Anyone using Maya for Arch-Vis?

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  01 January 2013
Bloody hell, well I'm eating my words!

I knew Modo was pretty capable but I hadn't seen anything of that quality! Serves me right for just grabbing it and doing a 'read the manual in 5 minutes to get the basics down' and just diving into it.

So the prospect of using Modo for everything just got a lot more exciting.

Thanks so much for the tips, Richard. I'll definitely grab the training kit.

One other question, while you're here . The only thing really left to worry about in terms of integrating it into the way I work is foliage. Unfortunately I tend to do a lot more exterior work than interiors, and inevitably end up using a lot of foliage. Typically this is Evermotion stock or occasionally GrowFX if I have the time. Either way, I'll stick them in a proxy and that negates any viewport performance issues.

What's the best way to go about handling hundreds of foliage (crazy-high density) meshes like trees/bushes and especially grass patches and can Modo cope ok with it? I've heard about the Replicator system, is this what I should be looking at?
  01 January 2013
It took me a while to find the thread after it was moved to the Maya section.

Anyway, to answer your question: there is good news and bad news

Modo does not yet have a proxy system, or indeed a robust referencing system - these are areas where Vray is definitely better.

However the good news is that the replicator system is reasonably powerful. You can create a lot of foliage for example, and all that needs to be loaded in memory are the prototypes. You can also easily control visibility of both the replicators and the prototype meshes, thereby keeping viewport performance decent.

Wes Ball for example rendered his short film "Ruin" entirely in modo, with replicator driven vegetation:

Some more examples from the Luxology gallery:

Grass can be driven either by replicators or by fur. Xfrog plant libraries are also available in native modo format.

However as I said earlier in the thread, the best solution for libraries is definitely still Vray/Max. I would also add that Vray is also more feature rich than modo (proxies being a good example, multi-scatter also).
  01 January 2013
I've used Maya and mental ray for arch/viz for many years now, I think this is my eighth or so. But I'm in residential remodel, and my projects are very quick, and I render for print so they've gotta render pretty quick too, to reach print resolutions on a deadline. It's been a challenge, but it's kept things going here for a long time now, and I have almost zero competition in the residential market. Any contractor bidding against us that doesn't have nice 3D renders seems less professional, less reliable, and of course less detail-oriented. So we close almost all our deals with the CG.

But as I said, it's a quick-deadline production quality here. I'm not sure how well I'd do working for a big studio, doing commercial projects. Here's one of my best so far, again using Maya and mental ray:

99% of my modeling is done in Rhino, however. Maya has no actual architectural tools at all, obviously. But mental ray (and Vray too, of course) renders really fast and is highly tunable. And modeling in Rhino is also very quick, generally, until I hit a weird organic shape like a funky faucet or light fixture.

Maya's a great rendering tool! Max is good too, but I'm so used to Maya that Max makes me feel claustrophobic. Or maybe I just don't know it well enough.
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  01 January 2013
Thanks guys.

Frog - Those shots look great, I need to do some foliage tests I think. I've no doubt that what Modo can shoot out is beautiful, just whether or not my machine is going to handle it. I'll get my head around the replicator system and see what I can come up with.

I'm definitely liking Modo as an all-in-one solution. I'm assuming 701 isn't far away too, reckon we'll see improvements with regards to instancing?

Another thing I've been messing around with is recoil for cloth. I've got some nice results, if a little primitive, the biggest gotcha being that I had a fair amount of trouble figuring out how to freeze out a simulation onto the geometry. I'm not sure if it's the only way or a long-winded way but I ended up having to bake out the deformation into an MDD, import it back in, and freeze the mesh.

Would be nice if we saw some improvements to that system too in 701.
  01 January 2013
You can freeze a soft body by simply going to the frame you want to freeze, and then selecting all the polygons and copy/pasting into a new mesh item. Alternatively you can use the geometry --> freeze menu.
  01 January 2013
Ah ok thanks, so looks like I've been wasting a bunch of time then.

Is that a recent solution? I'd been searching the Modo forums and the method I'd cobbled together came from the way people had been suggesting on there.
  01 January 2013
No, this solution has always been possible. People probably didn't realise.
  01 January 2013
My studio is using Maya for more then 10 years now. We mainly do arch-vis.
The frustrating thing is that al lot of nice plugin and libraries are all made for Max. But we made our own work around.
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  01 January 2013
I use Maya for Arch-Vis, it's not as rare as people think.

Maya's OK and pays the bills, but if I had the time, I'd probably switch over to Max....only for the excellent plugins really.

Maya's pretty good but it's not "there". Especially in modelling, it could be on a different level if it were taken and polished that extra 10% from AutoDesk. The whole program would.

Modelling, Random Shader, Some sort of Soup instancing/plant/grass tool ala VRayScatter...etc...There are some basic things that could make it easier but I understand this is not the primary direction Maya is obviously heading me it seems like more and more Animation which is still useful to me...but only experience and years worth of native libraries are holding me back.

As far as workflow, I model everything in SketchUp and do foliage, shots and hi res rendering with Maya + V-Ray. Post production in Photoshop and grading in Lightroom. SketchUp kills when its decked out with plugins from SketchUCation.
  01 January 2013
Maya is capable to do arch viz, ive been helping my wife with her interior design classes here is a kitchen she designed i textured and lit it all in Maya / mental ray, some clean up in photo shop. and using Mental ray assembly's has worked for all my needs.

link to larger pic:

  01 January 2013
Very clean work, Thehive! Not your standard arch/viz but the orthogonal renders turned out great, thanks for sharing.
Commodore 64 @ 1MHz
1541 Floppy Drive

"Like stone we battle the wind... Beat down and strangle the rains..."
  01 January 2013
thanks man really appreciate it
  01 January 2013
had a quick question any reason when i load a mi file the proxy obj jumps position?
  01 January 2013
I use Maya + Vray for archvis. I have a bit of a messy workflow, and the fact that Maya refuses to display my image planes without pixelation drivers me mad. Actually, Maya's imageplanes in general...finicky and confusing.

Some of those floorboard plugins I see for Max would be handy. Grass I just use vray fur or scatter paintfx instanced proxies. No big deal.

For primary architectural modelling, Sketchup vs Rhino if i were to adopt one? I've only ever used Maya itself : /

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  01 January 2013
Try to use polyPlane indeed of imagePlane.

For grass i use carbonScatter 2
apart from the first hitch, I am now very well.
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