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  01 January 2012

i used you script it's really very cool , i try it for many times but now it's gives me an error like that

// Warning: Cycle on 'nParticleBase_CLOUD_001Shape.output[0]' may not evaluate as expected. (Use 'cycleCheck -e off' to disable this warning.) // // Warning: Cycle on 'nParticleBase_CLOUD_001Shape.output[0]' may not evaluate as expected. (Use 'cycleCheck -e off' to disable this warning.) //

// Warning: Cycle on 'nParticleCluster_CLOUD_001Shape.output[0]' may not evaluate as expected. (Use 'cycleCheck -e off' to disable this warning.) //

everything is work fine untill i creat the particels and try to Emitte fluid it gives me this lines and there is no fluid emmition .

thanks for your help
  01 January 2012
Hi Hany !

in order to help you i will need , your Maya version your Os and a test scene with the bugs.
i copy past a mail i send providing useful tips :

the 2 main bugs you will encounter with my scripts are :

1) Strange block in the Alpha Channel this is a Scale on Fluid BOX issue and here is the workflow to avoid PBs

- You must always work in the area of the bouding box
- You must never scale your fluid box, scale must stay at 1,1,1
- When your cloud is finish and that you're sure with the design you bake your fluids with the bake button
- when your fluid box is bake you can delete everything except the fluids
- only when this is OK you can SCALE the fluids
if you don't do that you will have alpha issues with your fluids.

2) Intersection BUGs , beetween the fluid BOX that cross each other

For the cloud intersection it seems that you must divide to conquer to avoid problems
so as much as you can divide your scene into area:
- foreground left , center , right for ex
- midlle ground left , center , and right
- background left , center , an right

Render each stuff separatly and composite them in compositing

- you will avoid too much overlap of fluids that will avoid bugs
- you will have more control if you need a modification on a cloud
- you will divide your rendertime if you need to relunch a particular cloud

Follow religiously the workflow of Srdjan Milosevic on Harry Potter, i take inspiration on him for the script :

I guess that it will remain 10% of potential error for certain clouds so for those
10% you will have to modify the shape of your clouds, try various configuration
until you get something that work without bug ! We are in the maya world , and you always will have to bypass bugs to get your stuff done !

Last edited by SebKaine : 01 January 2012 at 11:14 AM.
  01 January 2012

i am working on windows 7 - 64 bit , Maya 2011 64 bit ,with intel i7 - 860 , i got this error when i am just creating emitter " shading section" , it create the particels , and create the fluid container but now fluid emittion in the scene and here is a scene file to what i got

i try many times and try to find the solution , in fact i can't but the process stop when maya try to convert the particels to mesh , is there in buges in my ver. of maya , i try the script with other machines but the same error .

sorry for bothering you but i am really need your script in a job now and your script is very helpful

sincerely ,

Hany Allam

Last edited by artology132 : 01 January 2012 at 08:49 PM.
  01 January 2012

Thanks emmanuel for your help , i got a new ver. of maya and now everything is working good thanks for your help , and i am very sorry for bothering you again

Hany Allam
  01 January 2012

The tool and tutorial is awesome. I am having the same trouble as previous poster. After I create cloud, position, and blobby the emitter gives an error of :

// Warning: Cycle on 'nParticleCluster_CLOUD_001Shape.output[0]' may not evaluate as expected. (Use 'cycleCheck -e off' to disable this warning.)

I have windows 7 Ultimate x64, Maya 2012 x64, AMD x4 8GB RAM. I tried with just default settings in the tool as well as following the video tutorial as best I could.

Thank you very much for sharing your tool and knowledge.
  01 January 2012
Hi guys ! i will check this as soon as i can ! unfortunatly i'm extremely busy at the moment, so you will have to be patient !

It will be impossible for me to check the pb this week , i'll try to look at this error next week !

For the moment just be sure to use 2011 SP1 if you use Maya 2011.

For Maya 2012 i've never use it in production, so i don't know about the actual new pbs with this version !
So i will need more time to identify the pb. Maybe i need to modify the script for 2012 ?

Cheers !

Last edited by SebKaine : 01 January 2012 at 03:12 PM.
  05 May 2012
I have used this script and it's pretty amazing man. Will there be a Maya 2013 version soon.
  05 May 2012
Hi Dave , normally the script should work on 2013, have you try it yet ? if you get an error message what is the output ?

For the cycle error i get this one 90% of the time when i work with nParticles, so don't worry about it !

In case of an incompatibility with 2013, as i am focus now on switching to houdini, i'm afraid i will not have the time and courage to refix the script ! but i will definitly be happy to help you solve the pb !

Cheers Man !
  05 May 2012
The script looks pretty amazing, but how can I install it for Maya 2013 on Mac?
It would be nice to use your script for my first matte painting show reel which I must do for my study...

thanks a lot Seb
  05 May 2012

Dude, this is an awesome cloud generator script.

I saw your reel, and thought; "wow cool tool".

Next thing you know, i'm in this thread.

Thank you.
  05 May 2012
glad to see that u like it, for 2013 i've never test it, but as the script is only MEL it should work fine. let me know if there is a pb

for matte painting task vue and terragen 2 are good for clouds so you can have a look at them.
my script works pretty well but if you really need photorealism i will stay with ... photos ...

  07 July 2012
Merci pour ce super script !
  07 July 2012
When I try to create base points, I got this error:

// Error: No object matches name: //

Cluster points are working.

Maya 2012 SP2, Win7 64bit.
  08 August 2012
fields on fluids

hey Emmanuel Mouillet ..great script u have got there...
i have a question.. once we get the fluids going why dont they get affected by fields??
i would like to have moving clouds not static
  08 August 2012
Hi Bhavya,

Making nice growing clouds with a realistic evolution across time, is not a feature really supported in the script.

Basically to get such evolution you need to keep the grid dynamics, if you do so the fluid will quickly expand to respect the divergence rules in each voxels.

To control how the fluid expand the coolest way would be to create the animation of your clouds with the particles, and then transmit the behavior of those particles to the fluid grid like
- PP fluid field
- a Divergence controler throw expression

But honestly it will be tricky i guess , and to be honest i was too lazy to attack the problem at the time i wrote the script ...

Anyway keep in mind that if you don't use sprite or tricks, this kind of pb is really hard to solve in a 100% fluid approach ! A friend did this in Houdini and it was also hard to solve ...
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