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  08 August 2012
Many compliments Seb! This is a great work really, and you make it freeware. Superb!
here's my blog, you'r welcome to visit and comment! :)
  09 September 2012
Hey Seb,

I know you've heard it all before but really amazing work you did there, one of the best scripts out there!!! I wanted to know if there was anyway of getting the clouds to be warped around a sphere; like earth. I'm at the moment working on an photo realistic planet render and wanted to experiment with the 3d clouds, and as yours are so amazing, it would be a great element to use in the comp. Maybe getting the nparticles to stick to the sphere or something like that.

Kind regards


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  09 September 2012
Thanks for the kind words guys, i'm happy the script help you !

Rob , i thinks it definitly possible, i have no time to dive again in my code, but, the script respect a precise hierarchy and a naming setup. If you
- select your planet
- emit particles from object with no speed and a max distance
- then setup your radiusPP
- instanciate nurbs sphere on it
- uninstance the nurbs sphere with this script
- rename all those sphere with the correct naming convention in my script
- replace the sphere in your cloud hierarchy by the one you 've just create
this will work i guess

be carrefully to no regenerate position it will delete your sphere ...
  09 September 2012
Hey again Seb,

Thanks so very much for the detailed and comprehensive reply. I'll give your idea a try and let you know how it goes, fingers crossed its goes to plan

Speak to you soon,

Kind regards

  09 September 2012
Hello Seb,

So I gave it all a go and here is what I came up with:

Everything seems to work ok, but when I get to the stage of generating the fluid emitters I start to have problems. The emitter doesn't fill the blobby spheres I created; it creates a much smaller sphere in each nurbs. This causes the fluid to not get emitted/distributed properly. My guess it's something to do with the radiusPP expression in the emitter? I have attached some pics to show it with the emitters and the fluid.

Also could you please explain what you meant when you said "then setup your radiusPP". Am I setting this up on the nparticles I'm generating to vary size?

Thanks very much for all your time as always!

Kind regards


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  09 September 2012
i'll check this asap ! are you sure that the scale of your nurbs sphere are correct, maybe the script freeze the scale at <<1,1,1>>. So instead of having various scale all nurbs sphere has a freeze scale thus the particle radius is 1 everywhere.

if its not the case i'm gonna check this.

but for a planet you must divide to conquer i'm afraid.

What is you shot a flythrough ? a close up , or you will just see the clouds from a far dstance.
Cause in that case i would texture various overiding sphere with a UV textures in Nuke + mix with some footage, well to sum up i will go 2D in Nuke
  09 September 2012
I was actually making all the booby nurbs scale at 1 1 1, but even when I didn't touch the scales the emitters still didn't fill up the bloobys, although they did vary in size - just didn't fill the space up. I've attached a pic to show the emitters which you can see do vary in size. It seems it is a scaling issue or the blobbys aren't linking to the emitters properly???

To instance im using the instancer in nparticles, is that the right way to go? Also what settings should I use when baking the spheres, everything ticked?

At the moment I'm just experimenting with different techniques to create the clouds, some distance shots, others close up shots. Your suggestion is one of them, I know they did that for the film 'Melancholia'! But I would really love to incorporate your clouds in there too.

Update: I just tried instancing an blooby created using the script and the emitter now works fine. If this is what your were suggesting to begin with, then I'm sorry for the confusion. Thats so much for your assistance. Attached is a very quick result to just give an idea.

All the best and Kind regards



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  02 February 2013
Hi guys,

Wonder where do I find the "AEfluidEmitterRadiusPP"? I've tried searching under the AETemplates but it's not there.
  02 February 2013
Any chance this work on OSX 2011?
  02 February 2013
Nevermind, I am stupid!

Last edited by Ekenryd : 02 February 2013 at 03:18 PM.
  02 February 2013
Guys if you have any questions the best way is to post on vimeo ( i will receive a mail ) , as i am switching on H , i dont visit the maya dynamics section as often as i use to !


  02 February 2013
Hi, your script is very useful and powerful. But i got few problems after I try to use it.

I had read your methods on this link( I don't really understand that what the meaning of " we need 3 level of details". Dose it mean i need to duplicate the same BOX in three times and adjust the different setting for each BOXs?
Also, would you mind to tell me what is the actual meaning of "level3"?

I follow your tutorial on vimeo and the result is like this.
You can see the transparency is too high in the midldle of that cloud.

Another question is when i use mental ray to render it in maya is just fine, i can got a pretty nice result. But after i switch the renderer to Vray, it only can render a very small area of clouds in that image. And the rendering time is extremely long.

If it is prossbile, would you mind to reply me on mail? Here is my address
I really need your help.

  07 July 2013
A related Maya fluids Mental Ray Proxy question...

Great work on these clouds for Maya, and I wondered if you could answer a question about rendering fluids and Mental Ray.

I'm interested in speeding up a render with many non-animating fluids containers in MR, and want to use the MR proxies in Maya to do this.

But when I go through the process of creating a MR proxy for a fluid object, even when I export the whole scene, the proxy renders blank in Maya, although the proxy appears ot correctly contain the text file describing the fluid.

Do you know what I am doing wrong, is there any way to get this to work?
  07 July 2013
will this work on 2013?
  07 July 2013
Great script- just a few suggestions

Hello Seb,

Just came across your fantastic script. I've had no problems with it, so no complaints!
Thanks for posting your work. I just have one suggestion- it would be wonderful if the toggles actually displayed the state they were set to. Currently, the "toggles" just activate a hidden attribute, which is especially confusing when looking at the "Rate PP" and "Velocity PP" attr. It would be great to see if they, and the display attrs, had been activated.

Again, no complaint's, just suggestions.and thanks!

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