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  03 March 2003

for xumi. is good.
  03 March 2003
I just recently found out how to do a diagnostic render for mental ray.

your renders look like you are looking through a thermal camera.
I also love the short cuts.
did you know that you can "rip off" the view panels from Maya and go full screen. it is in the panels menu(I think).
  03 March 2003
Flo - Now that I am working in quads more, I'm going to have to get drawsplit. Is it a d/l from A|W, or highend3d?

Octagon - That drove me crazy until someone showed me that trick! I kept thinking that scale had to work, but it doesn't.

Ceql - Haven't tried MJPT. Everyone seems to love them, so I guess I should d/l it.

Tropistic - Just grab the edges, go Edit Polygons > Subdivide. You can open the option box and set the minimum edge length (you may have to if you haven't ever used it...I seem to recall that the default won't work). Since I always work in tri's at work, I just triangulate after subdividing and then I can flip edges as needed. As I mentioned above, though, in my personal stuff I use quads and this way isn't very effective; I'm going to try drawsplit.

Rebo - This sounds very interesting...can you give a bit more info?

Bentllama - I heard it was your fist to the head of your cube-mate! Then you get him in trouble for 'sleeping' on the job! And Xdugef isn't a tool, it's a way of life!!! Long live xdugef!!

bigfatMELon - What do you use MEL to do? I use it, but only to call maya functions in sequence (for example: scale -x, freeze trans, flip normals, set render opposite flags to false). I feel like I'm missing out on the power of MEL.

Great! Keep 'em coming!
  03 March 2003
Im using:

- Kaydara programs for animation...
- poly plugins like the bonus game ones and the wedge faces!

dont remember anymore...

pearson: what this Flo do?
  03 March 2003
bugo > Flo is mostly doing modeling

pearson > get it directly from AW ..... man, it took them some weeks to recompile it for 4.5. that was a tough waiting time for me.
and also get the drag addon tropistic mentioned, though it has thsi little bug (like mjPoly) that you have to manually delete the polySplit node (or edgeLoop ..) node after deleting history.

  03 March 2003
it's recompiled for 4.5?

hmmm.... i haven't find any place where i can download it yet. are u going to share this compiled drawsplit for 4.5 with us?
  03 March 2003
Quote: Originally posted by kfc
it's recompiled for 4.5?

hmmm.... i haven't find any place where i can download it yet. are u going to share this compiled drawsplit for 4.5 with us?

isn't that the draw split tool contained in the bonus game package from AW ? if you are refering to this tool then it's available on AW's support site
  03 March 2003
yep, its recompiled since end of december.
just grap it from the alias site.

  03 March 2003
o_O one more that ive just discovered.

ieForMaya (, lets you have a IE panel in maya so you can view PDFs tutorials and helpfiles with ease without alt tabing or clumsily flicking between apps.

Its Geeerrrraaat
  03 March 2003
Any script with the initials js in front of it...a freakin life saver

Oh..yes..and xdugef...but if it is the technique that I am thinking's nothing new.....Nurbs modelers have been using that techniques sinse back in 95. ...

oh and one other thing I could never live without.....My secret weapon of all weapons.... ...mmmm
*Insert pretentious quote here*
  03 March 2003
A couple of scripts I always use:


Nuke history, Reattach skin (I think the script's called fixWeights). Lets you delete the history from a skinned mesh without losing the weighting info without messing about.

other than that, mostly just the regular stuff; the extrude tools, subdivide, Split poly.
David Smith

My Site (finally up and running)
  03 March 2003
also useful very useful are Dirk Bialluchs


I esp. like randomizeChannel since its such a clever use of mayas nodes to accomplish something "new" (he uses a fractal shading node to randomize animation).

script is also really great. Help out a lot when you need to batch render out of the uior want to batch render regions (animated textures) etc.

btw, if anyone has some experience with particles. i'm having difficulties rendering my scenes in batch. some of them take like 5 minutes to pre-process before starting render (2.4gigaherz dual machine, 10k polys, about 5000 particles, all is cached, no raytracing, 1 light). withouth renderWindo i'd have a huge problem with my testrenders ...

  03 March 2003
Difficult to say what my favourite tool in Maya is, The appication is so flexable...In terms of Modeling i'm more of a nurbs man, so i'd say a CV Curve tool with Cubic output. And the Ableness to biral and Loft is a part of that. Tessalation leveling in the attribute editor is commonly used in some areas, which has been known to make me happy.

Other than that, Hypershade is great too....It connects us to photoshop and the UV's of our surfaces.

Can't think of anything else i might abuse more than that although i dig the whole package.
  03 March 2003
WHOA!!! sasquatch, ive been looking for those scripts for my whole entire life! could you please tell me where i can get them?
  06 June 2003
Anyone here use the MOVE tool? I find it indispensible when modeling.

"But seriously folks," I'm just learning Maya and this thread is opening up a world of possibilities, as I was just thinking the other day how I keep discovering these tools in Maya. I can't wait to know Maya well enough to try the plug-ins from the A|W and Highend 3d sites.

Currently, I'm learning to use the Artisan sculpting tools by doing the Jack-In-The-Box tutorial from Learning Maya. I'm totally impressed with it, but it's pissing me off to no end at the same time. I like using it with my Wacom tablet... Happy Happy, Joy Joy!

-Bad Mange
Have a bad mange!

Last edited by BadMange : 06 June 2003 at 03:19 PM.
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