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  08 August 2007
Autodesk, just like Alias never has and never will care about the issues of individual users. they only care about what the bigger studios tell them, and in most cases the large studios have so much custom scripts and software that they dont ask for anything truly groundbreaking. it seem like all the fixes and features Autodesk has added are simple things that could have and should have been done years ago. (i have alot of respect for Jos Stam, he is amazing, the only inovation in maya ive seen in years)

im still suprized that Autodesk hasnt adjusted the price for maya vs. max, at 6999 maya unlimited compares very poorly to 3500 3Dsmax. and maya doesnt feel like a more complete and feature rich package.

i cant wait to leave maya and move to xsi, it seems like thats where the inovation is (not to mention the fantastic mental ray integration)
  08 August 2007
Autodesk is going to ruin mudbox here in a bit too. I think They'll still be able to sell Maya no matter what they do, as long as they don't make it worse. This new release is pretty pathetic so far (from what I've seen). I hope to see some more substantial modeling tools pop up on the features list soon.

Vista support..who gives a ****? That's exactly what I want to put my $7000 software on... That buggy, no driver-havin' POS!
  08 August 2007
a co worker is at siggraph and was told that maya and max will merge into a single package in a few years. i think he heard this at the autodesk party, so who knows how true it is. as for them buying mudbox, maybe we'll see a single package that can do that much more. i guess maya 2008 is going to be released in a couple months as well, so hopefully it won't be a release like maya 8.0. as much as some things in maya annoy me, i still think its a solid piece of software. maybe if/when things merge we'll get a much stronger tool.
  08 August 2007
I don't believe Maya and Max are ever going to be merged. Those are fire and water different applications, both the code and architecture. I can't imagine "merging" their code base could produce anything upgrade worthy, not talking about the 'new killer application'.

A bit more realistic situation is that one package is going to replace the other. Before the last version of the victim they might try to implement most important features of the other package, some scene converters, try to make an easy transition, etc. But I don't see this making users of the discontinued application being too happy.

All in all the merge option seems very bizarre to me. Both Maya and Max have huge user bases, both cows bring a lot of milk to the farm, why killing one of them? We just have to wait and see, I personally don't see Maya going from market in less than 4 - 5 years.
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  08 August 2007
yea, i agree with you completely. we have both max and maya users, and the software would be seemingly impossible to 'merge'. what doesnt make sense is a company owning 2 packages like maya and max. certainly if you kill one, the other users will be furious. i wonder how much of the future of these packages will be influenced by the bottom line versus their user pools.
  08 August 2007
maybe its wy off but seems to me like a comparison between mac and win.

windows was more open to the people who worked with it (there are just so many viruses). mac on the other hand has a more playground feel to it and what is, is. ever tried to upgrade you graphics card.

maya is more open and other apps are more fancy, although the other apps opened up def, but great inventions are saved for maya. nucleus solver, helllooooo????
really like to discuss that thing but my fingers would hurt after all the pros and cons and I know my above statement is provocativ.

the only thing that bothers me is that early release. next year may sth like that would give me the feeling of well thought-out development. this seems like in a hurry. urgs... the siggraph comes we need sth to show them.

still full of hope and staying with maya
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  08 August 2007
...not to throw oil on the flames, but some of the "new" features of Maya 2008 have already been properly implemented in XSI. I use Maya for work, but I still think that in terms of ease of use, XSI beats it hands down.

non-destructive binding and rigging? done in XSI. Same with improved modeling tools.

(..but this has been said countless times before)

cheers ;-)
  08 August 2007
Originally Posted by Flaye: ...not to throw oil on the flames, but some of the "new" features of Maya 2008 have already been properly implemented in XSI. I use Maya for work, but I still think that in terms of ease of use, XSI beats it hands down.

non-destructive binding and rigging? done in XSI. Same with improved modeling tools.

(..but this has been said countless times before)

cheers ;-)

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  08 August 2007
I couldnt be bothered if they merged Max and Maya. I work with both of them, and there are some great features in both programs. A merge would probably be for the better.

But seriously the feature list for Maya 2008 doesnt interest me at all, because there aint any features left to integrate that can possibly make me want an update. What I really want is better performance... thats pretty much it. (except some basic features in Max that I wouldnt mind tagging along during the merge)

I have spent over 2 hours in a row, trying to sample a normalmap when maya ran out of memory over and over. Not to mention it's complete failure to reduce polygons on a 200k mesh, it tried for about 10 minutes, than froze up at 40%. And whilst saving and loading in zbrush 3 takes a second for a mesh almost at 20 million tris, it takes over 5 minutes in Maya. Different types of program, and different type of technology, but there have to be space for performance increase? I dont want to be the whining "now you just missed a customer" person, but xsi IS a tempting choice..
  08 August 2007
Hey Gagn,

Read the thread again guy... I was specifically referring to this list which was posted in a previous e-mail.

I believe what was listed there was misunderstood as a new n-module or some new aspect of the nucleus solver. Just the same, what I was saying about some of the tools that are mentioned in the spec for May 2008 do exist in previous version of Maya. I haven't comment on the other features yet. Mental Ray 3.6 is very cool. Nondestructive Skin Editing... Nice, but there are more pressing issues with Maya that appear to have not been fixed.


Last edited by marcelh : 08 August 2007 at 11:58 PM.
  08 August 2007
I could see them merge the two by putting max features on top of the maya backbone. Because max modifiers, poly functions and importers/exporters are all as a whole way better.

So if they could somehow write an API for maya to read the code for those max functions, maya could just pull it in as a node. Sort of like how eyeon fusion deals with the after effects filters. Hierchal or linear functions translate to a node based enviroment with minimal alterations, pretty much just needs an interpreter for it.
  08 August 2007
All this talk of merging is foolish..

There is no way in hell that would be possible..

I'd place a wager that within 5 years Autodesk will release a replacement product on all new architecture and then phase out Max/Maya.
  08 August 2007
The best solution for autodesk is to sell Maya now.They achieved their aim:max is beyond
comparison and its time to sell without motionbuilder and studiotools.
  08 August 2007
com'on guys we all know that this version is intended to have something to show at sigg nothing else.
They are making maya 9.0 which few studio already have in beta, and they are probably cooking up some nice stuff for it.
If you're not under maintenance just don't upgrade, then and wait another 6 month.XSI neither doen't have a full version with bell and whisle! just a small upgrade.
In the mean time there is some couple cool thing in that maya 2008, such has rendering all type of particles in mental ray..(more that 10 version for that!!), new skinning method, and a speed boost..that's enough for certain to switch (me included).

have a great week guys.In the meantime let's give some time to autodesk and let's keep on using the great mel and pluggin this cool community is given to help us in everyday's work.
  08 August 2007
Still no feature Demonstrations of 2008 on the Alias Site. But guess what,they added the 8.5 Demos since yesterday .
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