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  06 June 2013
Originally Posted by sentry66: another one - not sure if it's already listed on the small annoying things site - haven't read it all yet.

The ability to have your free perspective camera to pivot around the object/surface your mouse cursor is currently pointing at similar to how zbrush navigates.

Maybe either an option in the preferences or an alternate button combination like alt+ctl and LMB.

Logged one for you :
  06 June 2013
Originally Posted by XiaoluXu: When a SAT is on the table, we have a bunch of designers and Beta users discuss on that. Like that Outliner improvement. The final design is suggested by Beta user and refined by designers.

The ground rule is don't bring in another annoying thing by fixing one.

Is there an option to keep this behaviour as is? I'm quite happy with the outliner and it's icons as is.
  06 June 2013
When you load a scene, the grid options do not update to show the current grid settings.

When you load a scene or create a scene, the Hardware Texture Display Options do not update to show the current settings. Most people look and believe it to be set to certain options, but you have to click Apply.

When you nudge a UV with Alt-Arrow in the UV editor, the UV doesn't move, but the vertex does even though you get a verbatim message that it won't. "// Warning: Some items cannot be moved in the 3D view."

Most gamma correction related nodes and fields do the inverse (ie backwards/opposite) of the gamma correction that is input. 2.2 is .4545 and vice-versa.

It sometimes takes 10 MMB zoom-in scrolls to equal 1 giant leap of a zoom-out scroll. I have learned to disable the MMB scroll, but I did like it once. (Hmmmm, maybe this is a hardware problem on my end? Anybody else get this?)

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  06 June 2013
I don't know if I should post here since I haven't had a chance to work with Maya 2014.

Have any changes been made to the script editor?

I'd personally like to see:
The ability to reorganize tabs
Code folding
The ability to have two [or more] script tabs open simultaneously
  06 June 2013
There's a brand new annoying thing in Maya 2014 service pack 1 - it crashes without fail every time I try to close it here( I've tried it on two different machines, both Win7). I have found I can get it to stop if I do a File>New just before closing and it's not really affecting anything, but kind of a nuisance and doesn't inspire confidence that the program is all that stable! I keep saving my animation out to Atom in case I need to start over back in 2013.

  06 June 2013
1) I have one related to texturing workflow.nothing big
In file node bellow where texture slot is there are Reload, Edit, View combine View and Edit buttons in single "Edit" that instead of opening external image editor it opens simple built in Maya editor..nothing fancy there with filters and what not, just basic standard stuff! One window to preview your image/texture with curves, color balance, saturation and so on.

Why internal editor when there is photoshop, for example?
I agree, but, a LOT of times when your material(s) all set and done, go with test render and you see that your diffuse is just a bit too saturated, so to PS (even if texture is still open in it) apply adjustment, fix the problem, go file-save as.., find again folder where you saved that texture in the first place-write a correct name(again)-choose format(when you find it on that list, again), save, out of PS, in Maya, find shader, file node, click Reload...huh...that is hell of a lot clicks there for simple desaturation.

That is why it would be cool to have simple editor built in Maya on "Edit" button for such simple adjustments Edit, pull saturation slider, click Save&Reload, done!
Save is done over the original, with same name and same file format as it was..please, just no more tedious choosing, over and over again.

2) Interactive duplicate special - every change that is made is automatically updated in viewport, so no clicking Apply thinking "did i get it right now?" every single time some change is made.
  06 June 2013
The thing I found most annoying about Maya was the crappy UI in the UV Texture Editor and the lack of UV -tools. So I made I made it better (signature).

Autodesk can buy the rights to it if they want :P
Nightshade UV Editor (script for Maya) - Extends Maya's default UV Texture Editor with additional tools.
  07 July 2013
Couple things regarding EXR files

- EXR files are not drag and droppable into the node editor from windows explorer like png jpg etc. I think I logged a bug for this every version for years now.
- EXR files are not viewable in Maya's file browser
- EXR files ignore the max resolution file option in preferences.
- EXR files that are too big, Maya will try and redraw them indefinitely but then fail with a message like "swatch is too big", do something else and come back and Maya will try and redraw all over again with the same message.

Maya should work like V-Ray and put a small cached exr file into .mayaSwatches instead of trying to redraw a big file.
  07 July 2013
Regarding the number one issue on the feedback site (shader balls), this script would be great to be polished and built somehow into Maya (with all rendering engines support and without affecting current scene or render view).

One of my main issue with rendering, apart from Maya's "linear workflow". The current black little shader swatches are soooo 1996! This would be killer to have in Maya 2015.
  07 July 2013
Hey Xiaolu,

I have some feedback. Most of these are big things, though some small things. FWIW I've been using Maya since 1.0
In any case, it's really nice of you to post in the forum and ask us

Script Editor
- Debugging: breakpoints, interruptability, variable watches - making print statements is pretty cumbersome in scripts and something I should not have to do
- Syntax error highlighting
- Keyword click to go to help documentation/examples, function click to go to source
- Python feedback (equivalent to how it does for MEL)
- More python API examples - there are not a lot
- Error handling : More verbose information when errors occur, particularly printing the actual particular line that caused an error as opposed to just the line number and filename

Hardening Maya For Dealing With Lots Of Nodes
- I deal with scenes that often have thousands of nodes or thousands of connections, and some parts of the Maya UI don't cope well
- e.g. Attribute Editor: - This chokes if you have a ton of nodes connected as it tries to create a ton of tabs and fails (e.g > 4000)

Reference Editor
- When removing a lot of references, the window that pops up can fill up and hide the bottom button reference options offscreen
- Practically any window that pops up like this should have a scroll box component
- Listing/changing edits in the reference editor is extremely slow and at times unusable
- Referenced particles has the error of trying to making attributes keyable which errors - line 1076 in AEparticlelayout.mel is a key annoying thing of mine

Difference Between Scenes
- Being able to determine the changes intelligently between two scenes, ideally by selecting two scenes and comparing the differences and getting the resultant mel instructions
- Primarily this is to help track down things that cause errors and may have occured without the use knowing.
- This needs to be able to deal with different orders of Maya saves out nodes typically in the order of creation
- e.g if you create a scene with a locator, sphere and light compared to a scene that is created with a light, sphere and locator, that is the order it saves in a .ma file
- Being able to apply masks to the comparisions
- e.g compareScene -type "geometry" sphere*
- This would allow you to find geometry changes done to any node with sphere as the file name

Editing of particles
- Move, translate, rotate, merge, divide into different particle objects
- Easy placement/normal constraint on surface

File Notes Window
- This would be a window that you could put scene notes in that pops up on load.

Memory/Performance Feedback
- One aspect of larger scenes is managing the performance of that scene so it is workable and it doesn't bog down
- The DG profiler is a good step forward. I would like to see the memory use of nodes added.
- Also, it would be nice to know in the documentation how nodes are in their performance (e.g. say 2N or N-squared)
- Having clues about how a node works internally can really help planning out an approach to a scene

Duplication Functionality
- When duplicating a node or groups of nodes, it would be good to be able to nominate nodes that will be shared and connected and with additional rules for renaming certain nodes.
- Duplicating a whole graph or leaf nodes for a large graph doesn't give a good enough amount of control.

- An option to turn off the file write upon crashing. At times I would rather just get to the debug/trace information quickly.
  07 July 2013
Originally Posted by sentry66: another one - not sure if it's already listed on the small annoying things site - haven't read it all yet.

The ability to have your free perspective camera to pivot around the object/surface your mouse cursor is currently pointing at similar to how zbrush navigates.

Maybe either an option in the preferences or an alternate button combination like alt+ctl and LMB.

You mean like in Maya when you enable 'Camera Tools-->Tumble Tool Options-->Tumble on Object'.
Works rather nicely.
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  07 July 2013
This is a good idea and I posted something in that forum that might need repeating in here. It's something I find really annoying about Maya.

It's with the display layers. There is a "Sort Layers Alphabetically" option that doesn't really sort layers alphabetically. When you run it, a layer that begins with a capital "Z" will come before a layer with a lower case "a". For some reason capitalization matters when sorting the layers.

This isn't how the alphabet works!
  10 October 2013
One minor thing that really gets me...
Create new scene.
createNode mesh;

You get polySurface1 transform node and polySurfaceShape1 mesh node.
Why is it not named polySurface1Shape instead? 2 nodes have to be renamed because of this.

forgot to say that its not the only command that does this, lots of them do...
polyTorus; creates pTorus1 and pTorusShape1, oh god it makes no sense...

Last edited by fleabay : 10 October 2013 at 03:08 PM.
  10 October 2013
I've noticed that the viewport on the Mac version of maya is almost twice as fast if I turn off all the toolbars. That means animation playback frame rates take roughly a 30-50% hit when all the toolbars are active. This is not an issue on the Windows version. Keep in mind, this is not a "win performance vs mac performance" issue. It's a major performance issue just by having all the toolbars on and a single perspective window. Has anyone else noticed this?
Chad Gleason
Creative Director
Outpost 12 Studios
  10 October 2013
here's one to add to the list:

spend more time testing the software before wasting everyone's time by releasing broken crap

Otherwise, call new releases what they really are: BETAS
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