Camtasia export problem

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  04 April 2012
Camtasia export problem


I created a movie in camtasia - I needed screen capture, call out, titles, and other effects - but the .mov export seems buggy, and it produced incorrect effects at some places.
Can you recommend me of a more serious program? But please, not too serious, I'm just a casual user, and I would prefer something as easy and intuitive as camtasia.
  04 April 2012
I think camtasia is quite the serious application, no?

Do you perchance have Quicktime Pro? Because if it's just the .mov export out of Camtasia that is causing you headaches then you could export to any other format that works (e.g. .avi, .mp4) with a codec that Quicktime understands (h.264) or uncompressed, load it in Quicktime and do an Export from there.

Apart from that I can only suggest googling "screen cast" or "screen capture" software.
  04 April 2012
Really? It just seems so nice and easy.

I have quicktime pro. When I export the movie for the web as .mp4 there are no problems, the other formats has. For example .mov quicktime H.264 doesn't have any special settings beyond the compression/quality/keyframe, and when a title comes in it scales ~66%, while it doesn't do that in the camtasia preview nor in the .mp4. I tried to keyframe each frame, but it didn't work.

I'm afraid to ask, but what about adobe, how's their after effects, premier, something else?
Is there a chance to export my camtasia project to another app?
  04 April 2012
Quote: Really? It just seems so nice and easy.

Yes, but among screencast software, I believe it is one of the better ones (userfriendliness, while to computer-literate users seems like a concession towards total newbs (grandpa and grandma, for example), doesn't necessarily mean the program was dumbed down in anyway).

Quote: When I export the movie for the web as .mp4 there are no problems, the other formats has.

Why not use that then? Or export to .mp4 and re-export that from QT Pro to .mov?

Quote: I'm afraid to ask, but what about adobe, how's their after effects, premier, something else?
Is there a chance to export my camtasia project to another app?

You can put in text, titles, etc. in Premiere or Final Cut Pro, you can do the same in After Effects with the added benefit that you can do pretty effects if you need to. All you need is an export of the original footage to work with. So if you have those programs, by all means, use them.
As for exporting: no, I fear not (though I may be wrong, who knows). The only interchangeable format for editing programs is an EDL, but that doesn't include proprietary stuff like title texts, transitions and whatever else you can add in camtasia. So you'll probably have to work over from scratch if you really can't find a solution.
  04 April 2012
I considered converting the .mp4 to .mov, but I was worried about quality degradation. I wish that camtasia had an option to export to an image sequence. Maybe if I set the key frame rate to every frame, it would result in a loss-less movie compression, which would be better to convert?
  04 April 2012
Speaking of image sequence, coming to think of it, I loaded my sequence from maya to quicktime, exported as a movie, and the movie I fed to camtasia. I did this detour, since camtasia doesn't have a sequence media object, which would be easy to handle, and otherwise I would have 200 mixed images in my clip bin.
So I guess conversion wouldn't matter much after all.
  04 April 2012
I will second the notion that Camtasia is one of (if not) the best screen capture/editing programs out there. It seems your issue is final output compression. Which is a giant can of worms that will drive you crazier than people who like using Mel. After Effects/Premiere "Adobe" programs are totally different beasts than Camtasia...but all eventually have to deal with compressing for final output...the great equalizer. To make things even more complicated, different players on different operating systems can give you different results when viewing any movie.
There are oodles of forums out there discussing output options/settings.

But one suggestion for outputting lossless movies (essentially image sequence quality (and massive)) from Camtasia would be to use "Quicktime: Animation" compression. This will give you essentially a pixel perfect output of your sweet Camtasia callouts and autozooms that you can compress down for sending around using your compressor of choice.

As a side note: I haven't had any problems compressing high quality movies from Camtasia just using small tweaks to the basic HD output settings. I can double check the settings I use if that will help. Gotta be at home to check...but could look tonight.
  04 April 2012
Yes, that's another matter. I sent the movie to a friend after I checked in my computer with four players, and he told me that he had encoding problems that were manifested as block effects and smears.
But the spontaneous zoom out that I had in one title, and only when exporting as .mov, is definitely a bug.

I didn't notice the compression combobox inside the quicktime settings. There seems to be even a 'none' compression option. Hopefully it would overcome the zoom bug.
  04 April 2012
The "none" compression option would be a lossless option. Image sequence quality. Again, it will be huge...but will give you the flexibility to use another compressor to encode you Camtasia output.
  09 September 2012
I think I should have given after effects a try.

I'm having a problem which is still present in the latest camtasia 8.0.2 (918). I converted a maya image sequence of an object which rotates 360 degrees into a lose-less animation (I tried both quicktime animation codec, and ffmpeg -vcodec ffv1 -sameq). I ran the animation and it ran smoothly.
I imported the animation to camtasia track, and produced the movie as quicktime lose-less animation. The result, which I expected to be lose-less, was a choppy movie. I should note that I don't think the problem is with the export, since even in camtasia's inner player I don't see a smooth movie.

Any thoughts?
  09 September 2012
Ive used camtasia for all my screen recordings. I create avi's with the techsmith screen capture codec and havent gotten any issues. When i do bring it into another video editor it does create ghosting.. if thats the right term. So i just edit it in their editor. I wish their editor was a bit better but i do like camtasia. Ive tried other codecs but the result was bad.
  09 September 2012
Maybe I should illustrate the problem. Add the following file to a camtasia track and produce a movie. Compare the smoothness of the resulting movie to the original.
  10 October 2012
I had a correspondence with Camtaia's support:

Quite disappointing, don't you think?
  10 October 2012
Mov format is quite picky. Since it's Apple proprietary format, no software at all seem to be able to create them well enough. Except Apple's own software of course....

I'm not sure what codec camtasia offers. But I think you should just have camtasia produce .avi with a codec quicktime understands. Maya playblast .avi with YUV codec for example can play in quicktime with no problem.

After that you do export to .mov from quicktime itself. I have yet to run into any problem doing it this way.

If you want to try ffmpeg, give libx264 a shot.
  10 October 2012
I'm not picky about the format and I tried importing for example ff1 and exporting .mp4. The problem lies with camtasia.
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