Anyone else get breaking key shortcuts?

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  11 November 2012
Anyone else get breaking key shortcuts?


Anyone else getting broken keyboard shortcuts with 2013/2013.5?

It seems they randomly stop working when the four panel setup is active in Maya, but then when I do a single persp they work again.

Once again Maya manages to totally frustrate on something so small and trivial

Anyone know of any workarounds for this one?
  11 November 2012
Never seen this, sounds very strange.

Any odd output in an echoing Script Editor when you're view hopping?
  11 November 2012
Pretty much have this happen all the time since 2011.

I had about 4 custom marking menus to speed up workflow but have been using the defaults again cause I became tired of setting up hotkeys five times a day.

Somtimes swapping between the views using spacebar would do it. Other times it seemed just random.

There may be a fix for it by now but I honestly haven't researched it. Maybe it will reveal itself.
AKA KC / Intuition
  11 November 2012
Thanks, at least I'm not alone. Hopefully there is an answer.

My solution is to have a windows task scheduler script everyday to backup Maya prefs.
  11 November 2012
yes we all have that happens here, it usually doesn't delete your pref it's just that your shortcut stop working, randomely..never could figure it out. have to restart maya and then everything's fine..but it's very annoying.
  11 November 2012
sometimes on linux some of the shortcuts stop to work, and I can see an error like
overload on .... F
for some reason it's always the F that stop with me
  11 November 2012
Same here, really annoying. Maybe it's multi-screen related? My colleague with a single monitor never experienced the issue.
  11 November 2012
I have a single monitor.

It's annoying because no other program on earth would suddenly lose its shortcuts keys for years worth of versions. Just Maya.
  11 November 2012
Try Max if you into keyboard shortcuts that stop work all over sudden. Typical Autodesk quality feature.
  11 November 2012
I'm getting this too right now. I've seen it before very annoying:
  11 November 2012
I tried to find the old thread where various solutions for this problem were discussed - but I failed. So all I can give you is mine, which works 100% of the time.

The problem that I saw was that certain operations in maya would cause it to re-read parts of the default hot key file, and in doing so would wipe out user hot keys sharing the same key strokes. I'd give you an example of one, except its been so long since I saw the problem I cant remember.

The fix is to completely override the default hot key script with one that I copied and then edited to remove any clashing hot keys.
And here's how to do that... (you need to be desperate to go to this much trouble... but I was... and maybe you are too...)

Make a copy of mayas "hotkeySetup.mel" and put it in your local scripts folder. Then make another copy put that in the same place and rename it "localHotkeySetup.mel". We need both.

First we make 2 changes to our copy of "hotkeySetup.mel"... this one at the start of the file before the first line...

Quote: // DJ MOD ---START------------------------
print ("hotkeySetup...\n");
int $globalHotkeySetup = 1;
string $localHotkeySetupFile = `getenv MAYA_HOTKEY_SETUP_FILE`;
if($localHotkeySetupFile != "") {
if(`file -q -ex $localHotkeySetupFile`) {
catch(`eval("source \"" + $localHotkeySetupFile + "\"")`);
$globalHotkeySetup = 0;
if($globalHotkeySetup) {
// DJ MOD ---END------------------------

and tyhis one right at the end on the last line...
// DJ MOD ---START------------------------
  // DJ MOD ---END------------------------

Apart from those two changes, leave the rest of that file untouched.

Now we need to add a line to our Maya.env
MAYA_HOTKEY_SETUP_FILE = x:\myScriptsPath\localHotkeySetup.mel
(obviously replace "myScriptsPath" with the correct path where you put the 2nd copy of that hotkey file...)

Almost done...

Now we have to edit the other copy of the file, the one we renamed to localHotkeySetup.mel. We need to comment out or remove the clashing hot keys. The syntax is fairly confusing, but you'll work it out..
eg if you want to use alt-shift-d for something other than "NameComDelete_History", then comment out that this (ie just add // in front of the line...)

//hotkey -keyShortcut "D" -alt -name ("NameComDelete_History");

Do as many as you need. You dont add your custom keys to this file. We are simply creating one that contains no clashing keys.

Save the file, restart maya, and your customised hot keys should no longer get overridden.

So, recapping what this all does...
Maya will source hotkeySetup.mel from our local scripts folder instead of the original installation. The extra lines we added tell maya to look for localHotkeySetup.mel in the location specified by the MAYA_HOTKEY_SETUP_FILE environment variable which we added to Maya.env. If localHotkeySetup.mel exists, maya will use that, and skip the rest of original. But, as a fallback, if the environment variable or the localHotkeySetup.mel do not exist, then maya will continue to use hotkeySetup.mel, which is the same as the original install (except for the conditional block at the start).


Last edited by djx : 11 November 2012 at 11:23 AM. Reason: hopefully to improve clarity and reduce ambiguity
  11 November 2012
Can't thank you enough David!

The amount of scripts I have from you fixing bugs has been a real time-saver and makes working with Maya a lot easier. Thank you.
  12 December 2012
Hi David,

I followed your instructions, and now, default maya hotkeys that I have not changed stopped working.

Like "f" for frame selected, or "4" for wireframe...

__________________ | blog
  12 December 2012
Hard to say why its not working for you. And hard to give instructions on trouble shooting. But I'll give it a shot...

First thing I'd check is that the edit to hotkeySetup.mel has no issues. Move your localHotkeySetup.mel out of the script path (or rename it). Now if you restart maya and the 'f' and '4' hotkeys are still not working, then the problem must be in your edited copy of hotkeySetup.mel. And if that is the case, then (assuming you did as I instructed and made the edit to a local copy) delete hotkeySetup.mel and restart maya. If your f and 4 keys still dont work then something else is wrong. If they do, then you have confirmed that the problem is in your edit to hotkeySetup.mel. Have another go at doing that edit, or send me a copy of your edit and I'll check it for you.

However, if you removed you localHotkeySetup.mel and the default hot keys started working again (with your edited version of hotkeySetup.mel still in place) then the problem must be in localHotkeySetup.mel. Make sure you are not seeing any errors in the history window when you start maya.

Make sure it is getting sourced. Try putting something like this as the first line of localHotkeySetup.mel ...

print("\n\n>>>>>>>>>>> localHotkeySetup.mel is being sourced.\n\n");

Restart maya and if you dont see that in the history window, then maya is not finding the file. Is it in the scripts path?

If the above test indicates the file is being sourced, but you still have a problem, try putting something like this ast the last line of localHotkeySetup.mel

print("\n\n >>>>>>>>>>>>> localHotkeySetup.mel has been sourced successfully.\n\n");

If you restart maya and dont see that printed in the history window, then there is probably a syntax error in the localHotkeySetup.mel file. Maybe when you commented out something you created a syntax error. How well do you know mel? Some commands work over more than one line.. eg "if" statements, and if you comment out one, you need to comment out several lines.

Ok, I'm starting to lose track of my troubleshooting logic, so I'm gonna stop here. Hopefully something I've suggested helps you solve the problem.

  12 December 2012
Having the mouse focus in a numeric input box (with no apparent visual indicator) can also cause this. You can change this state by RMB in a viewport when this happens (yes I know its surprising, but it definitely works sometimes).
Also, you might take a gander at this thread:
If animation couldn't change the world, it wouldn't be such a Micky-Mouse place.
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