Maya Windows vs Mac OSX

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Old 10 October 2013   #1
Maya Windows vs Mac OSX

Why Maya on Mac performs worse than on Windows? Before that, I was always working on Windows and when I tried Maya on Mac, the difference was palpable.If Wndows produces 40 FPS in animation, in Mac the same animation is played in 25 FPS, Especially if you open a Graph editor or other window. when i open Graph Editor FPS is halved on MAC in animation, on Windows there is no such problem.Also annoying drag delay when you play animation and try navigation in viewport, again on the Windows do not have this problems.
Maybe it's all because of the poor implementation of OpenGl on MAC OSX? . I did the test on the same machine with maya 2012 and maya 2014 sp2 on 10.8.5
Old 10 October 2013   #2
I'm not having any issues here. Perhaps it's something on your end? Use PC at home and Mac at work. Haven't seen any difference or noticed it I guess.
Old 10 October 2013   #3
Try play animation and navigate in the same time, you dont have glitches? i test it on several Mac OS and Mac pro
Old 10 October 2013   #4
The Mac is playing at exactly 25fps? Maybe your playback settings aren't the same.

Mac = 25fps Pal, Windows = Maximum?
Old 10 October 2013   #5
Windows OpenGL is faster in general (Linux is the fastest) but the good news is that the Mac (and Linux) are faster for rendering in Maya than in Windows.

You could call it a poor implementation from a speed standpoint—it's relatively stable but doesn't have the same performance tweaks that you see in Windows and Linux because AMD and Nvidia plug into a single OpenGL layer in OS X that Apple maintains.
Old 10 October 2013   #6
i install maya with old interface (2010) It works great no glitches, so its Autodesk poor implementation. Maby new MAC OSX Maverick with OpenGL 4.1 will work better
Old 10 October 2013   #7
Well honestly since Maya is built on the cross-platform QT framework at the coding level I would imagine they are pretty much the same. However, troubles can arise depending on the hardware you are using. The advantage that macs have is that there are not as many internal configurations like windows. Personally I like working on my mac since I find it more stable. But I also use my windows machine from time to time. Either works for me.
Old 10 October 2013   #8
Originally Posted by Eugenicsbmx: i install maya with old interface (2010) It works great no glitches, so its Autodesk poor implementation.

Are you sure about that?
It could be in QT, OpenGL driver, OSX, local machine config or Autodesk code or a combination of all of them.

Just because old code runs differently doesn't mean that it is Autodesk's implementation that is the main reason you see differences. Maybe the new UI code uses some functionality that doesn't work smoothly on your machine or your version of drivers/OS while it works smoothly on others.

We find bugs in OS and drivers from time to time and they get fixed and new ones pop-up and so is the cycle of software development.

Though it certainly is possible we have some problem on our side. If you have clear repro steps I suggest you file them as a bug report with as much info about your machine configuration as possible (OS version, driver version, graphics card, RAM, etc etc)
Old 10 October 2013   #9
So no one has such glitches like in my video? FPS drops when the window is opened (Graph Editor or other) and freezes when animation played?
Old 10 October 2013   #10
Maya OSX hasn't yet recovered from the transition to Qt, in my opinion. Many things got slower and less responsive. (eg the stop button in the playback controls is pretty much useless for me). I've been using Maya on 4 different Macs in that time so its not a rogue driver.

Old 10 October 2013   #11
well, it did get the full port to Qt – it wouldn't compile in Qt otherwise. I think the problem is Qt's maturity on OS X and the layers of slowish Qt on top of OS X's PDF-based composite engine that add up to a slow interface. As for that slowdown of the animation viewport, I can't say much since I don't tend to navigate the viewport while animating. What GPU are you using?
Old 10 October 2013   #12
I am don't tend to navigate the viewport while animating too but it's not the only problem. I have GTX 660
Old 10 October 2013   #13
are you running a hackintosh? that's not an officially supported graphics card.
Old 10 October 2013   #14
I wrote above, I checked it all on a two MAC PRO , two mac book, and several hackintosh with different hardware ,
Old 10 October 2013   #15
I remember seeing this bug before but I could have sworn it got squashed in a service pack. What happens if you select a control object and show data in the graph editor? i.e. pick an animated control so the graph editor has an object in the outliner and keys in the graph view. I can't seem to reproduce the slowdown on my rMBP but I'm also running the gold version with extension/sp's here.

I'll touch base with the team and see if it's either been fixed or there's something else going on.

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