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  07 July 2016
Panels revert to their default size if they're collapsed and expanded. I reported that as a bug the other day, it's a pain when you collapse a panel that you have a bunch of occasionally-used windows in since it tends to reopen at an unusable size.

At least the panel manipulation seems pretty good. Compare it to MotionBuilder, which rearranges things dynamically as you're trying to drop it, which makes getting panels to go where you want them completely impossible and you end up giving up in frustration and leaving things in random places. Getting things to dock as "side tabs" (like the AE, instead of as a tab) is tricky, though.
  07 July 2016
It's a good improvement, it's very Photoshop like.

viewFit command doesn't seem to work anymore in 2017.
It does seem to centre, but it won't zoom properly;

2016 on right, 2017 on left.

edit: see next post as to why this happens

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  07 July 2016
We've all been frustrated by Maya release bugs, but repeating it in every post just makes people reading the thread annoyed too. There's nothing for it but to report all the problems you see (not just here, even though AD QA seems to be following the thread--file bugs).

What do you see if you go to drawing overrides and set LOD to bounding box? That's what it uses to decide how to frame the selection. FWIW, framing a simple mesh works here--don't know if it's specific to your object.

Tried the time editor with some HIK mocap data. It worked for a bit, but when I tried to drag one clip over another it froze. Too bad, it seemed like the time editor was focused on working with mocap/HIK data for this release (as opposed to keyframe animation) but it crashed so fast I don't think it's usable yet. Just tried again, and it froze after just importing an FBX, dragging in one animation source and scrubbing for a second. Has anyone else tried this? I don't want to spend a lot of time trying to figure out if this is specific to my data to report a bug if it's something everybody is seeing.

Also, importing clips from an FBX exported from MotionBuilder is really slow (maybe a minute to import a file with maybe a minute or two of 60 FPS keyframes).
  07 July 2016
It's not a BB issue gfk, I tracked it down to a bug, or at least 2017 interprets viewFit cmd very differently.

- Basically viewFit in 2016 ignores any node if its LOD is hidden
- viewFit in 2017 takes any node into account if it's LOD is hidden, so the following command won't work as it did with 2016 when a large place3dTexture is present;

Quote: select -r `ls -type mesh`;
viewFit -f 1 perspShape;

I'll submit this via the bug report system.

Quote: We've all been frustrated by Maya release bugs

I'm sorry!

We all know and expect bugs due to Maya being so complex and the incredible work the devs are doing on moving Maya forward which is exciting to see, but it didn't matter as much before subscriptions. However now that we are mostly all on 12 month subscription, while we can run older versions, our studio has basically bought the right to use an older version for over a year now because 2016.5 and 2017 aren't suitable for production (yet). 2016.5 isn't bad, but there are a few show stoppers for us like the small text bug being one for example. I'll edit the previous posts as to not sound too negative, I certainly don't intent do be.

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  07 July 2016
Maybe not a bug, but it's a change.

This useful menu no longer works when right clicking the UI in 2017
  07 July 2016
I'm not defending the quality of initial releases, just trying to nudge against how these threads typically go. (When it's too much of everyone grumbling about the release, the thread gets pretty thin and eventually I have to stop reading...)

Not that Autodesk is likely to take release strategy suggestions from a forum thread, but it seems like they'd do a bit better if the initial release was labelled as a public beta, and to mark the first SP as the release. It would also help with the plugin problem--since Autodesk for some reason breaks plugin compatibility with each release, most people probably can't use the first release in production even if they're not blocked by bugs because it takes a while for their plugins to be updated. That frustration gets aimed both at Autodesk and at the plugin developers, which would relax a bit if that first release was officially a testing period where developers would have a month or so to get their software updated.
  07 July 2016
- Duplicate a file 2d texture node and color space becomes disabled for that node (it's only fixable by connecting it to defaultColorMgtGlobals either manually or script it).
- Not a major bug but with file nodes and the AE this happens; // Error: file: C:/Program Files/Autodesk/Maya2017/scripts/AETemplates/AEfileTemplate.mel line 639: Object 'textureUvTilingGeneratePreviewButton' not found.

- Display > Show Last Hidden works again since 2016.5 introduced that bug

Last edited by Hamburger : 07 July 2016 at 06:52 AM.
  07 July 2016
Minor bug:When you rip a menu off and try to display submenus they disappear if you don't click on them immediately.Not major but kinda annoying.Could be from old drivers.
  07 July 2016
A bit of a trap: when you create a time editor layer it only gives you two choices, additive and override, but there are actually four types, including "additive override" and "override passthrough".

If you add a time editor override layer to TRS and key it, then set the layer weight to 0, your model suddenly disappears because it's just multiplied your scale key by 0 and scaled your rig away to oblivion. To fix this and get the regular behavior you'd expect (weight 0 should fade the override away and give the base values), right click the layer and select override passthrough.

For example, if you've imported a mocap clip, and you want to pin an IK foot to the floor for a few seconds, you could create an override passthrough layer, so you can override the IK position to lock to the floor and override IK/FK to turn IK on, then key the weight on where you want the override to happen. If you use the default of "override", keying the layer off would move the IK handle's position to the origin, so the foot would fly away until IK is turned off.

It seems like "override passthrough" should be the default. I can't really think of what the use case could be for what "override" does.
  07 July 2016
A brief gripe about the documentation: it's nice that they're trying to make things clearer with animations, but they really need to have a "play" button! I can barely read the documentation because there are always dudes jumping around and dancing and fake mouse cursors moving around and other random distracting things happening in the corner of my eye. It's so distracting I have to click around to find a not-animating page just to navigate the TOC.
  07 July 2016
Originally Posted by gfk: Tried the time editor with some HIK mocap data. It worked for a bit, but when I tried to drag one clip over another it froze.

This was caused by GPU override, with endless "OpenCL Error: CL_OUT_OF_RESOURCES error" errors printed to the debug log. (Why don't settings ever get propagated between versions correctly? I have this and controller override disabled in 2016.5, but they got enabled again in 2017.) It doesn't happen if I turn GPU Override back off.
  07 July 2016
Originally Posted by sciLoop: After 5 years, the nodeEditor still does not support containers.
This is such a big joke, I don`t know whats going on with Autodesk.

The hypergraph still does not remember node positions inside containers
(well, he did until back 2 years)

So, dear Autodesk, how am I supposed to graphically work with my node networks?


node-editor is really worse
AND they have to fix it soon in order to build a solid foundation for bifrost as well as mash AND of course shading work ...
  07 July 2016
i got this error message
Error: file: C:/Program Files/Autodesk/Maya2017/scripts/others/drInit.mel line 1966: Object '' not found. //

kinda annoys me cuz it keeps popping on MEL Window every time I navigate around the view port

does anyone know how to fix that?
  07 July 2016
whoops,never mind

Last edited by cgstudios : 07 July 2016 at 02:22 PM.
  07 July 2016
Originally Posted by gfk: I can barely read the documentation because there are always dudes jumping around and dancing and fake mouse cursors moving around and other random distracting things happening in the corner of my eye.
Yeah, I've worked at places like that too. All I can suggest is get some good niose cancelling headphones and find a dark corner out the back somewhere.

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