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  08 August 2006
Talking Fetch | Cg Short.

Hey everyone,

This collaboration is just something I wanted to do just for the fun of it.
And to get a chance to do something cartoony, opposed to the sci-fi project
I have going on here.

I've met a few friends working on other collaboration projects.
And we started to flesh out a simple idea.

So I think it is at a good stage to post what we have so far.

The concept is based on an idea that "The Freak" had.
And we both brain stormed to flesh out the idea.
At the same time trying to keep it simple.

I've done a few sketches and a quick animatic
to start the ball rolling...No pun intended

Also we will be working with "omega3d" doing some rigging.
And hopefully "tdotmusiq" will help us out with some basic props and models.

This project is open for ANYBODY TO JOIN ON.. so if you want to jump
in for the fun of it then we will be more then happy to have you.

I will try to direct the project , and keep it moving the best I can.

So here is what we have.

The basic idea is a boy and has dog, the boy tries to make a contraption
to throw a ball for his dog so that he will have more time to play with his
video games. which ends up back firing on him.

To save some time we will use the model of the boy in my avatar.
All the rest of stuff will be made from scratch.

The goal right now is to just complete one shot [ the opening shot ]
If that shot comes out okay, then the rest should fall into place .

Click below for video file. 1.56 megs

Shot layout sketch.

Dog Concept.

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  08 August 2006
Hey There,

I am just adding the outline for this first scene, please keep in mind that this is still a WIP and could change. The other scenes will follow as and when we do them.

Scene 1: OPENING
We open on a blue sky, a few wispy clouds breaking the colour
Suddenly a ball comes into view at the top of it's arc
We follow the ball down
It bounces on a fence and into a yard
It lands on the letters FETCH and bounce's along
As we follow the ball we hear the echos of a mother and son arguing about him not doing his chores
We follow the ball as it lightly bounces on the ground and rolls forward to a halt a few inches away from a boy playing his PSP
His mother shouts his name repeatedly in the background and you can see his frustration on his face
He tries his best to ignore her and concentrate on the game
The mother ROARS at him from the house and he flinches in shock and you hear the sounds of him getting killed in the game
He looks throughly pissed off and in a fit of anger he smacks the ball in front of him
The ball rolls forward and bounces along until it stops outside a dog kennel
A small dog follows the ball until it halts and then pounces out of his kennel and looks at the ball
He yelps a few times at the ball and then excitedly picks up the ball in his mouth and bounds over to where the kid is playing his PSP


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  08 August 2006
Thumbs up Looks good

Sup BOY1DA, The Freak. Seen this Thread so I decided to join up. Looks like its gonna be good. I aint all that good but I can do some basic stuff. No animation for me, lol, unless you want your models to be walking backwards. Hey thats sounds like a good idea . A guy walking backwards in time, ahh I'll save that for another thread .
So boy1da and The Freak, if you guys have anything thats simple and quick for me to do then pass it on.
I'll check back later to see any further replies. lata
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  08 August 2006
How are ya doin! Glad to be on the team, gots my seatbelt strapped. lol. For the rigging, i will have a blog for the rigs.




I absolutely love the detail you did in the animatic just playin.. Good start. Talk to ya later.

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Gotta live it up.
  08 August 2006
Good to have you all sign in.

Okay lets get it rolling !
We will need to start gettin' the models props done.
I will arrange them in the shot as they are provided.
I drew some simple concepts. If there are any better concept artist are out there
jump in.

For now I'll start it off. I will add more as we go...
The first image is the props for the dog.
If anyone wants to model any of them just post or send me a PM

Next is the boys video game.
Same as above looking for a modeler.

That is it for now. more to come.


Text in RED is being worked on.

- Ball : omega3d , tdotmusiq , BOY1DA

- Game: omega3d

- Dog: Psyk0

- Dog house: The_Wicked_Caveman

- Dog bowl: The_Wicked_Caveman

- Pickett fence : thebest

- Main house ( Just front and side wall with door and a window ) The_Wicked_Caveman

- Low poly houses for backdrop

- Ball throwing machine made of junk : Bot13 TheFreak

- Back yard junk ( let us know your Ideas ) russo88

Last edited by BOY1DA : 09 September 2006 at 11:00 PM.
  08 August 2006
This looks like it is off for a good start. (looks like all collab projects on here have at least one person involved in this one ) this will not be a collab short but the CGTALK collab short lol

You guys mind if I give the dog stuff a try?
Could do some animation aswell if needed later on

3D Modeler. Texture Artist, Lighting & Shading, Scripting & Programming

  08 August 2006
Hey there... Well. I can say that I tried modeling.. you can check out the models on Omar's server. They are under my folder. I used my expert modeling to create the ball and the game thingy.. I don't even like the game thingy.. lol.

That would be awesom if you can give the dog stuff a try.. Go ahead and send it to me when you are finished, I will rig it.

I need sleep ::groans:: lol.. peace out

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Gotta live it up.
  08 August 2006

oh man I couldn`t resist
I`am busy with projects
but I`am in let me know if I can help
  08 August 2006

Hey Jozef, jump right in.
I will send you a PM with the ftp info.
That way you can post your wips on the server.


Tony !
Hey dude glad to have you join us.
I will add some more concepts soon.

And I will edit the list I did in my last post ,
to show what models are being worked on.
I will let you know what is avalible as soon as possible .

Ball set up.

Hey Jon, since you have a good knowledge of rigging.

You can add a simple rig to the ball.
That way the animator can do squash and stretch
at the same time have the ball spin/roll.

- Create a dummy object.

- Link the ball to the dummy object

- create a space warp

- Link the space warp to the dummy object.

- Bind the space warp to the ball.

I haven't came up with a color scheme for the ball yet.

I have a few comments to improve the model.

- There is a small pinch at the place the star is...
maybe use another method to get your sphere.

- Try to use a mask for the star.
That way you can change the size and color or shader of the star if it needs
to be adjusted. we can then adjust the look bases on how it looks with all
the other props.

The game could use a bit of rounding off, to give it a bit more of a toon feel.

I think the sides should be one piece with the screen, for a slicker look.

The mesh is a bit heavy for the round parts.
probably better to stick with sub-d mesh smooth modeling.
that way we can have multi-resolution models.

If you want to see how you can go about it , check out the videos I did here.
You'll get a much more smoother look.

tdotmusiq may also have a game model, but i will have to see if she still has it.

So focus on the ball right now. It is the first thing we will see .
The animator will need it soon.

  08 August 2006

hi everyone here the fence

  08 August 2006
Here is the doghouse (the start of it because the entrance maybe is a bit to big?) and his food "thing" with the bone and some kind of food

3D Modeler. Texture Artist, Lighting & Shading, Scripting & Programming

  08 August 2006
Wow things are going allot faster then I exspected.... great.

I guess I should start texturing and laying out the models in the scene.

Thanks Tony.

Looks good to me Jozef. Put the model file on the server.

  08 August 2006
Wow, this is a smoking project. I didn't think we can finish it in a week. haha. anyway.. here is an update on the rig:


Check out the image.. I will upload the file so that you can play with an updated rig before its skinned so that you can get used to it.

I did those models last night in about 3 minutes Sorry for the low quality . Actually, the ball took, maybe 5 minutes -- I took a bathroom break about half way through. haha.

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Gotta live it up.
  08 August 2006
Okay, I just uploaded the V7 rig. Its in the wip folder.
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Gotta live it up.
  08 August 2006
Hey Jon.
Any twist bones on the arms ? I think we will need that .
Most of the shots will be on upper body animation. You may not need feet curls.

I'll check out the rig soon, I was just trying out version 5.

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