" H " has taken over all Effects Jobs, almost all of it. is it good or bad ?

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Old 02 February 2012   #31
Originally Posted by mandark1011: This is the third Houdini user ive heard this from...and I really do bang my head against a wall far too often with Maya...time to look into Houdini I suppose.

Michael Just to be sure you will not give up after your Houdini startup... You will really break your head a LOT against MANY wall during your Houdini beginings. Again the road is really really hard, houdini is definitly a complex package when you begin, has a maya user you are use to work on a high level tool , with houdini you must learn a pretty geeky logics , its close from Renderman in the idea : you have access to all the core functions of the software and you have the control on every parameter. Thus you feel really really lost in this ocean of complexity but if you fight hard on each pb you meet you really push your knowledge in CG to a really deeper level of knowledege. I'm pretty sure Houdini will be the defacto FX standard in the coming years cause it simply offer a workflow very close from How your brain approach pbs to solve them ... it offer a very elegant approach !

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Old 02 February 2012   #32
Originally Posted by stooch: lol.

this is a funny thread.

like i said SLOWdini.

its good if you have a month to develop a vfx shot, however if you are a generalist working on a faster paced production, its maya or 3dsmax all the way.

I am also eager to see what 12 brings to the table, it just may be fast enough to use.

keeping my fingers crossed.

haha, slowdini. Nice.
Old 02 February 2012   #33
Houdini is excellent package , where you build your effect structure , and have full control of effect , and can change everything in any time.

Only problem is that is little slow for smaller studios , where you need to get job done in short time.

I hope with houdini 12 things will change , especially for fluid sims , etc.

Maya is probably worst package for fx at the moment.If you want control you must go into mel,python (and this is slow).

Max have some great plugins , TP ,fumefx , where you can finish work quickly , with good control and final output.
Old 02 February 2012   #34
houdini 12 kicks ass 10x better than 11

just stay tuned ull see when h 12 see the light

Old 02 February 2012   #35
Do you have info when houdini 12 will be released?

It's been a while since houdini 12 annoncement , about new cool features...
Old 02 February 2012   #36
All I can say is H12 will be worth the wait.

On the subject, Maya user of 5 years and switch to Houdini 2 years ago and busy every since.
Old 02 February 2012   #37
Come to Weta dude this place was built on Maya, still is and will be for at least another 5 years. I think Naiad is the future also, at least for Weta it is the present.
Old 02 February 2012   #38
can i come aiki my friend, im maya guy too?

Old 02 February 2012   #39


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Old 02 February 2012   #40
Hey guys sorry to reply so late..

Hello fellow FX artist Viks ur reel is great. U shouldn't have a problem getting into Houdini.
Now as far as the difference between the two packages there is major differences in the two. A different mentality is one another is Pure Proceduralism some thing Maya can say it has but only wants to be. Directability out of the box no plug ins or scripting needed on some. Expressions yes and non destructive workflow. I have used both since Beta and have found maya is good for character animation and FX but lacks in hardcore control unless u use Mel or now python. Houdini has unmatched particle systems that can handle millions of particles with scripting plug ins only using expressions and not crash. Maya crashes like u all know way too much. Their rigid bodies can out perform Maya's as well. Rendering out of box beats Maya's default render any day of the Year. They just received the Oscar for Mantra. Maya would never. They have an Oscar for the software as a whole only. Learning Houdini is rather steap only if u have used other softwares and u can't let go of the workflows of the others. Just the main concepts are needed to learn Houdini and math if u want create breath taking images. Native renderman out of the box since all u need is the license. U can create shaders and lighting set ups with out leaving the software same as mental ray. Isn't a memory hog for the files no MB for light scenes like maya . H12 beats maya in speed sends it back to the stone age. It's like Windows and Mac OSX windows tries
But can't do it. Same with Maya and Houdini other have tried to copy But they are the ones setting the trends. Tech support unmatched in the industry they come out with daily updates Autodesk does every how often and it's still buggy fixing some thing breaking others. Yes Houdini has been there for 25 years the secret weapon of VFX houses worldwide. They put their mind and money where they knew it should go. They hit the higher education hard and got the word out got good industry pros teaching it now they are building their workforce that wasn't their before. Now they are taking over because studios know they now can have the workforce they wanted. Maya is still good but once u seriously get into Houdini u won't want to go back on your own free will. Maya will always be there reguardless. But if u want true power then Houdini is the package to do it in.

So are u ready to truely be free with ur imagination or do u want to still Mel script ur day away instead of creating the unthinkable and have some fun. U can also make ur FX as a
Digital Asset ten times quicker then in Maya.
Old 02 February 2012   #41
Thumbs up "H"

Learn houdini you will love it... and u can make your shots really fast once you know it... it's Highend at it's best......

Old 02 February 2012   #42
To all Maya addicts, send your reel to Weta! They will be hiring again soon for The Hobbit so best of luck, hopefully they ask me back too.
Old 02 February 2012   #43
This all sounds like a comercial for Houdini. BUT it is always better to learn more.

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Old 02 February 2012   #44
Vik, Weta love Maya fluids, most fire and explosions done in Maya. They have just built their own inhouse fluid solver too but Maya fluids well establised, Houdini just there for guys who want to use it.
Old 02 February 2012   #45
Originally Posted by viki164:


sounds cool Aikiman, but shouldn't they already start long time ago with the cg for The Hobbit? Or do you mean the second part?
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