causing the problems. Hope that helps.
Old 05 May 2009   #48
I found a breakdown video of Watchmen. There is a part shows a huge mushroom smoke. I know it doesn't give anything info how to set up it but I just want to share good link.
No.1: Teakiz
Old 05 May 2009   #49
Just a small update on my nuke Explosion`s study!


I still wanna thank Wayno for his tips & tricks. thnxs mate for ur knid help. It was very valuable to me.

C & C are welcum.


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Old 05 May 2009   #50
Nice Vik. /thumbsup
Old 05 May 2009   #51
Could you sharing your settings Viki?
No.1: Teakiz
Old 06 June 2009   #52
Hey Giap : sorry for late reply as I fell sick from last couple of days , now lil better. Anyway I think I already said tht abt my explosion in this thread may be in the first page but Incase if not then let me tell u tht most of the stuff tht I followed & learned from fumefx vs Maya fluid thread. especially the tips from tokanhanna. have check :

& furhter I started playing with High detail solve by using all grids except velocity. coz velocity On in high detail solve can be very dicy if things go beyond normal values like in temp turbulence or swirl values. Hence to get continuous swirl I avoided using high detail solve set all grids rather I used All grids except velocity. My sim scale is around : 1.5,
I hav also keyed the emission parameter on & off first few frames,
Keyed the incandescence.
Keyed Buoyancy.
Swirl did not key coz this is what keeps the billowing motion.
my all test were done with single fluid container only. for shockwave I used a volume axis field with a magnitude of 50-60 but keyed only for first few frames,

hope it helps.
Old 06 June 2009   #53
Hi Vikis: thanks for your reply and the link. I am reading first 9 pages and I have learned a lot so far. I haven't finished reading the whole thread but could you correct this for me?

This is my experiment.

Tokanohanna said that if the High detail solve set to All Grid will give the smoke a better movement. So far, when I change high detail solve to all grid, the velocity is unstable after 10 frames but it works fine with "all grid without velocity". However, when I reside the container to around lower than 20 for all axis and keep the same resolution. I also change the bouyancy and temperature turbulence very low too (I usually key Bouyan and turbulence very high for first couple frames. Above 300 sometimes). Because the Bouyancy and temp turbulence are in the range of default settings. The volecity works just fine with High Detail solve All Grid.

So... with that experiment. I realize if I keep container size small so the bouyancy no need to be keyed so high. Then, the velocity will be more stable. Is it correct?
No.1: Teakiz
Old 06 June 2009   #54
dude this is sumthing tht u need to try & see it urself visually. I m quite dumb to visualise it.
the reason why I keep my high detail solve off coz velocity keeps multiplying all the time if it is set to ON.
the good part of keeping it ON is u get a continuous volcanic eruption effect which u wont get in Keeping High detail solve OFF.
but keeping it OFF allows more room for voxels to swirl depending on ur swirl values. & often U can go crazy with high values for temp turbulence or buoyancy etc etc & it wont break up like it often does when High Detail solve is set to ALL GRIDS.

hope it helps.

Old 06 June 2009   #55

Hey viki!

How did you render the seahore_nparticles and cigarsmoke only using hardware render? Mine are all blobs! Thanks always!
I like drawing. And i hope to make more like-minded friends.
It is my belief that emotion is the source of painting.
Old 06 June 2009   #56
Thumbs up

Originally Posted by viki164: Just a small update on my nuke Explosion`s study!


I still wanna thank Wayno for his tips & tricks. thnxs mate for ur knid help. It was very valuable to me.

C & C are welcum.


Hey Vik,

Nukes 2,3, and 5 are outstanding. Keep up the neat work.
IntroductionTo Maya Fluids:
Old 06 June 2009   #57
For the Kaboom freaks. This explanation video how Nuke was created in Killzone 2 would be entertaining after days of studying Maya Fluid.
No.1: Teakiz
Old 06 June 2009   #58
Originally Posted by viki164: Just a small update on my nuke Explosion`s study!


I still wanna thank Wayno for his tips & tricks. thnxs mate for ur knid help. It was very valuable to me.

C & C are welcum.


Hi Viki164,
First i want to say that your Nukes are outstanding...
i was wondering how you can get all this details in your fluid, if you look at the picture i have the same fluid resolution as your(90X120X90) but my fluid surface looks really flat?
could you share your scene so we can learn from or maybe a tutorial?

Old 06 June 2009   #59
a bump bc, i would like to see how he achieved such detail

could it be from the texturing?

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Old 06 June 2009   #60
Thumbs up

Did I mention abt my fluid res for the stuff Of which u are displaying here? I doubt plz correct me coz as far as I know I mention my res for this fluid sim:

anyway my recent fluid tests are pretty high on resolution like around 150 200 100. i don`t remember exactly of how far I hav gone with resolution for that pic coz I have lots of nuke test scene files in my personal folder & I m kinda lost which one relate to wt frames.

anyway Sharing stuff has never been a threat or violation to me but recently I just came across some dudes are simply using mine & other cgtalk stuff directly in production shot without knowing its base foundation or construction for setting up the sim which is pretty lame & we don`t get credit also :-(
I hav spent a month for studying nuke dynamics & still learning to create a masterpiece in my free times So I hope people wuld appreciate every other artist stuff & professionals who are taking their valuable time out from their busy work & are helping others like just to name a few like Duncan, tokanhann, Dave (destruct007). aikiman, heavy. thomwickes & many others fluid experts have always been helpful.
So plz give their credits wherever u think they deserve & appreciate our community efforts for runing this cgtalk as life saviour for all effects artist.

anyway at sum point I`ll try making a simple tut for Nuke explosions in my free time but I m also noob about creating a webpage shit. So I might ask Dave for a help.
meanwhile if u get stuck sumwhere then PM me or others for help.

"Animals are good souls plz help them whenever u can!"

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