What's the best way to make thick, packed fur?

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  07 July 2012
What's the best way to make thick, packed fur?

I want to have a look similar to Kungfu Panda's
The fur is really packed to the character skin . . . And they're quite stiff, not swing around when the panda moves. I played around with maya fur and shave&hair cut a bit but I can't get them to be that thick and sticking to the surface like that. I always end up with fur pointing out of the character more or less, and they swing around like crazy.

Any tips? What should I use to create such fur?
  07 July 2012
You should use shave and a haircut - or any decent fur / hair solution (yeti etc). Probably not Maya Fur, but if you don't need it dynamic, you might even be able to pull off something similar with it.

If you're not getting the result you're after, you need to keep trying. There's absolutely no reason (other than you don't know how) you can't achieve that look.

If it's too "swingy", make it stiffer.
If it's not thick enough, make it thicker.

There's no magic piece of software for you that has a "Kungfu Panda" preset. You're going to have to work at it. But rest assured, you can achieve this with S&H.
  07 July 2012
I have been dealing with this issue for sometime as well. Gettin results like this I have found just require long render times. Remember you are comparing personal computing to that of one of the biggest studios in the industry. 5 mill fur to them isn't the same as it is to you. They have warehouses of renderfarms that can work on these shots, you most likely have a beefy home machine. Like the other comment said shave and hair cut or maya fur can in fact give you these results its just trial and error. something that might help is keeping the hair on the short side, and keep the stiffness up. Also make a good base shader under the fur that will mimic the look and possibly let you get away with less hairs.
  07 July 2012
I think you're right. This might require so much fur.

I'm not sure if this will work, but the fluffiness maybe more important at the edges. Maybe I can use facing ratio so they only appear in silhouette while the rest of the body are plain ol' bump.
  07 July 2012
also with a plugin like shave and haircut, you can turn up sampling a bit, once again this will increase render time; however, it gives it a fuller look
  07 July 2012
one more idea, render out several fur passes with slightly different densities and comp then together? fur pass 20k + fur pass 20k, etc, etc, till you get the look you are goin for. Kinda a poor mans fix
  09 September 2012
you can find one easy tutorial of maya fur in maya help section.
it will show you how to fur a teddy bear and you can use just like it on your model.
  09 September 2012
You will absolutely have to work hard at it. Fur is bloody hard.

First things first, download the puppet shaders pack and apply the HairTK shader. It will override either shave's or maya's fur color attributes.

I've never used it, but investigate into FXHair: Download a trial version of Qualoth's FXHair.
It's not a hair renderer. Look deeper into all it's functions. It's basically a better hair volume simulator.

Their pricing seems more humane now. And if you're a student it's really cheap.

One thing I do for setting up my characters with short fur (I don't do this with long hair) is when I'm finished grooming the hair and everything is setup, I do front, side and top etc. renders of the character with the fur on using "flat-ish" shading (not alot of ambient or spec, mostly diffuse). Then I use those images as stencils for painting the hair color onto my bald character in mudbox/zbrush.... in other words... they're my new character's diffuse texture maps! This added fake minimizes the ugly effect you get when the real hairs are perpendicular to the camera and you see the sometimes flat diffuse textured skin, and it also adds an illusion of added depth, which I think you are after. Also, designing the hairs direction leaning over on a slant minimizes that problem and you don't have to increase the number of hairs.

In a behind the scenes on the Monsters inc. DVD they said Sully had about 2 million hairs. Lots back then. But they could get away with so few hairs (relatively speaking) as the hair was long and leaned far over. So in a nut shell.... Getting good results with short fur is harder than long hair.

You'll be working hard at it.

Last edited by egglybagelface : 09 September 2012 at 05:48 PM.
  09 September 2012
Also, don't forget to shader of the body geometry the same color as the fur whenever possible. It saves needing to have crazy amounts tight packed hair all over the body. Of course color is only half the challenge...getting the skin shader right could be tricky. But anyway it will help.
Thats about all I know.

Edit, woops, just re-read eggs post...he said essentially the same thing...but much more technically-like.
He is smart...I am sleepy.
  09 September 2012
Fur :- its an interesting subject , normally I layer it up with a minimum of 3 layers and break out different parts of the body to receive different types of fur / hair based on attributes.Which in turn the dynamics set up can read and adjust accordingly. Shader wise its custom all the way.
I know this is a Maya section but if your more interested in understanding and making the fur rather than the platform used. You should take a look at the Houdini fur tools. I have just completed a major job with fur using Houdini and Mantra due to the FX dept requirement of interaction with the fur. Having not done any fur at all before with Houdini I found it in some respects better than Shave and Hair cut especially as I could scratch build my own shader and out of the box I could use a ramp on the actual hair curve to mix colors between root and tip.
I am pretty platform agnostic and more interested in the best tool for the job and the end result so if you are maybe it might be something worth looking at if your goal is to be a kick ass fur TD

  09 September 2012
through texture

i really want to see how to make fur like kung fu panda
i use texture to achieve fur but its not so good and this is my WIP but still not so good.

Last edited by sherkhannabi : 09 September 2012 at 09:21 PM.
  10 October 2012

hey Panupat if you find some thing somewhere else then plz share it
and my wip is here

still don't know how to set lights but i think i am gonna call my shrink off.
  10 October 2012
We made this commercial using Yeti and Vray.


It was our first try with this plugin, so we were more or less beta testing it.

If I remember correct, the closeup frames for Andy the mouse were 1 hours or so, with IR map and Brute Force.
  10 October 2012
wow kyron this is really a nice fur , model , texture , rendering everything.
i still working on my fur and right now this is the wip

and the white fur look like this

maya rendering and shave & haircut.
  10 October 2012
Like egglybagelface said, I'd start by replacing your fur shader and stay away from the Shave default shader - it has some funky math for the diffuse calculations. With the HairTK shader at least your white fur won't blow out as badly, and you'll gain more control over the transparency, which is helpful for speeding up test renders as you dial in the look. For density, you're going to have to increase the hair count, and it looks as if tip fade is on - turn it off. You can help fill the bald areas by increasing the root thickness slightly, but the solution really is to keep adding to the hair count.
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