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  10 October 2005
"1467-1568: The 10 year-long Onin no Ran (Onin War) brings disintegration of central government, followed by the Sengoku Jidai (Era of the Country at War). Firearms introduced by shipwrecked Portuguese soldiers (1543),Christianity by Francis Xavier (1549)."

"the whole ninja thing needs to be new, not known of, so the timeframe is 1530 or maybey 1540"

not that i dont have the personal resources but it's just easier to copy and paste.

minamoto no yoshitsune is the first person documented to use ninja like tactics in a japanese folk tale. in which he was educated by a tengu in the way of the sword.(obviously not historical fact) he was instead educated by buddhist monks with such books as "the art of war" he then snuck into the emperors palace dressed as a woman, assasinated the emperor and seized the throne.

"One of the earliest roots of ninja, Togakure Ryū, reportedly originated in the late Heian Period. Iga and Kōga are two of the most famous ninja styles, and are often pitted against each other in fiction. In reality, they were allies and worked together in mutual defense pacts. Both of these claim that they originate in the Heian period." (wikipiedia) all true.

the heian period lasted from 794 to 1185

togakure ryu ninjutsu was founded by daisuke togakure as he became known


"After Yoshinaka's defeat, one of his samurai retainers, Daisuke Nishina of Togakure Village escaped to the mountains of Iga in south central Japan. Nishina's native village of Togakure is now known as Togakushi, and was an early center of Shugendo training. It may be that Nishina engaged in such training, but the records of the Togakure ryu do not mention it. The mountains provided an easy place to hide from the enemy troops, who still searched for Yoshinaka's forces. Daisuke Nishina, who subsequently changed his name to Daisuke Togakure, later became known as the first Soke (family head) of the Togakure ryu of ninjutsu." (all true)

if your looking for when the ninja were new and not known of the story would be around this time.

the sengoku musou when ninja were most active was between 1467 and 1615

picking a date around when firearms were introduced produces a flaw in your "ninja are not known of" theory. as previously stated, during this time they were most active and most prominent.

as this is a work of fiction i do acknowledge that you can do whatever you well please, but being that your trying to base this somewhat in reality im just letting you know the plot holes you are introducing.

please send a copy of the script to me when it is available
  10 October 2005
you gonna have to go round to Boones house and shake it out of him, cos he like to hide these things away from people :P..... Once I get a draft Ill let you look over it, but we need the time frame around where it is now, the gun issue can be fudged, Id like to see some kind of special weapon in there......
5 BLADES collab
  10 October 2005
ok but time period being as it is ninja were definitely prominent and far from new


special weapon...oh man...is this turning into samurai gun....
  10 October 2005
well, I wanna have a rifle vs Long bow stand off, and then some kind of 6 barrel short range scatter gun.......
5 BLADES collab
  10 October 2005
Quote: why not join us?

What Boone said! (Other than the good animator part, i suck!)

Hmmm...I tried modelling a Samurai sword sometime back, think i collected a bunch of reference for it. Lemme see if i can dig them up when i get back home!
  10 October 2005
looks like a nice project, i wonder what the result will be like
good luck !

  10 October 2005
That would be cool, we got an animator/modeler in processing.... (hehe sounds like starwars)....

but the more the merrier, what 3d program do you use??

Thanks Blz, hopefully we will have an animated scene that can rival FFAC.....

I think, with the right help, and lots of hard work, we can get somthing of that quality, Boone knows my work, and sofar he is the only one who knows what I can do on my own, but with help, I think we can do somthing that will definately get onto the front pages of cgtalk.... maybey even further.... who knows...
5 BLADES collab
  10 October 2005
sup ppl! :] very promissing project!
I'm studying animation, and this looks so cool..! so you can count on me on that
i can be of some help with modeling to..
here are a few links to some stuff i've made. meh.. don't mind the lack of organization, lot of unfinished/old things and ramdom non related stuf (there are even some math works there lol), but no worries, no nodity! :P i'm posting direct links so you dont have to dig'em up hehe
  10 October 2005
Guys, here is a definite deadline for the first draft of the screenplay - Tommorow night!

Re: Littlebluerobots.

Please don't hurt me! I promise it will be handed in to you by no later than 1800hrs tommorow! I'm currently writing up the ending...

Re: Gunslingerblack.

You're on History detail! Once you get my screenplay, pick it apart. Send it back to me with your notes in red text.
Silo, 3D Coat, Blender
C, Java
  10 October 2005
around this time they would still be using straight up muskets so...whatevs i'll have to see more when i look at the script
  10 October 2005
LittleBlueRobots ? why are u never Accepting my requstion off adding you via
and I cant be a member of the yahoo group cause you havent accept me there eighter.
plz accept me.
And Nice modelling Diego.
  10 October 2005
Runs into meeting hall...


Re: Littlebluerobots.

Check yer mails...
Silo, 3D Coat, Blender
C, Java
  10 October 2005
Nice, Ill have a butchers over it, Denntanos, im not sure whats going on, I get an e-mail if someone has joined the group, I have not recieved one yet. Try joining again, and check if you get a e-mail stating that you have applied...
5 BLADES collab
  10 October 2005
where could be a good place to start?
edit: oh yeah, kinda soon to be thinking on that ;P

Last edited by DiegoFloor : 10 October 2005 at 03:55 AM.
  10 October 2005
i need a copy of the script
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