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Old 12 December 2003   #31
Sounds like Henry Ford's statement "You can have any color you want, as long as it's black". How do you mix a triangle in among quads without having it share vertices with them?
Old 12 December 2003   #32
I think he means you cant have two triangles sharing the same vertex... which makes sense cause you could just create a quad in that case anyways...
Old 12 December 2003   #33
Quote: Originally posted by augustus
From Mental Ray documentation:

"Triangles and quads can be mixed in the same subdivision surface, but they may not share vertices."

thats not right - i have here a mix and it works
Old 12 December 2003   #34
They're lying then

No, it not works, unless you use mesh conversion (I just saw this option, was there here before 5.0.1 ?).

Regarding to my prior experiments, rendering polys with this method only usefull if you use plain colors or maybe 3d textures. When 2d textures used, you get blurred results most of time. I've exported same model as mi file, both using Maya subd and using a Mental Ray subd approximation to see where the problem is. Uv's were different. Maybe you know how to correct this?

-Sorry for my terrible English

Sorry for my
terrible English.

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Old 12 December 2003   #35
sorry - we talk at cross-purposes i have problems with "mesh conversion" on too - some meshes wont render -
there is only a error "polySurfaceyxz, polygon mesh cant be exported as a subd surfave" nothing more
i have render a textured mesh again and yes the textur is blury (not much) dont know why
is it a filtering problem?
all uv´s looks ok on the mesh
Old 12 December 2003   #36
Nice! I like the shading of the fots!
Old 12 December 2003   #37
I agree with CLAW, great work on the fots!

Do the five sided polygons have any usefull effect on the surface, or are they purely for terminating/adding edges?

Somebody on the first page mentioned that poles are bad, I find exactly the opposite: you need poles to make a good surface. I use them to create nice corners on my model, like the corner of the jaw, the chin, the nostrils, etc. This model by Syomka is a great example:

for poles!
Old 12 December 2003   #38
I try to make each 5-side serve two purposes, 1. to end edges with less fuss, and 2. to create a gentle bump. (If I want a sharper bump I use a triangle.) If it has to be super-smooth I make it quads.
And yes, I'm all for poles too.
Old 12 December 2003   #39
Stupid question: What is a pole?

/ Daniel
Old 12 December 2003   #40
A pole is a vertex with only 3 edges instead of the usual 4.
They do create a small bump in the surface, which can be negative if you need a super smooth surface like a car body or other mechanical objects. But for organic modelling that doesn't matter at all.

I don't know whether a vertex with 5 or more edges are also called poles.
Old 12 December 2003   #41
I'm glad someone finally breaks up the quadness... I used to use 5edged faces for terminating loops, but I realised as well that I had to use non quads for adding detail, although I find it hard to work with them... Also it is inevitable to exclude all 5edged faces in the loopsetup for a human face... I like the fact that you put everything in 0-level now btw
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Old 12 December 2003   #42
Marcel: Thanks! Then I subscribe to your point of view as well: Poles are great

/ Daniel

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Old 12 December 2003   #43
I apologize in advance for intruding. This is made in Lightwave. The figure is a little older than Mr. Stahlberg's model. Around 25-30 years of age. Total polygon count at 2100 quads, 56 tris without hands and feet. Not much else to say.

Edit: Updated Wires

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Old 12 December 2003   #44
Thats a clean-looking mesh: especially the scapulas
can you post some low poly wires; front and back? that would be good....!

Only crits modelling-wise after a quick look, would be the dip in the underside of her pecs (between the breast and the shoulder): needs tightening up a touch; the gluteus maximus needs more height (looks a little too 'rounded-off' and the apex of the calves at the back need softening and 'billowing out slightly, IMO...
Otherwise, beautiful


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Old 12 December 2003   #45
looks someone ripped out her lower spine.....
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