Maya 2018 - Review: Creativity OFF - Efficiency almost ON!

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  08 August 2017
Sometimes I hate being right all the time.

Maya 2009 - solid gold
Maya 2012 - even more solid
Maya 2015 - after the Extension, pure platinum
Maya 2018 - allegedly solid again?

Maya only rocks every three years. Don't bother again until 2021, if 2018 works for you.
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  08 August 2017
here we go again, talking the same shit about evil Arnorld wants to burn your house 
If you could just learn the tools instead of whining all the time and spreading shit. And when i say learn the tools i'm not only talking about maya.
  08 August 2017
I agree it's a good release. 

Hardly a project goes by without serious bugs with Maya. 

random shader loss
instancing  / referencing issues
modelling bugs
crashes with the UI and VP2
mayaBatch.exe didn't work after AD broke it for a few months until update 4
new render layers doesn't work
old render layers has a serious bug where the master layer settings can be overwritten. 

Just some of the battles with getting Maya to work with simple projects!

So for a year to fix bugs is ok with me. The list is very good with the latest release. 
  08 August 2017

The short of it?

I use Maya at work daily. We use the latest most stable build to complete projects. 

Opinions don't matter....latest...most stable build......FULLSTOP. 

Long of it?

New releases show you new features, tools, workflow, etc. 

New releases that have big UI changes and even new tools come with new bugs. 

I've been working in the VFX industry since 1995. Today I am using Maya 2016.5 on a gig. Its the 3rd in a row with Arnold. But its not the Arnold that comes with 2017.

Its the 4.2 core. Arnold is better than Mental Ray. That's a great step for out of the box Maya. 

Does that mean that I am going to start using Arnold at home on my own projects? NOPE. 

Vray or Redshift for that.

At work I use whatever Maya version that is stable at that facility. I've been lucky enough to use the Linux builds and have less ram/memory issues on the bigger projects with all the multiple UVtiled MipMapped to save memory for big displacement shots etc. 

I come here and read people being upset about certain things and give most of those posts a read because even the unfairly mean posts are feedback for Autodesk. 
It all gets logged as potential software improvement. Though I am still unaware why we have UV chooser instead of simple dropdown on the 2d texture locator saying which UV to use like softimage or any other application. None the less. I know how to use UV chooser. 

Most people want feature X,Y, or Z, or the new general application to fit the need they have in that moment a little easier/more stable/ etc. more streamlined.

Meanwhlie back in the production land where most Maya licenses are purchases in bulk I am usually using the Maya version that is named for that same year. We got Maya 2016 in 2015 but I started seeing it in pipelines in 2016. 2017 is the only time where I am still seeing mostly 2016 builds being used. This also happened with 2011 since the QT ui change was a big jump and most pipelines needed extended time figuring out how to integrate whilst testing stability. 

And that is basically it. At home I rent when I need Maya per project for the latest... (back in Oct/Nov in 2016 I needed latest) OR use my older permanent license. 

I like 2017 and I like the latest RedShift builds and Vray 3.5. I may end up upgrading to 2018 for the new render engines more so than 2018's list of wonderful features. 

I love Maya. I loved Softimage. I had them both updated for a while with Autodesk. I have modo still as well. 

New features at this point are gravy. Honestly wondering what more people want that is mission critical? Makes you wonder if they could ever do a dinosour the same way ILM did with old Softimage 3|D on an SGI if they can't now with the library of features invented since 20+ years ago. 

As long as I can get to the latest 3rd party Render engine technology (Renderman, Vray, Redshift) and maybe a few plugins
then I am happy Maya updates exist. But, if I was forced to use Maya 2009, I'd find a way.  

Oh look. Asymmetrical sculpting that keeps model symmetry.
Cool. Total gravy and neat we can do that now. 
Meanwhile any symmetry needs I have are usually addressed by the long "ye' olde schkul", make and instance and scale it -1.0 on x.
Then when I am finished I combine/mergepoints/delete history/zero transforms all with the same ol script still carried over from older Maya. Same script works on Maya 3.0 through 6.5 on the SGI o2.


I am happy Maya keeps growing. Probably the coolest feature I have used regularly is the humanIK integration where I can grab mocap FBX from the many libraries and use the retargeting to previs my personal character animations rather quickly. This wasn't a feature I was even anticipating as something I would need. Just something I explored and found quite useful. Hopefully before the end of 2017 I'll get one of the cheaper mocap suits and be able to block in quite a bit of what I need for my own project at home. 

I will have time off for the next couple weeks. I think I'll dive into 2018 and see what the Autodesk elves came up with this time.

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  08 August 2017
I Hate Autodesk Maya 2018 incompatibility with everything, I lost months of work and now I need to downgrade.

I lost all my Xgen hair materials after updating to Maya 2018, and i spent like 1 month just choosing each character´s hair root and tip color group for a large project and it doesn´t work with Maya 2018 anymore, they rip off those options and all my hairs became white, incompatibility with same plugin?
I also lost all my Arnold skin materials, because Arnold doesn´t have skin materials anymore and you need to use the default Ai material, then why Autodesk/Arnold added a skin material in the first place for Maya 2017 just to delete it for Maya 2018?
All my bump configuration from Maya 2017 became confusing after converting my materials for Maya 2018, the also look different in viewport 2.0 and Arnold render view, it´s so hard to adjust, never happened with MR and lost all my specular configurations, had to redo every material.
When trying to load an scene done with Maya 2017 it´s giving me lots of errors, it even displays a message saying my scenes have MR nodes, like if my scene has a virus LOL and it doesn´t...
Symmetry doesn´t work either with almost any old mesh and this is the Maya version with the least amount of bugs? OMG

Compatibility is a big issue for me right now with Maya 2018, i cant belive Autodesk couldn´t make it easyer to conver all things they umplugged, then people say you need MR or any other plugin to make Maya 2018 work propertly so it´s not a Maya problem, but really, why Arnold couldn´t allow compatibilty between its own product? why skin materials appear as useless nodes? why loosing all bump, symmetry and specular? Every program has compatibility between versions to avoid issues except Maya, yeah genious work Autodesk, anything works on your bug solving dedicated version.

Incompatibility between it´s own plugins, ilogical.

Last edited by Bloops : 08 August 2017 at 08:24 PM.
  08 August 2017
here we go again....
demo videos
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  08 August 2017
There are a ton of new features, and this time, it is at the core of Maya, which has been a needed update for so long!
This is what the community has been asking for, for a very long time. The features and updates in 2018 are aimed at giving artist less of a headache. How can people not be down with that?

The last releases since at least v2015, has been filled with "slap-on" features... Half working beta tech that Autodesk bought from third party devs. Just slapped into the program to introduce awe, bling and smoke.. It has been a long time since Mayas core actually had a makeover. Nope, there is no new "auto make awesome button" or toys to experiment with, but a ton of much needed support and features.: Things that might make amateurs  go boo,  but will certainly make professionals go yeah! (By amateur, I mean hobbyist or other unpaid enthusiast)

That's my 2 cents..

Last edited by Pandusen : 08 August 2017 at 05:50 PM.
  08 August 2017
Originally Posted by Bloops:  I lost months of work and now I need to downgrade.
So just out of interest - why did you decide to upgrade software during a running project? That's like changing a working tire on your car while still driving...
I'm just a CosmicBear from another galaxy... gosh, i'm so homesick
  08 August 2017
im wondering the same... 
if the pipeline is freezed for the project than its freezed... no way in hell to update anything...
  08 August 2017
That's one that people often learn the hard way. Sometimes a bug is in your way on a particular project so you upgrade with fingers crossed - almost always ends in poo
  08 August 2017
I wont be risking an upgrade for a while - the viewport 2.0 thing really worries me - I was getting nothing but crashes from it when playblasting.

So glad there are not new features - I've been wanting fixes and stability for an age. Fix don't add, Fix don't add. Personally if they have to skip 2 or 3 years of development to clean the code and make it more stable I'm all for it.
  08 August 2017
if viewport 2.0 is crashing for playblasting...
try to switch evaluation mode from paralell to DG evaluation in the prefs and turn off gpu override...
  08 August 2017
yeah - well on top of that. I just ditch the viewport 2.0 in general - too unreliable. Only use it for sculpting. If they lose the legacy all together I'll be a bit worried. Its not only the crashes; I use image planes with sequences a lot and it doesn't cache the correct frames well.
  08 August 2017
have you used it in 2018.?
its stable here no crash since i installed 2018...

and opening an old non parallel conform file isnt a test...
  08 August 2017
Looking forward to trying it - Hoping its a good release but I'm in the middle of a project, so not for a couple of months. That should give some of my render tools and so on to catch up too.
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